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  1. lights

    Or a sudden avalanche on-screen, complete with sound effects. Lol!
  2. This sticker

    I'll also keep that in mind.
  3. Trail Side Cooking Time....

    Steak for dinner? Now, that's a great way to top off a ride.
  4. Money grab New Hampshire style

    Full disclosure, overall.
  5. Need IQ ski.

    Tough luck, man. Hope you can replace it immediately.
  6. Money grab New Hampshire style

    Good point!
  7. Club membership requirement

    Whow! I didn't know about this. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Finally going riding

    Glad that you're finally riding again. Enjoy!
  9. Trail Report

    Sad, but true.
  10. All you ever wanted to know about grooming!

    Yup, the link hasn't been fixed since.
  11. Do any of you buy from

    Hmm, was wondering about the same thing.
  12. Snowmobiler rescued after accident

    Man, glad that he was saved.
  13. Coming soon

    Or a layman's term translator, for that matter?
  14. Hello, everyone!

    Thank you very much, everyone! Thank you all for the warm welcome!
  15. Hello, everyone!

    Newbie here. I'm glad to have found this great online sledding community. I'm hoping to learn more from the other members here. Cheers!