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  1. I'm looking into the possibility of piggybacking this forum on the FreedomSledder server and domain. It wouldn't be SledNH in name, but it would be it's own forum within a forum.
  2. Thank you, Carl! Thank you, Nigel! Thanks, Skip! Thanks, Dave. I wish that I could do more, but for now all I can offer is the NH forum on Thank you, Armand! You have been a part of SledNH since the start. If my memory is correct you were the one that drafted the email that went out to all of the clubs inviting them to join SledNH. I appreciate your friendship and guidance over the years. Thank you, Jean! I can assure that the NEK is worth a try.
  3. It is with great sadness that I announce the closing of the forums. I was recently approached about purchasing the domain name for a project. After much thought I feel like it will be a good fit for the next owner. However, it is my understanding that he does not want to continue with the forum. I have been racking my brain trying to come up with something for those of you that don't like Facebook and prefer forums. That being said I don't see where this forum is still active enough to move to another domain. Although it might not be for everyone, there is a NH forum on my other site, Unlike the Current events and General Forums the state and snowmobile sections are now moderated and more in tune with how SledNH has been run. Feel free to check out FreedomSledder and sign up if you are interested. Also , let me know if you have any other ideas to help keep the group together. Between HCS before SledNH and the guys from SledNH, I have met and ridden with a lot of great people. Thank you all for everything that you have done to make SledNH such a warm friendly community.
  4. Christmas Lights 2021

    This site is barely able to keep the lights on, but it Christmas, LOL. Lights are on! Here's a seasonal pic from a few days ago of the Pioneer Farm in Columbia, NH.
  5. Kayaking in Pittsburg

    I've noticed that the lakes and rivers in Pittsburg have been very low this year. I was just in your neighborhood again last Sunday, Armand.
  6. Admins

    I'll try to go through more of the member list today and delete more of the suspected spammers. It's a slow process doing them one at a time.
  7. Admins

    Sorry for not checking in on you guys I made it harder for spammers to join about a month ago and that seems to have stopped bogus new member registrations. @noxorc just contacted me about banning IP addresses. I'll work with Nigel to see if we can get this cleaned up.
  8. any thoughts on billwills02?

  9. Christmas bulbs

    Sorry guys. I've been busy getting through the holiday rush with my print business. I'll try to check in more often. Thanks @PolarisCobra for messaging me about the lights.
  10. Spammers

    Whenever you guys come across spam posts just drop myself or one of the other moderators a private message so we can mark them as spammers and delete their posts.
  11. Voices Thread

    I deleted some spam posts a few days ago.
  12. Something to think about

    We had a bunch of small incidents when we rented snowmobiles. I think the most expensive was around $800 because they also smashed the exhaust pipe in addition to the bumper and hood hinges. As far as insurance goes rental companies can't offer insurance unless they are licensed insurance agents. You can offer an option wavier that is similar to, but not insurance.
  13. Lowes garage to Errol and back

    Where is Lowes?
  14. No new posts since 3/21/19

    You nailed it Carl. I guess I'm old school because I hate to try to read posts on Facebook. I prefer the layout and search features of a forum. Unfortunately the younger generation is looking for instant gratification from getting their photos liked on Facebook and Instagram.
  15. I just wanted to add that Chris is licensed in Vermont, not sure about any other states. Anyway, I contacted Chris earlier today via email to get a quote on my auto insurance. Before the day was over I switched my auto policy from Geico to Liberty Mutual sand saved a significant amount of $$$$ for the same coverage. It's definitely worth contacting Chris to see if he can save you money on your insurance policies.