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  1. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    How did you get the 14,000? The article lays out that roughly 23,000 non-resident registrations were sold in Maine. If 18% of them were NH sleds registered in Maine... shouldn't that be about 4,140... we could round to 4,200.
  2. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    So do our automobiles. But even on I-93 with a divided highway and cutback shoulders for plenty of sightline... the speed is not that much higher. When you drop to Route 106... you have bi-directional traffic with a designated yellow dividing line and cutback shoulders for plenty of sightline... and have a maximum of 50. I think what you fail to understand is that State land, has 1.3 million owners... and only about 70,000 registered owners for the motorized groups... a portion of that from out-of-State. I have sat in the meetings... we have never convinced them to go to a higher speed limit on trails. Even over roads, with vehicles going much faster than we go... getting them to accept 20 mph was a challenge... and several towns have said no. You are not going to get landowners that have speed limits even tighter than the statute to all of a sudden agree. I think the problem is... you don't recognize who the landowners are. You think it is a farmer... not a horde of people that don't even accept the present speed and usage.
  3. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    Landowners don't care... and they are the final say. Some landowners have posted even lower speed limits than what the statutes provide... if the group doesn't obey them... even one or two individuals... they close the property.
  4. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    I explained that the rules are generally developed along the way as various landowners - some private, some public - set a standard that must either be met or the trail/access is closed. Every user group has rules that it must follow that it doesn't like.
  5. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    The manufacturing studies were to determine the future of snowmobile sales between 2000-2020. Not type or brand. They determined through their recently gained knowledge in the 90s, through self financing allowing access to broader financial data on their customer base, that New England residents were not saving enough for retirement. The latest studies on that issue have not shown dramatic improvements... so every generation will have the same retirement failure... getting worse if SS and Medicare should need to be adjusted. The types simply have to do with access... and that is completely landowner controlled. We can purchase any sled, truck, jeep, SUV, ATV, UTV, trail bike, mountain bike, dog sled, x-country ski package, snowshoe package, or even pogo stick that we want... but if the landowner states that we are not to access their property... or to only access it where they designate, when they designate, and in a manner that they designate, that determines the basis for the laws. So the studies are looking at very long trend lines in financial stability over several generations... while land usage is really a here and now issue.
  6. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    They are not going to change their positions on the laws... landowners are already upset. The increase in fees is due to additional cost of maintenance of the system... so unless the State Legislature agrees to a subsidy, I would expect both to increases to enter the system as planned. The State Legislature is aware of the financial conditions of the Boomer, and those younger, as they were presented with the 1995 marketing studies done by the manufacturers and released publicly in 1998. Representatives of two manufacturers gave testimony on the subject in 2005(?). I'm a member of the Gen X, and only about 7% of us are on savings target to a sustainable retirement. Current number for a household in my area is $1 million; for someone my age it is $700K *50yr old* to $800K *55 yr old*. So it isn't a short term issue.
  7. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    It was what the last replies were about. Adjustments get made approximately every eight years to balance out the cost of F&G enforcment between the various groups - hunting, fishing, snowmobiles, and OHRV. About four years ago, fishing and hunting saw their costs adjusted. This last cycle was snowmobiles and OHRV. Normal pattern would be to take the revenue derived during the last cycle (roughly 2011), adjust for inflation, and divide by the most recent number of registrations. For the OHRV, this made a negative number... but we never adjust down. For snowmobiles, it was deemed too harsh... so no adjustment was made for inflation... a second ''bump'' out of cycle was proposed with a study committee developed to debate whether snowmobiling would need a subsidy... how much... and where that money may come from. Most of the first increase was directed to trails. No one is sure of the final outcome of the second...
  8. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    Even though more per registration is going to F&G, the overall sum is less than it was after the last increase.
  9. Something different

    There are no specific trails in that country.
  10. Snowmobile exhaust systems

    Off Road are the same. On Road is a different standard within NH statute.
  11. Snowmobile exhaust systems

  12. Snowmobile exhaust systems

    The first part is to handle ''fade''. It is a comparable to the OHRV 96dB regulation. Stock exhaust tend to lose sound dampening ability over time, and when deemed beyond the maximum allowable dB limit need to be replaced. The exhaust ''stamp'' has various renditions going back to the mid 80s, and was not used by all manufacturers... sometimes even being a sticker that burned off. The exhaust engraving covers all manufacturers in 2007, and should be easily read for the life of the component.
  13. Off Trail Idiots get another trail closed

    Technically, that is what signing your registration is about. We used to require an OHRV Safety Course be taken after getting a ticket... it didn't seem to make any difference.
  14. Off Trail Idiots get another trail closed

    That is probably the off road community. For years, whenever something has happened negatively on a trail system... it has always been vocalized to be the younger set, non-local riders, etc. I generally find that they are middle aged, live nearby, and just not thinking they will get caught.
  15. Off Trail Idiots get another trail closed

    The only fact they have, to my knowledge, is someone rode off trail. The landowner didn't like it... so we can presume that the rider did not have written permission from the landowner.