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  1. Freedom to Evens Notch

    Where did you park the trailer in Freedom? Looks like a great ride. About how far would that ride be from the Corridor 19 & Primary 200 (Polly's Crossing) intersection?
  2. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    It's continued Trail closure each year, and crappy winters, that have got me thinking of leaving the sport. Not the cost.
  3. GPS use in heavy snow

    The Montana series GPS will work fine. I dropped my 680T into 12" of water while crossing a brook a couple of summers ago, still working fine on my snowmobile. BTW-- I have both BackwoodsGPS & TrailmasterGPS loaded onto my SD card. I have found a lot of discrepancy between the two, so I try to look at my route using both maps, to feel insured that the trail is actually viable.
  4. SkiDoo dealer

    Most I deal with are open on Monday. HK Powersports, Disliva Motorsports, Profile Motorsports.
  5. Yep just saw it on the facebook page. Logging.
  6. 84 breaks just at the NH line, and continues broken to trail 20. The new GPS Trailmaster GPS map Version 11.0 just released yesterday. Backwoods GPS still has the route connected, but their map is from last year.
  7. I just downloaded the newest version of GPS Trailmaster map Version V11.0, and I can not believe how many trails have been closed up in the Pittsburg NH, Rangeley, ME area. You can't even ride from Pittsburg to Rangely now with out going 100 miles out of your way into Canada. Thanks a lot to all of you who can't stay on the trails! Look for yourself-- http://www.gpstrailm...snow-map_E.html
  8. Snowy winter on tap?

    Well- I hope we have a lot of good riding snow around here this year, and don't get that reckoning warm-up in Jan. or Feb. that brings the season to an early end. I just read an article written by a NASA scientist, who believes that the lack of sunspots over the last year will bring record cold. https://www.iceagenow.info/lack-of-sunspots-to-bring-record-cold-warns-nasa-scientist/
  9. Mileage Question

    FYI- I use both BackwoodsGPS & GPS Trailmaster on my Montana. I switch between the two, and even run them both at the same time. I often find they differ in they way they send you.
  10. Mileage Question

    I just did a route from the Gorham Motor Inn in Gorham, to Robie's Cabins in Pittburg, on my Montana 680T using the GPS Trailmaster map, and the distance measured 75.1 miles. So you were spot on.
  11. Mileage Question

    Do you have a GPS like the Montana 650T or 680T? If so, just mark your starting & end points, as " waypoints" and let the GPS plan the route. It will tell you mileage, & ETA. If you want to stop at any gas stations or restaurants along the way, plan a route with additional "wayponts" . I would say your in the Ball park for mileage.
  12. How high could sled registration go?

    Yep- You can always count on rate increases. I don't mind paying a little more as long as they have the trails to ride, unlike NH that I think is really trying their best to end the sport.
  13. How high could sled registration go?

    As we continue to loose trails every year, and rate increases in registration, I will not register in NH in the future. I'll trailer to Maine.
  14. Plastic welding?

    We can certainly re- weld the other suspect areas too.
  15. Plastic welding?

    You need to weld it with a thermoplastic welder, and you have to use the correct welding rod depending on the material of the tank. I would guess it's either Polypropylene or HDPE. In my 20 years working as a Chemical Equipment Technician in the Fiber Optics field, I use to build chemical tanks and acid baths out of Poly, PVDF, PVC, HDPE, etc. for the worst Acid out there. Hydroflouric Acid. Can't have that leaking!! The welder that I used, and that I have bought now for myself is a HEJET. https://www.hejetproducts.com/product/hejet-plastic-welders/ This is a handy little welder, and can be used for just about any plastic. I've welded & filled deep gouges in the bottom of my skis, fixed side panels, and repaired bumpers on my car. If the hole on your tank is easy to get to, and you know the plastic type this welder will fix it once and for all. If you'd like to bring it to Wolfeboro, I could look at it for you, and weld it up. (if I have the rods which I think I do)