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  1. is enjoying the cool morning air

    1. RayC


      I want off the sight NOW....please.

      Today, take me out.

  2. stuffing envolopes with newsletters and membership applications.

  3. Still waiting on cooler weather

  4. waiting on the cold front

  5. Chilly weather for July 1st

  6. @sluspup...We only got project 1 approved.

    1. CATMAN


      Same with SLSC. I think it shows what position the state is in. We are in need of some dire help, with a bridge thats on Corr 22 and 26. It was under water several time last season and needs to be raised up and out of a wetland. DES has helped us on what we can and can not do. Permits are allmost in hand. But with out help this, Corr may not be passible in the seasons to come. Shutting down any travel south fron Wakefield.

  7. flurries here this morning