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  1. Snowmobile exhaust systems

    The first part is to handle ''fade''. It is a comparable to the OHRV 96dB regulation. Stock exhaust tend to lose sound dampening ability over time, and when deemed beyond the maximum allowable dB limit need to be replaced. The exhaust ''stamp'' has various renditions going back to the mid 80s, and was not used by all manufacturers... sometimes even being a sticker that burned off. The exhaust engraving covers all manufacturers in 2007, and should be easily read for the life of the component.
  2. Off Trail Idiots get another trail closed

    Technically, that is what signing your registration is about. We used to require an OHRV Safety Course be taken after getting a ticket... it didn't seem to make any difference.
  3. Off Trail Idiots get another trail closed

    That is probably the off road community. For years, whenever something has happened negatively on a trail system... it has always been vocalized to be the younger set, non-local riders, etc. I generally find that they are middle aged, live nearby, and just not thinking they will get caught.
  4. Off Trail Idiots get another trail closed

    The only fact they have, to my knowledge, is someone rode off trail. The landowner didn't like it... so we can presume that the rider did not have written permission from the landowner.
  5. ATVs on public roads issues

    I was more focused on the town hiring someone to basically act as a trail administrator. I don't think that I have ever seen that approach before.
  6. ATVs on public roads issues

    Seems a bit over the top...
  7. Off Trail Idiots get another trail closed

    It is a problem because landowners that have not granted permission either written to an individual, or verbal to a club trail administrator or the BoT, isn't going to waste a lot of breath complaining on a repeated basis. Many times before they complain the first time, it is because the off-trail has happened repeatedly. They may never even bother to contact the club, the local PD will point them to F&G, and F&G always has the excuse that they don't have enough resources. The landowner gets frustrated and simply closes the property.
  8. Off Trail Idiots get another trail closed

    You mean the NHSA committee?
  9. Off Trail Idiots get another trail closed

    There is already a bill in the Legislature that it could be amended to. The bill is to increase fines for violations. The NH Auto Dealers would be involved with snowmobile registrations how? As for the manufacturers... they supply the grants that support the lobbying efforts of the Associations.
  10. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    I would say the statement ''most landowners are not'' is fair. But unless a group forms and asks them, we will never know which and how many would. It is quite a bit of work to find out, and not really something the Bureau of Trails is tasked with.
  11. F&G CO's help stuck snowmobilers in Colebrook

    Down here on State land along Parade Rd (106) the Belknap Snowmobilers have stakes that are placed apart just a little wider than the groomer. And I would guess the chance of losing a state-owned access would be much lower than on a privately held property. They put them up every fall and take them down every spring. It may be that the local club needs a bit more volunteer help. Someone that knows the current legal system willing to make a small circuit and carry some extra stakes with signage and a mallet.
  12. F&G CO's help stuck snowmobilers in Colebrook

    DRED, now the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, only comes into play should the ticket be issued by an officer in the Division of Parks and Recreation. They would supply the prosecuting officer, and if the fine was upheld by the judge, would receive the proceeds from the fine, minus a court administration fee. RSA 251-C:33 covers that. The lack of signage is reasonable cause to believe that you are not on a legal trail. We, motorized users, have not been on permitted unless restricted since around 2004. A non-motorized user can state, I didn't see a sign, so I thought I can be here. We have to state, I saw a sign, so I thought I could be here.
  13. 2019 legislative session

    It appears to be still in Executive Session; and still would be in play if it was not tabled. Sometimes they reignite support on the floor by removing it from the CC for an individual vote.
  14. F&G CO's help stuck snowmobilers in Colebrook

    It is the responsibility of every rider to know the laws and regulations. Which is why we had to sign the registration, and why the law makes provisions for when someone else operates our equipment. Remember the old ''I can travel from my land down the road 500 feet because the law says so''; but anyone that read the law realized that the 500 feet was down the road from a designated trailhead. They simply read it the way that wanted. My other favorite was ''I can change my exhaust system to make it louder... as long as I stay on the lake... because the law does not apply out there.'' It isn't just done in the motorized trail user community; but because of the scope of access and how critical each landowner is to what can be large parts of a system... it just cost too much to move the trail again and again, even if a reroute can be found. I even saw a comment on the local club page that someone suggested those wanting to ride ''off trail'' should go up north. It is just moving the problem around and making it worse rather than facing it head on. It was a huge issue for me with the quads. There illegal access would spoil a landowner's willingness not only toward a future legal OHRV trail, but could also jeopardize the existing snowmobile access. I couldn't wrap my head around why anyone would want to destroy all their future options. Criminal trespass is different than a tort trespass. It is a violation of RSA 215-C:49 XIII, which is why you only get a ticket for the first offense and not get arrested and charged with a misdemeanor.
  15. F&G CO's help stuck snowmobilers in Colebrook

    Hard to say... I let snowmobiles on my land. But imagine that they did what I had problems with a few year's back... they lost their way and ended up in my front yard. The First call goes to the club... signage needs to be better. The Second call goes to law enforcement... rider, and community, need to pay attention to the signs. The Third call, which we didn't get to, goes to BoT... done, land is closed. The local club is dealing with that issue right now. Rider followed what they thought was legal trail... don't know the outcome other than the trail is currently closed. It might seem strange that it has to be that strict... but I had a woodlot that I let rider use. It was not near home, in another town; and I was stunned to get a call from the town threatening a lawsuit because I was building a non-permitted ''race track''. When I checked into it, they had cut a decent size parking lot, and were building ramps. It took a long time and quite few headaches to get everyone to realize that they were no longer permitted to be on that property. The excuse always seems to be that someone else did it before them, that they didn't know, that they saw it on-line, etc, etc. It got to the point that I sold the woodlot to house lot.