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  1. Snow Totals

    Only about 8” or so in groveton/Lancaster area
  2. Snowy winter on tap?

    Looks like a good storm is due to roll through Sunday, maybe ole man winter is here to stay. On a side note, we have had ZERO plowable snow here in RI, not even a dusting. Long range forecast around these parts is just calling for rain. So at the very least am happy you guys up north are to get to enjoy winter and allow me to join from time to time....
  3. Snowy winter on tap?

    Discouraging to say the least, I’m not always a very positive person but I’m trying to keep my chin up...
  4. Trail conditions

    I thought conditions were decent, considering. Worse I encountered was corr 5 just north of Nash stream area near east branch loop. Left sand pit at groveton, took 28 to 110 then 5 south. Ran about a 95 mile loop up over dixville peaks. cant ride next weekend, plan on heading up first weekend of 2019
  5. Trail conditions

    Thanks for the link the stubborn swamp yankee in me won’t allow myself to participate in that stuff haha i plan to head out of sand pit at Nash stream around 0800 if anybody is interested
  6. Trail conditions

    That’s a nice run, wasn’t that being logged last year?
  7. Riding Saturday Dec 15

  8. Trail conditions

    Who’s posting trail reports, if any. I typically use NH parks and rec but they haven’t updated since Nov 30. Also checked in on PRR site and groveton trailblazers....PRR has posted a map with closerures which helps but not sure if I can ride from groveton north just yet and I don’t have Facebook
  9. Riding Saturday Dec 15

    Heading up thurs night for the weekend, would like to ride Saturday if conditions permit. Corr 5 crosses right by the house, but would assume it won’t be open yet. My machine is garaged in groveton and am willing to travel for a ride any interest? Please let me know thanks j-
  10. Contact List

    Thanks for organizing, this is a great idea. I’ve met and riden with a couple guys here through this forum looking forward to another season
  11. Snowy winter on tap?

    I was in groveton this past weekend, it was nice to see snow coverage from Nashua to groveton. Saw quite a few sled tracks coming through twin on rte 3. Hopefully this is a sign of the winter to come....
  12. Did that as well joined groveton trailblazers and made donation to trail fund
  13. Message received registered today at full price non-resident. Although the girl at Moms couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to take the club discount....
  14. Youth rider

    Thanks for the input I was thinking of maybe trying to fit handguards to the machine if necessary
  15. Youth rider

    Trading in my sons zr120 for a 2001 z370 fan next week. Looking forward to spending some time with him on the trails this winter, I think he’s excited as well to move to a bigger sled. (He’s soon to be 10) question is, I need to be sure he stays comfortable on the trails and doesn’t lose interest due to having cold hands/feet etc.... he already has a full face dual shield helmet, but looking to upgrade his gloves. Do any of you have any input from your little rider and what worked best for them? I see some youth gloves with 300g of insul, and also came across mitten type gloves. But my concern with the mittens is him not having the dexterity to properly access sled controls (brake lever/throttle) thanks j- happy thanksgiving