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  1. Do any of you buy from

    Will use your link,
  2. Pittsburg weather history for today

    The coldest ride I had was about 10 years back riding out of jackman into Canada.It was -23 when we started out.We rode 300 miles that day got back into Jackman about 1am,Stopped at customs and they let us in to warm up the outside temp was -28.It was the coldest ride I ever been on.But the trails were great. Dave .
  3. SNOW!!

    Love riding Dalton/Whitefield area hope they get some snow from this storm. Dave
  4. Now thats testing a Dave
  5. Newest Member of the Family

    Nice sled good luck with it. Dave
  6. Redsox

    Ya baby!!!!
  7. Wild River Bridge Status

    Sweet looking bridge.I* have not been there in years.Nice job. Dave
  8. Grass Drags

    A few of us will be there Sat.The smell of 2 strokes.Can't wait. Dave
  9. Who is going and when - NH Grass Drags

    A few of us will head up sat. Dave
  10. Derry Pathfinders Snowmobile Club Flea Market

    I will try to be there if I am not hunting. Dave
  11. Ride the Wilds Video

    Nice video.Can't wait to get up there and ride.Just have to find the time. Dave
  12. Thanks again to everyone that worked to make the trails safe and great to ride.Had a great time again riding this season.I wish it could have been more. Dave
  13. Buying an ATV need some input

    Skully I have a 09 brute force.The thing is a monster it will go over and thru anything.The can ams and polaris are also nice machine I do not know much about the artic cats.I have been toying with the idea of selling my brute force I will let you know if I am going to sell it. Dave
  14. OVSC Winter Storm Update!

    Sweeeeeet. Thanks Skip will try to enjoy it while we can. Dave
  15. Crane snowmobile museum, Lancaster

    It was pretty cool checking out the different kinds of sleds he had.I remember when Yamarev and I were there Paul told us stories about the sleds like where they came from,where they were made,what race they were in and more.Real nice informative guy. Dave
  16. Keith the new bigger maps look great.Much easier to read in low light.Great idea. Dave
  17. whitefield area

    Anyone know how the trails are in the Whitefield/Dalton areas. Thanks for any info Dave
  18. Looking to head up this weekend.Wondering how well the trails are holding up.Any info would help.thanks Dave
  19. Snowmobiling in Colorado

    A buddy of mine just came back from Montana and said the riding was awesome. Dave
  20. Canceled a trip to Pittsburg this weekend because of the possible blizzard coming.I guess i'll be plowing !Maybe have to go next week. Dave
  21. If you stayed home this week end this is what you missed

    A few of us are heading up Thursday til Sunday.We will have a good time no matter what. Dave
  22. I would not want to be him when a cross wind hits him. Dave