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  1. GAS/OIL Mix 96 Doo

    My point being, since they are new to the sledding, they may not be aware of oil-injection and know that a reservoir can be filled.
  2. GAS/OIL Mix 96 Doo

    What 1996 was not oil-injected? Did someone modify it?
  3. Big groomers, small trails

    NRTP may be in the bill. But mostly it is that fact that people either have no clue how that works, or are willfully trying to put one over on the community-at-large. Any trail that has the non-motorized users has the ability to dip into the extra 40% of mixed use (motorized/non-motorized), so in essence those non-motorized users are having some of the money allocated to them expended. Also the fallacy of what is happening over time in the return to State tourism. It has gone from $1.1 Billion in 2003 to less than $600 Million now... and the $1.1 Billion is not inflation-adjusted.
  4. Interesting story about a local guy

    A lot of the system was built when riding on a property only meant it wasn't posted against the access. When they changed the law to positive posting, several of our local landowners had never given permission, never knew that they could stop it - some thought that being in current use required them to provide access or thought that the power line easement allowed access - so on, and so on. Even to this day, with land changing hands so often... it is impossible to tell how much of the system is actually legal. A section of trail here passes between two parcels that have been sold each more than four times in the last decade... and each landowner thinks the trail is on the other party's land.
  5. We need stiffer fines and penalties for aggressive acts. Nowhere in the State except on frozen lakes, can an OHRV travel faster than 35 mph. The posted speed was 25 mph, but even if they did not notice the posted speed... they would have been far beyond the maximum. The fine currently is not enough to stop those that realize the odds of being caught are so small. We keep setting the fines based on the registration costs... and non-registration, though it removes funding for our system, doesn't jeopardize the trail access or the safety of others.
  6. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    The current requirement in the statutes for snowmobile/OHRV requires an operator to have a CC permit for a loaded firearm in their possession. It stirs up landowners worried about confrontation between various groups/individuals. The CC permits exist, but are not required outside of the specific statutes. The change removes the requirement for the CC permit for operators/passengers.
  7. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    Corporate owners are seeing a lot more problems with social issues than private. Private landowners are responsive to direct confrontations, while corporate suffer from heavy indirect exposure.
  8. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    When it came up before the decision on the rifles was controversial. Anti-OHRV voices were arguing that OHRV scared away wildlife. They kept trying to argue it after studies had proven otherwise; and it was determined that they had other motives based on the groups they belonged to. But the studies did show that wildlife was less afraid of OHRV because predation was not something that had become associated with the sound/smell of OHRV. Hunting from the OHRV over time would change that... so the Association support the ban on the loaded rifles, while still supporting the unloaded rifles that hunters would carry into remote spots on an ATV/SxS. The fact that a recreational rider could open carry an unloaded handgun, or with a permit to carry a loaded open/concealed handgun caused the stir among a few landowners that pay attention to the changes. All those landowners were not in the southern part of the State. The change just signifies that a permit no longer exists, so the requirement can no longer exist for a permit to carry open/concealed. It will most likely stir the same landowners, if they still currently allow for trail access on their property... something I could not state for certain. But not because the situation has changed, but only that it is being brought into the light once again. For the most part, landowners are more concerned with the outright behavior of the community toward respect for their land... respect in general.
  9. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    If I remember correctly, prior to the change on the concealed carry permit, operators with a permit could have a loaded handgun. It caused a stir among some landowners.
  10. Maine registration increase coming

    Clubs are non-profit, so they can't support a specific field of candidates or a specific candidate. This was the mistake made several years ago when the IRS had to investigate certain non-profits. Generally, all registration increases come directly from the representative groups... The only time that it has come from the outside and passed is for agent fee increases... which we generally don't protest.
  11. Maine registration increase coming

    It is relatively cheaper than ours... but I think any increase brings out the complaints regardless of how long from the last increase.
  12. Maine registration increase coming

    Same thing in NH. Next increase is May 1st, 2023. But the resident will increase $20 and non-resident will increase $11 under current statute. Non-resident will be $153. With a $30 club membership incentive discount, it will be $123. But no one is exactly sure how residents will respond to having a higher increase than non-residents... if at all. In Maine, it may have been the residents wanted to push back and make the non-residents carry the increase.
  13. Putting Covid in the rear view mirror

    The only thing on the vaccines that changed dramatically was the use of mRNA on some, the EUA - which is why we didn't have a five year study on longer term effects, and the use of federal funds to purchase vaccine doses before we knew which company would have an effective one - Operation Warp Speed. The mRNA science is here to stay. A five year study would have caused a lot more deaths... as variants are already taking hold. And other than the fact that we paid for doses from companies that may never develop an effective vaccine... we did get some science from them that in the long run may have some returns on the investment. I would say the biggest drawback was the early ones being two shots and needing deep freeze. Once they reformulate for the boosters... I think we will see a lot more like the Johnson & Johnson that took longer to develop because they used the older method.
  14. Waters will pull that part of the bill. He is trying to get ahead of the decades old argument about what the problems are for the motorized trail groups. I've seen everything from they claiming that its the kids... so they want to ban operation for anyone either under 16 or 18 - highest I have seen is 21. To the claim that it is non-residents that act like they own the place... which of course leads to talk of banning non-resident registrations. I don't expect either to go very far... especially since the next registration increase in the statute is for resident to increase more than non-resident. So they come up with if we only had everyone safety trained... no one would break the rules. It isn't going to work... they know the rules and how to ride. They get distracted, we all have at one time or another, and ignore the rules because the expectation of being caught and actually suffering a loss is very low. Parade Road is full of fields that have been heavily signed by the local club. Even with stakes every 50 feet apart and designating a corridor... they ride all over the field. Other fields nearby... the landowners have done so much as to put up chains with signs. After that, they will just keep calling F&G and complaining to their state representatives that their property rights are being violated.
  15. Meredith Marina fire

    Lots of smoke and flashing lights as I left work. It may mess up the earlier part of the season, but they will build back... just too lucrative of a site and operation not to rebuild.