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  1. Sad news...

    Thank you Nigel.
  2. Sad news...

    Bills doo or something like that?
  3. We've had snow off and on since mid November. It looks like what we have now is here to stay for the winter from looking at the extended forecast.
  4. Sad news...

    Saguenay Bill from Quebec Rider?
  5. Sad news...

    It saddens me to announce the untimely death of our founder and friend, @rob has passed away. I don't know all of the details, but they think he may have had a heart attack sometime on either Monday or Tuesday. After not hearing from him via email since Monday afternoon I sent a FB message to one of his neighbors this morning asking if they could stop by to check on him. When I got a reply asking what my phone number was I knew it wasn't going to be good. RIP my friend
  6. lights

    Sorry about my absence lately guys. I'll see if I can get the xmas lights up. I'll start another thread about why I haven't been around this week.
  7. Riders List

    Yes, if you are on the list and there aren't any changes to your info you are all set
  8. I just sent @classicdmax a message asking for his address. He sent the payment as a gift so there isn't any shipping info. I'll send it to you when he replies to my PM.
  9. Looks like @classicdmax is the winner of the auction. Thanks to everyone that participated.
  10. When the cold front moved through earlier today the temperature dropped from 45° to 31° in just over an hour. Currently 26°, windy a light snow falling.
  11. Trailer lights driving me crazy

    Trailer lights can be a real PIA to troubleshoot. As @Yamiblue said, make sure the plug on the tow vehicle is working correctly first.
  12. Sorry guys

    Lucky we had a backup from the 16th.
  13. Sorry guys

    I screwed up when I tried merging the Club forums with the general forums. Everything posted after yesterday morning was lost when we had to go to a backup database from yesterday.
  14. Questions about Doing Trail Work

    Great questions @PolarisCobra It makes me wonder how many people might not bother helping their club because of the lack of details that are provided in the work party notice?