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  1. No explanation of deer and cat?
  2. Trail signage issues

    I rode Maine last weekend for first time. Overall, signage was consistent always depicting trail designation # and direction of travel.....something I’ve mentioned here before that you don’t always find in NH
  3. Trail signage issues

    I would be for it. I share same sentiments on signage and have used nhsa app quite a bit this winter due to poor signage. when I am studying maps to plan a trip I’m looking at trail/corr numbers. I as well don’t care to see Smith/Jones trail. If you want to dedicate a trail, great. Primary labeling should include associated number
  4. Repair shop groveton area

    You’re absolutely right. I do have a multimeter but rarely use it to check resistance so am not totally familiar but do understand the concept. not sure at all that the part will fix the problem. I did find your link....but unfortunately for me I’m in Rhode Island, sled rests in groveton until I return this weekend to ride. I do t set aside a whole lot of extra time to diagnose/wrench on things. I figured to take the gamble on this part because of that. Hind-site probably easier to diagnose as opposed to removing grip and heating element. But giving my situation if it gets my son on that sled quicker, and improving his riding experience then win/win? I will at the very least have the part in hand next time I’m north for a fix as opposed to being empty handed after diagnosis I do appreciate your input and will at least at some point run through the motions of resistance testing
  5. Repair shop groveton area

    I have to remove hand grip and heater to replace this????WTF I was hoping the case would split
  6. Here's the data for a 2007 AC 2-stroke


  7. Repair shop groveton area

    Seems like throttle safety switch is part of same harness kill switch is associated with, so not really sure where the malfunction was. I just ordered what I think to be part needed so hopefully this will be a solution. $122, ouch.
  8. Repair shop groveton area

    No longer in need i disconnected kill switch and problem went away. Now just need to come up with a kill switch fix
  9. Repair shop groveton area

    Anyone aware of any small time repair shops near groveton/Lancaster? I’m having bogging issues with my sons z370 and frankly I don’t want to spend my time wrenching on this thing when I come up here to ride. I pulled and cleaned carb last night and we just returned from a 75 mile run, he said it was bogging quite a bit throughout the ride thanks for any help j-
  10. Affordable Trail Signs Every Club Can Make

    Great work. Those handwritten signs are at times too difficult to read. FWIW as a rider I prefer to see corr/trail numbers on signs....which is def not always included on handwritten signs. I plan most my trips by trail number, not the direction of a local establishment/eatery/donut shop etc etc
  11. 5.2 Acres and small "camp" on P152 in Campton

    Place looks well built
  12. Starting to look a bit like winter finally...

    Pic taken at trio ponds on trail 28
  13. Starting to look a bit like winter finally...

    Laid my first tracks of season yesterday as well. All in all it was decent, a little bit of everything....enough snow to keep the machine running cool. Although my sled is absolutely filthy from all the water bars. However, I was totally disgusted by lack of signage just south of Colebrook. Assuming this was the skibees trail territory.....fueled up at dixville peaks and planned to take corr 7 south back to Nash. Got a lil ways and seemed like the rug was pulled out from under us. Trails were awfully difficult to find with fresh snow, no signs and little finger trails going off in various directions. I had been through there several times with no issues, it just took us a few tries to find our way. Maybe that section was closed? But again no signage!
  14. Snow report?

    Any good news from this recent storm? im hoping to make the drive this weekend for some seat time
  15. Anyone planning to ride

    Conditions have always exceeded my expectation....., unfortunately my plans have changed and this is not the weekend for me with holiday looming, my sons sports..... now my new plan is next weekend. Looking forward to first tracks