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  1. Fooling Yourself

    Good listen thanks for sharing
  2. Snowmobile insurance

    Are you saying About half what I’m paying? I have progressive through sledinsure as well....
  3. Snowmobile insurance

    Just got my renewal, I’d have to look back at last year but pricing seems in line....$244 if paid in full vs $316 for installments I have 1 sled I insure
  4. I understand Capitalism, but...

    I stayed at Lancaster motor inn the last two weekends, rode out of nash though. But I do think you can hook to corr5 via a little spur trail right behind the hotel. $89/night plus fees and taxes my next venture might bring me to diamonds peaks motel? Not sure if I got the name right.....not much in area for dinning and I think colebrook is prob 20min or so from there though. Never been inside but hope it’s better than what I see when I fuel up
  5. Condition updates

    Rode with my son fri, sat and sun out of nash. Conditions overall were outstanding. Cudos to all grooming
  6. NHSA safety course

    I looked on maines website and didn’t see anything concerning safety course....maybe I didn’t look hard enough at this point I’ll be waiting until his birthday on feb 7
  7. NHSA safety course

    I’ll loom into it thanks
  8. NHSA safety course

    I get it, seen it myself this is his 5th year on a sled, 3rd on his current 370. I think he got a few more years before he’s on 600
  9. NHSA safety course

    Thanks for the input looks like we’ll be waiting til feb 7
  10. NHSA safety course

    I tried last night to initiate the online course for my 11yo son. I was aware that it is necessary for a 12yo rider, but did not know you couldn’t take test until he is actually 12yo. His birthday is beginning of February, and considering lack of snow now I guess it really doesnt matter. I thought I’ve read somewhere before of younger riders testing prior to 12 so they were ready to rock n role come bday time.....
  11. Joined 2 club will register when I make my way up there to ride when snow presents itself
  12. Snow Traveler

    Received my snow traveler, after it was dropped off by my friend....who had received my issue in his mail box at the other end of town. He also is a subscriber.
  13. Trail signage issues

    I rode Maine last weekend for first time. Overall, signage was consistent always depicting trail designation # and direction of travel.....something I’ve mentioned here before that you don’t always find in NH