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  1. It's been awfully quiet in here lately. Lets see if we can liven it up by posting some random photos. I'll kick it off with this one of some horses in front of Mt Chocorua.
  2. Christmas Lights 2021

    This site is barely able to keep the lights on, but it Christmas, LOL. Lights are on! Here's a seasonal pic from a few days ago of the Pioneer Farm in Columbia, NH.
  3. I know I'm not the only weather nut on here. Lets see if we can keep this tread going by posting what the weather is like in your backyard everyday. It's interesting to see how much the weather varies by location. So, no mater where you live, post up what the weather is doing. I'll start. We are having a beautiful late fall day here in Island Pond, VT. Currently sunny and 55° Who's next?
  4. Kayaking in Pittsburg

    I've noticed that the lakes and rivers in Pittsburg have been very low this year. I was just in your neighborhood again last Sunday, Armand.
  5. Admins

    I'll try to go through more of the member list today and delete more of the suspected spammers. It's a slow process doing them one at a time.
  6. Admins

    Sorry for not checking in on you guys I made it harder for spammers to join about a month ago and that seems to have stopped bogus new member registrations. @noxorc just contacted me about banning IP addresses. I'll work with Nigel to see if we can get this cleaned up.
  7. I was wondering if anyone here regularly buy from I just started an affiliate account as a way to help support the website. If you click the link below it will take you to and a small percentage of anything you buy will be credited to my account to help pay the bills. It won't cost you anymore to buy your goods. Here's the link:
  8. Christmas bulbs

    Sorry guys. I've been busy getting through the holiday rush with my print business. I'll try to check in more often. Thanks @PolarisCobra for messaging me about the lights.
  9. Spammers

    Whenever you guys come across spam posts just drop myself or one of the other moderators a private message so we can mark them as spammers and delete their posts.
  10. Voices Thread

    I deleted some spam posts a few days ago.
  11. Please welcome Christoper Valley of Liberty Mutual as out newest advertiser. Give Chris a call and give him a chance to earn you business.
  12. Something to think about

    We had a bunch of small incidents when we rented snowmobiles. I think the most expensive was around $800 because they also smashed the exhaust pipe in addition to the bumper and hood hinges. As far as insurance goes rental companies can't offer insurance unless they are licensed insurance agents. You can offer an option wavier that is similar to, but not insurance.
  13. Lowes garage to Errol and back

    Where is Lowes?
  14. No new posts since 3/21/19

    You nailed it Carl. I guess I'm old school because I hate to try to read posts on Facebook. I prefer the layout and search features of a forum. Unfortunately the younger generation is looking for instant gratification from getting their photos liked on Facebook and Instagram.
  15. I just wanted to add that Chris is licensed in Vermont, not sure about any other states. Anyway, I contacted Chris earlier today via email to get a quote on my auto insurance. Before the day was over I switched my auto policy from Geico to Liberty Mutual sand saved a significant amount of $$$$ for the same coverage. It's definitely worth contacting Chris to see if he can save you money on your insurance policies.
  16. Posting pics?

    Very odd. I do need to do a software update at some point. Maybe that will fix it. @classicdmax is a contributing member. As such there aren't any restriction on upload file sizes or storage space.
  17. From the OVSC website It is with great sadness that we need to inform our readers that past Club President and lifetime member of the OVSC David Bowles passed today at the age of 83. Those of you familiar with our Club know that Dave and his wife Betty were our cornerstone. Dave wore many hats in his selfless life’s devotion to our State, his beloved community and snowmobiling in the greater Mt. Washington Valley. He was a retired State DOT engineer, a lifelong member and officer with the Tamworth Fire Department and served in so many other capacities, including the board and county level at the NHSA, that we simply don’t know where to list all his contributions. Suffice to say there is a hole now in our snowmobile family that will forever remain unfilled. God speed Dave, our prayers to Betty and your loving family, we know you will be keeping a watchful eye on us from above as we move on to maintain and groom the trails you worked so hard to create. ****************** David A. Bowles, 83, passed away peacefully at his home on Tuesday morning October 9, 2018. He was the son of Roland R. and Lillian Walker Bowles. He was active right up to the time of his passing. Dave was a lifelong resident of Wonalancet NH. He was home schooled for grades one through three and once the Birch Intervale school was built in Wonalancet he attended through eighth grade when he graduated. Since there was no bus to Kennett High School, he attended Fryeburg Academy before going to UNH where he got his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. He began working for the Construction Division of what is now the New Hampshire Department of Transportation in the summer of 1956. In 1959 he was drafted into the Army where served for two years. Upon his return from the Army, Dave worked for NHDOT for 38 years. During this time he was a Resident Engineer on projects all over the State. Most of his projects were road and bridge projects but he was also the Resident Engineer for the construction of the current Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway as evidence by a plaque with his name on it in the base station. Dave was involved in so many civic organizations that it’s hard to list them all. He joined the Tamworth Fire Department in 1962 and was involved right up until his death. The day before his passing he spent the day manning the Forest Fire Warden’s display for the whole day at Sandwich Fair. He was Chief for twenty-seven years. He was elected Fireward North in 1964 and was still serving in that capacity. He was also a founding member of the Tamworth Rescue Squad and was pleased to see the Fire Department and Rescue Squad merged into one department last year. Dave was also one of the founding members of the Ossipee Valley Mutual Aid Association where he served on various committees and the Board of Directors for many years. Dave was born into a sled dog racing family and spent time training dogs in the fall and winter. He participated in several races as well. He served as Chairman of the Tamworth Race for a number of years for the Tamworth Outing Club, helped start the Sandwich Notch 60 Sled Dog Race, and continued to help with the Wonalancet Fun Run Race. In 1968 Dave became interested in snowmobiling when he bought his first used snowmobile which he still owned and ran every year. He was a charter member of the Ossipee Valley Snowmobile Club (OVSC) and the Sandwich Sidehillers Winter Recreation Club. He was president of the OVSC for ten years and one of the trail masters for many more. He became the Carroll County Director for the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association in 2011 and was awarded the NHSA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011. Right up until his passing Dave was an active member of the Wonalancet Union Chapel. He has been ringing the bell, taking the offering, and served as Vice Chairman and Chairman for many years. Some of the other organizations that Dave was part of at some point, and many of which he was still involved with are: Tamworth Outing Club, Wonalancet Outdoor Club, Carroll County Forest Fire Warden’s Association, Tamworth Historical Society, Tamworth Road Committee, he served on the first official Tamworth Planning Board, Chocorua Village Association, Lakes Region Planning Commission Technical Advisory Committee, the Cotton Valley Rail Trail Club, and probably others. Dave had many interests and was always trying new things. Being a lifelong downhill skier, after he retired he decided to try snowboarding. He liked it enough after the first time to buy a used snowboard and practice in his field. He always liked trains and so again after he retired he bought a very used motor car, did some work on it and took to riding the rails. Just this past summer, since Betty wouldn’t ride with him on his 1959 BMW motorcycle anymore, he bought a CanAm Spyder three wheeled trike and gave her a ride. Dave was a true public servant and a devoted neighbor, husband, father, and grandfather. Whenever Dave was recognized for something he always pointed out that he could never have accomplished all that he did without his wife Betty. He is survived by his wife of 57 years Elizabeth (Betty) French Bowles, daughter Susan Bowles, Son Jim Bowles and his wife Diane, daughter Marsha Bowles Colcord and her husband Richard , grandchildren Jesse and Nick Colcord, grandchildren Michael and Kim Bowles, and new great granddaughter Carter Grace Colcord. He is also survived by his sister Barbara Simoneau, and his brother Bruce Bowles. Per Dave’s wishes there will be no calling hours. The funeral service will be held at 11:00 am on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at the Tamworth Congregational Church at 28 Cleveland Hill Rd. followed by a reception at Runnells Hall on Runnells Hall Rd. in Chocorua. Donations in lieu of flowers may be sent to the Tamworth Firemen’s Club, 132 Chinook Trail Tamworth NH 03897, the Ossipee Valley Snowmobile Club, or one of the other organizations that Dave was involved with.
  18. Sorry about your grill, but on a good note I did see a few stray flakes falling earlier this morning. Currently cloudy, 39° and breezy here.
  19. I just checked with Jeff and here was his reply.
  20. So lets keep this forum positive...

    Yeah, Michael Page uses my images quite a bit. I was never more than a few days without one. Cost of doing business I guess Nailed it.
  21. I'm pretty sure Jeff had close to 10K on his Renegade 600 e-tech without any issues. I'm not sure how many miles Big Jim put on his.
  22. So lets keep this forum positive...

    All I can say is this site is what you, the members, make of it. Unfortunately social media sites have taken a substantial about of traffic away from forums. I'll admit that I haven't done much to help foster conversation here lately. I'll make it a point to try to help turn things around here, but I'll need your help. If you see or do anything related to snowmobiling post it on SledNH.
  23. It looks like NH is trying to be like VT and price themselves out of the market. Sure, they may still get NH residents and second home owners, but Maine will be the winner at the end of the day.
  24. Here's a short video I shot with my drone last weekend of the fireworks show in Island Pond.
  25. I drove through Bartlett today and was amazed at how much snow there was in town. Even the RR tracks were completely covered. Anyone looking for a day trip should consider Bear Notch.