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  1. Here's a short video of my flight over North Conway Village.
  2. Here's a few from Thursday. The Whites from the base of the auto road. North Conway Village
  3. Looking toward Lancaster, NH from above Rte. 3. Photo taken yesterday afternoon.
  4. I would like to welcome @noxorc to the staff here at Welcome Nigel
  5. Drone video back in March 2017

    Congrats @skully
  6. Groton Lake, VT from yesterday afternoon.
  7. Castle in The Clouds Carriage House

    That's great news, John! I think the last time I ate at the Carriage House on a sled was my 1998 MZX 583. So that had to be 1998 or 1999. Does that sound about right?
  8. Thanks! Yes the colors are coming along quickly this year. I'd say we are about a week ahead of normal here in the NEK. Here's another one of Lewis Pond, VT
  9. I thought I would start a thread to post all of our fall foliage photos and videos in. The fall colors are starting a little early here in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Here's a video of Little Averill Pond that I made on Monday.
  10. The former Bureau of Trails supervisor, Warren Harrington, told us over ten years ago that it wouldn't be long before land closures in the area would break up connecting trail. He said Bear Notch wouldn't be the only cutoff trail system in the state. Even if OVSC can find a parking area for people to ride from, I don't see many people trailering to ride approximately 20 miles of trails. The part that really sucks is that there was probably well over $150,000, and many man hours in bridges and trail improvements done out there in the 10 years I was involved in the club. Really sad to think that was all done for nothing
  11. From what a friend told me they did mention to the landowner that closing their property to sleds would also result in an end to the Sled Dog race through the area. The problem is going to be that there aren't a bunch of landowners in that area. They are large chunks of land owned by a few people. One nearby landowner asked the club to move the trail off his property years ago when he got tired of sleds going off trail and riding on his private runway. I doubt that would be an option again
  12. Since I haven't been involved with the club for several years now I'm not sure if that issue was the problem with this landowner or not. I do know when I was involved with OVSC there was one landowner that demanded OVSC publicly state that they were against CMI, or they were going to close their land to snowmobiles. The club voted not to take a stand one way or the other, and the landowner eventually backed down. That landowner is not the same one that the club is referring to now.
  13. That sucks Hopefully they can find a way around it.
  14. Drone video back in March 2017

    Good job Rob! If you're looking for thoughts on it I'll throw a couple out for you. I've found that the sweet spot for videos like this is between 2 and 3 minutes. Whenever I make longer videos the You Tube analytics show that people loose interest and stop watching. Also, on the still photos that you added to the video, you can crop them to 1920 x 1080 before adding them so they are the same size as your video. I hope you don't mind the constructive criticism, I'm just trying to help