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  1. Moose Mtn Vintage Show

    Thanks to all who showed up for the show. We had 111 vintage sleds registered. Even with Mother Nature being difficult we had a good show. See you all next year.
  2. Food for thought on the survival of our clubs

    I'm with you on the insurance. I've been complaining to our county directors for years about those issues with no results
  3. Moose Mtn Vintage Show

    Looks like it could be show and swap only Just got back from a week of riding in Jackman and will check conditions in the morning and advise. On a slightly positive for the show it looks like it will be a lot warmer than it's ever been in the 8 years. We've had some pretty frigid show days
  4. Moose Mtn Vintage Show

    I've got my fingers crossed. Over the years we've had quite a mixed bag for the show. Snow is a good thing
  5. Moose Mtn Vintage Show

    Join us for the 8th Annual Moose Mtn Vintage Show - Hill Climb -Trail Ride Sunday Jan 31 Free entry and trophies awarded. Like to run your sled then try the timed hill climb or the 10 mile trail ride. Plenty of room for swap meet so bring over your for sale items. FEATURED SLED - RUPP