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  1. Join a club, get it out of the way

    Speaking of that. In years past I’ve received membership renewal notices from groveton trailblazers....have yet to see anything yet. I suppose I can cruise their site but this post just reminded of that. Although last year I believe I renewed membership and registered sled all at mom’s in Lancaster.
  2. Some offseason upgrades

    I sold my Jeep this summer so I decided to add some blind to the sled. I always felt like I had darting issues with cats stock skis so I will try on a pair C&A xpt’s and transfer my bergstrum triple points over to them. Also picked up a set of Elka stage 3 for the front, not too fond of the Fox Float 3’s. Am a bit reluctant right now to drop the money on center/rear Elka’s right now but may end up buying either one or the other before riding season, just not sure which is best at the moment. Also got a new snow flap as I lost mine on my last ride of the season trying to keep up with Shifty.....need to grab the sled out of storage before I can wrench these upgrades on, unfortunately it’ll be in my driveway for I have no garage. will post pics when done. Can’t wait for snow to fly
  3. Grass Drags & Watercross 10/5/18 thru 10/7/18

    Holiday weekend, and leaf peepers!!! Took us just shy 5 hours to get to groveton last night from RI....and we left at 6. My buddy came up this morning and took him 6+. There was no way I was going to hop back in my truck and suffer through that again, in both directions I’m sure. Instead we went to island pond to see a friends new camp and bought a bunch of tannerite to shoot
  4. So lets keep this forum positive...

    Don’t have Facebook either nor do I care for it or any other social media phonE, text or email is enough for me
  5. Grass Drags & Watercross 10/5/18 thru 10/7/18

    I suppose that is true since it takes me 1-1/2hr to get to hooksett toll both. Perhaps if we can leave RI early enough Friday we can stop on our way through
  6. Grass Drags & Watercross 10/5/18 thru 10/7/18

    Always wanted to go, heard it’s a good time. I’ll be heading up to groveton Friday for the weekend, not sure I’ll be able to motivate the others to drive an 1-1/2hr back south to check it out though
  7. Sadly about 360, which was about a third of what I did last winter
  8. Trail Report

    Thanks for all your reporting this season
  9. Rode Twin to Gorham Saturday

    Haha my wife said same thing when I met hendo and shifty to go ride for first time where was that last pic taken?
  10. Finishing the Loop

    Nice loop i was with shifty yesterday....he was having clutch problems and needless to say we didn’t make it far. I was back to my truck by 11 am and on my couch in RI at 330. Didn’t feel like riding solo.
  11. I read that right....Lancaster only get 1”, or is that maybe 1’? They always get the short end of the stick on snow fall
  12. The Notch

    Rode that trail couple weeks back with hendo, outside running up cherry mountain last winter, that was one of my most enjoyable rides
  13. Club poker run or solo blast

    Not this weekend, plan to be up next weekend
  14. Club poker run or solo blast

    Finally fix that ski?