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  1. No new posts since 3/21/19

    I haven’t either, unfortunately due to my sons soccer season kicking into high gear. I hoped to ride this weekend to get in one last ride but gumption fell short.....
  2. ATVs on public roads issues

    I read an article a couple weeks back concerning this issue....sorry I forget where. As I understood it, it was more of the vacation home owner variety as opposed to residents rooted in the area. Ive only read that one article, don’t know all the information regarding issues at hand...however imo this could potentially cripple northern towns who rely on these seasonal activities to sustain living
  3. Off Trail Idiots get another trail closed

    In my travels this winter I’ve seen a lot more mountain type sleds, as well as what seems to me to be an equal amount of tracks off trail
  4. Posting pics?

    Pics were taken on an iPhone, not quite sure how to find file properties...
  5. Posting pics?

    No The pic I posted in the riding thread is the only one of the 4-5 I not sure why or what the difference is between pics taken from same device
  6. Posting pics?

    Trying to upload photos from my phone and I often get prompted with this message Can anyone help?
  7. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Another great ride, great conditions thabks for leading the way
  8. Snow Totals

    Dud of a storm! we got our FIRST snowfall of the season here in RI, got a wapping 2”...and it’ll all be gone by end of day what a suck @ss winter
  9. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    What stood out to be is the attempt to better educate riders as to the operations of Maine’s open space. But knowwhere did it say that there is NO offtrail riding. It seems MSA fields a lot of phone activity concerning this issue, and there are guides and outfitter establishments that promote this type of riding. A model that maybe nhsa should look at a bit more closely
  10. Old map

    Wait, haha. Did you mean use maps, or use old maps?
  11. Old map

    I like the “big picture” aspect of paper maps and still use them, primarily my coos county map which is 6yr old at this point....and sometimes feel it doesn’t quite jive with real time scenarios. Someday a gps will be in the cards for me. I frequently ride with hendo who uses a gps primarily at end of rides to get us back to our destination with haste
  12. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    It is that way fact we were asked that once we enter the trail from the parking area that we place the chain back across entrance as to deter anyone else from entering who is either not yet registered to ride, and/or a full sized vehicle. The placing of chain is almost moot for the trail eventually intersects atv trail twice where there is no signage or chains to block entry
  13. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    He’s on the cat in the middle For some reason my others pics won’t load....
  14. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Good thread my sons first time on trails with me, he loved it. We’ll be back up together in a few weeks to get him back out there