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  1. Snowy winter on tap?

    Well- I hope we have a lot of good riding snow around here this year, and don't get that reckoning warm-up in Jan. or Feb. that brings the season to an early end. I just read an article written by a NASA scientist, who believes that the lack of sunspots over the last year will bring record cold. https://www.iceagenow.info/lack-of-sunspots-to-bring-record-cold-warns-nasa-scientist/
  2. Mileage Question

    FYI- I use both BackwoodsGPS & GPS Trailmaster on my Montana. I switch between the two, and even run them both at the same time. I often find they differ in they way they send you.
  3. Mileage Question

    I just did a route from the Gorham Motor Inn in Gorham, to Robie's Cabins in Pittburg, on my Montana 680T using the GPS Trailmaster map, and the distance measured 75.1 miles. So you were spot on.
  4. Mileage Question

    Do you have a GPS like the Montana 650T or 680T? If so, just mark your starting & end points, as " waypoints" and let the GPS plan the route. It will tell you mileage, & ETA. If you want to stop at any gas stations or restaurants along the way, plan a route with additional "wayponts" . I would say your in the Ball park for mileage.
  5. How high could sled registration go?

    Yep- You can always count on rate increases. I don't mind paying a little more as long as they have the trails to ride, unlike NH that I think is really trying their best to end the sport.
  6. How high could sled registration go?

    As we continue to loose trails every year, and rate increases in registration, I will not register in NH in the future. I'll trailer to Maine.
  7. Plastic welding?

    We can certainly re- weld the other suspect areas too.
  8. Plastic welding?

    You need to weld it with a thermoplastic welder, and you have to use the correct welding rod depending on the material of the tank. I would guess it's either Polypropylene or HDPE. In my 20 years working as a Chemical Equipment Technician in the Fiber Optics field, I use to build chemical tanks and acid baths out of Poly, PVDF, PVC, HDPE, etc. for the worst Acid out there. Hydroflouric Acid. Can't have that leaking!! The welder that I used, and that I have bought now for myself is a HEJET. https://www.hejetproducts.com/product/hejet-plastic-welders/ This is a handy little welder, and can be used for just about any plastic. I've welded & filled deep gouges in the bottom of my skis, fixed side panels, and repaired bumpers on my car. If the hole on your tank is easy to get to, and you know the plastic type this welder will fix it once and for all. If you'd like to bring it to Wolfeboro, I could look at it for you, and weld it up. (if I have the rods which I think I do)
  9. Ski Mounted Reversible Ice Scratchers--Sold

    These have been sold. How do I delete the Ad?
  10. Ski Mounted Reversible Ice Scratchers--Sold

    Yes- I still have them. Is there a way to PM on this site?
  11. Brand New, never installed set of "Over the Top" Ice Storm, reversible ski mounted ice scratchers. I bought these for my sled, but installed the cable type instead. These sell for about $69.00.
  12. Vintage Ski Doo Safari

    My son had a 1986 that looked just like that. It had 6,035 miles on it when I sold it for $500. The motor was never worked on. So the question is-- Are the new sleds any more dependable?
  13. sold

  14. Saturday?

    Lots of water bars out there, be careful, don't sink. Powdermill club in New Durham sunk the Groomer March 19, 2018 PMSC trails: What can be groomed has been done. Cor 22 from Stockbridge Corner Rd to Rt 22 is most like not passable after the groomer got stuck in there Sunday. Northern groomer will be out today touching things up for those who want to go out after school/work this week. He won’t be doing the Webster rd, as he would most likely sink in the water hole there. If you have inexperienced riders, go out ahead and check conditions and make sure they will be able to pass through the tricky spots.
  15. March 13 storm

    Just went outside to clear off the trailer. Got a consistent 18 " no drifting located just NE of Lake Wentworth in Wolfeboro. Still falling hard.