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  1. Why bother now, it's almost time to take them out and fire up the sleds.
  2. If you loose connection the drone automatically returns to where you took off from. I've been as far as 2 miles when I have a clear line of site.
  3. Here's my most recent aerial video of Newport, VT. Newport sites on the shores of Lake Memphremagog Lake Memphremagog(French: Lac Memphrémagog) is a fresh water glacial lake located between Newport, Vermont, United States and Magog, Quebec, Canada. The lake spans both Quebec and Vermont, but is mostly in Quebec. The lake is 31 miles (50 km) long with 73 percent of the lake's surface area in Quebec.
  4. Letter from respected Past County Director
  5. Letter from respected Past County Director

    There are online services that do it for free
  6. Letter from respected Past County Director

    I just converted the letter to PDF format to make it easier for members to open. Letter to NHSA.pdf
  7. Hi John,

    Just wanted to tell you that your video of Darling Hill was one of your best, and that I've sent YouTube  links to friends who also enjoyed it. Darling Hill looks like what we think all of New England used to look like and should look like now. Another one of those "if it isn't true, it should be" things. One friend that's seen the video recently migrated from Vermont to New Hampshire, and accused me of encouraging her to move back to Vermont. She described the video as "so pastoral." I pointed out to her that the farms on Darling Hill didn't look like a typical northern New England working farm (no rusted farm equipment scattered about, no manure piles, no abandoned snowmobiles bleaching in the summer sun,  no random junk in the back yard) By any chance, is most of the property on Darling Hill owned by folks from away?

    Anyway, I liked it and my friends and family liked it, so it doesn't matter if places like Darling Hill are the "real" northern New England, it's what northern New England should have been.

  8. Another club bites the dust

    I'm afraid we are going to see more and more of this as the volunteer base continues to dwindle.
  9. the new season

    It seems to be working for me with Firefox on my laptop.
  10. Here's a video I did of Colebrook on the same day.
  11. I just updated SledNH to the newest software version. Let me know if you have any issues.
  12. Here's a video that I filmed near 1st Ct lake in Pittsburg last Wednesday. Next time I head over I'm going to try to hook up @pathfinder
  13. I still read from time to time but haven't posted there in years.
  14. the new season

    Ossipee Valley used to try to get the renewals in the mail in early September.