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  1. Anyone recommend a cat dealer

    Livingstons , ask for Steve or Sam (Steve's wife). I have done business there and always treated great .
  2. Fall Foliage at 1st CT Lake

    Nice job John !
  3. Right Hand Brake Conversion

    Thank You for the ideas , we'll need to check these out..
  4. Has anyone ever done or heard of adding a right hand brake lever on a sled ? Trying to help a friend think of a way to add a right hand brake on a 08 Arctic Cat F570 , he had previously fabricated a A/C Z370 with mechanical brakes to this set up but is now looking at getting a F570 which has hydraulic brakes . Any ideas ?
  5. 2006 Artic Cat Crossfire $3500/BO

    Hi John , yeah been looking at a new one ,
  6. Another Great Trip to Pittsburg

    Jim, I'm sure you did, we aren't to hard to miss out
  7. Thanks Denny!!

    Tim, we heard you guys were up there. Too bad we didn't run into you, glad you had you had a good time also
  8. My wife and I arrived on Wed. afternoon,unpacked and hit the trails. Trails were in decent shape for late afternoon, did a quick 65 mile ride then back to the hotel before it got too dark. Thursday turned out to to be one of the best days we had ever ridden; warm temps and trails in GREAT shape. My wife finally got to feed the Gray Jays, did alot of sight seeing with another couple that we met and also ran into some friends from OVSC that we did not know were there. We got in about 90 miles for the day. Saw "the bowl" but couldn't find the trail to get there. The rain that started late Thurs. afternoon turned into 6" of powder by Fri. morning. Out early Fri. morning, my wife got to break trail for awhile before we ran into freshly made tracks. We got in about 125 miles. On Sat. morning we hit the trails by 6:45 and found them to be freshly groomed and hard,we did around a 70 ride and by the time we started heading back to the hotel (9:30) it was getting busy and you could tell the racers had arrived, glad we got off the trails when we did. Thanks to PRR Club for a job well done on the trails.
  9. Nice 60 mile ride @ the OVSC!

    My wife and I also got to enjoy the good conditions that the Tamworth area had to offer, we did 70 miles on friday out on the "OVSC" trails and trailered over to "SOS" trails today where we did 50+ miles there, both clubs have done a "Great Job" on the trails with the very little snow that we have received. Got a trip planned for the Burg in a few weeks,hopefully we get a few storms before then...
  10. Happy Birthday OrangeCat!

    Thanks John
  11. Pittsburg Trip

    Just got back from our first Pittsburg trip,and need to send out a giant "THANK YOU" and Good Job to the people at Granite State Power Equipment... We had just hit the trails on Thursday afternoon, went up to the boarder, took a few pics and started to head south when my wife's (Mrs.Orangecat) sled decided to destroy the shaft bearing in the chaincase. We were able to limp it back to Lopestick's with a whopping 30 miles for the afternoon. We were told at Lopesticks that they had stoppped renting for the year,so now plan B, on our way to TallTimbers to set up a rental for Friday we stopped at Granite State Power to see if maybe they rent sleds,after talking to Dave about our situation, he say's go get it and we'll get it fixed, now it's closing time for them.. they stayed open and waited for us to go get, once in the shop they tore it apart and confirmed the bearing was junk. At that point they said it would be ready by 10:30 on Friday, not bad since they open at 9am. We picked it up at 10:30, hit the trails and put in 130 miles on some of the best trails we ever saw. Got out at 7am on Saturday morning and got to break trail on about 5" of fresh powder,we did a 100 mile rip before lunch time, then load'em up and headed home. For our first time up there it turned out to be a great trip, which will now become a annual trip. Also got to meet Old Viper Rider and Old Thumper who gave us great suggestions on the good trails to ride.. Again "Thank You" to Dave and his mechanic Paul at Granite State Power for their great service.
  12. Phazers for Sale in Tamworth

    I stopped by this morning to check on these,only to find that the phone number is no longer legible from the snow that was on the sign.If they make a new sing I will post it here for you ...
  13. Phazers for Sale in Tamworth

    I went by them several times this past weekend,they look like they are in nice shape. I'll be back in that area this weekend if you still need the phone number.
  14. Misc. Snowmobile Items For Sale

    Snowmobile and Comet Clutch SOLD........
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OrangeCat!!!

    Thanks Guys, nice meeting you to Ray,good luck with the Jag...