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  1. Sadly about 360, which was about a third of what I did last winter
  2. Trail Report

    Thanks for all your reporting this season
  3. Rode Twin to Gorham Saturday

    Haha my wife said same thing when I met hendo and shifty to go ride for first time where was that last pic taken?
  4. Finishing the Loop

    Nice loop i was with shifty yesterday....he was having clutch problems and needless to say we didn’t make it far. I was back to my truck by 11 am and on my couch in RI at 330. Didn’t feel like riding solo.
  5. I read that right....Lancaster only get 1”, or is that maybe 1’? They always get the short end of the stick on snow fall
  6. The Notch

    Rode that trail couple weeks back with hendo, outside running up cherry mountain last winter, that was one of my most enjoyable rides
  7. Club poker run or solo blast

    Not this weekend, plan to be up next weekend
  8. Club poker run or solo blast

    Finally fix that ski?
  9. Trail Report

    Rode similar route Saturday as well but had lunch in Lincoln. conditions were great early but got real choppy by mid day. Tons of traffic, epspecially the rentals. I assume a lot of those riders to be European for the fact I found many to be on my side of the trail several times....spotted in my shorts for just about all of them. Started to piss me off because I felt I couldn’t have been more to the right. When that happens to you once or twice it changes the whole way you ride for the rest of the day, at least it did for me
  10. I’m not a mountain rider, but I thought I had read in recent past that NH was trying to create areas for mountain sledders to ride
  11. Was going to ride tomorrow with hendo and/or shifty but turned out they are unavailable. I can head up tonight if anyone else is interested....prob ride groveton north if conditions warrant. Trail conditions on prr website seem vague to me outside of them indicating they didn’t lose as much snow as originally thought due to rain, groveton haven’t updated in a week or so
  12. Trail Report

    Any good news for conditions in Coos? Was thinking of riding Friday
  13. Finally going riding

    Wish I could join you guys, I’ll be up next weekend
  14. Damnit! (If that's allowed)

    I logged a rough 30-40 miles today. Headed out planning on lunch at groveton trailblazers clubhouse but had a buddy run out of gas prior to our destination.....we planned on fueling up there as well. Missed lunch! Trails were thin, rough and tons of water. Fun to get some seat time with a couple buddies but felt like did more harm than good to the sleds. Me and my sled were a frozen ball of ice by the time we returned
  15. Ride on Sunday?

    Comforting weather report...