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  1. The Little Grille in Littleton

    I believe the trail goes right past
  2. Snow totals

    20”+ in tiverton Rhode island put about 30 miles of tracks down around my area. Kinda fun, that was a first for me
  3. "On the Trail again" Ride 1.22.22

    Part of me would like to do it again and give it another chance but I think to myself nash stream is only another hour drive or so…
  4. "On the Trail again" Ride 1.22.22

    I rode that area Sunday and didn’t find conditions all that great and signage was poor…missed a lot of junctions that weren’t marked. Hit 11s out of Wellington state park and by mishap ended up at Franklin falls dam, pretty cool! Not that conditions were terrible, just seemed it hadn’t been groomed for a bit or there was a ton of traffic then 2n to 5 and had to cut the route short to a mishap with my riding buddy. Cut across on 24 I believe to 11s back to Wellington
  5. Riding reports…

    Rode out of SDR late this morning on 5n thru Coleman and found conditions to be very nice. There was a stretch of 5 just prior to young’s that was a bit choppy. Young’s for fuel, and the newly renovated restaurant next door for grub…forget the name. Continued on 5 and made our way to the border. Returned on the eastern side taking 144 and 112 I believe, a short jaunt on 134 then back to the parking area. Was pleasantly surprised by the conditions overall. Logged about 110mi with my son and I believe it was a mink we saw running through the woods along side us
  6. Riding reports…

    Any first hand reports on current conditions, if any? Heading up in morning for the long weekend with the intentions of riding somewhere, on something…hopefully white. Will be in groveton with nash stream as option 1, then moving north as necessary? I know nhsa will be updating tomorrow. Just trying to create conversation thanks gents j-
  7. My cousin lives there, showed me a pic last night of his place literally buried in snow. He’s had 100”+ in his area so far this month
  8. The LIST

    This has been a great resource for me when I got back into the sport. Ended up hooking up with shifty and have been riding together every season since. Rode few seasons with hendo as well thanks j-
  9. GAS/OIL Mix 96 Doo

    My sled is oil injected, I carry extra oil in a ss water bottle for when in need, or another rider for that matter. I’ve never had to dip into my reserve but have portioned it out to friends twice in past
  10. NHSA trail app

    Thanks for the confirmation
  11. NHSA trail app

    Looking for new nhsa trail app. Has their logo changed or has it not been released yet
  12. Fooling Yourself

    Good listen thanks for sharing
  13. Snowmobile insurance

    Are you saying About half what I’m paying? I have progressive through sledinsure as well....
  14. Snowmobile insurance

    Just got my renewal, I’d have to look back at last year but pricing seems in line....$244 if paid in full vs $316 for installments I have 1 sled I insure
  15. I understand Capitalism, but...

    I stayed at Lancaster motor inn the last two weekends, rode out of nash though. But I do think you can hook to corr5 via a little spur trail right behind the hotel. $89/night plus fees and taxes my next venture might bring me to diamonds peaks motel? Not sure if I got the name right.....not much in area for dinning and I think colebrook is prob 20min or so from there though. Never been inside but hope it’s better than what I see when I fuel up