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  1. Stolen Arctic Cat ZR120, 2008, pink

    That sucks. Damn dirtbags. I'm selling an orange one if you want to replace it. 2006 mint condition, always stored in the garage with a cover on it. I've got it on CL right now.
  2. Is it just me..

    That ought to go over well over there.
  3. Ice out

    What a difference a week makes. Great view too!
  4. random photo thread

    I've got one that I will sell you. 2006 F120 orange, minty condition, $1,700 picked-up, $1,800 delivered in NH. Kids outgrew it.
  5. He was following me, forgot about the tree under the snow.....and it just kicked him off his line about a foot and he couldn't recover. Bottom line though....he was going too fast!!! This was almost all the way at Boundary Pond too......so it's a good thing nothing happened to him or the sled cause it was a long way back to the Burg.
  6. Gotta' Love Monday in Pittsburg!

    Yeah, I just saw the other thread and saw that it was an 1100. Wonder what happened?
  7. Here a couple of pics from the weekend also. Rode out of Coleman St. Park on Sunday AM and conditions were very good. Everything was groomed, flat and fast. The return to the truck saw the sun had taken it's toll in a big way below 136. Conditions were still great on the northeast side of Pittsburg though. Plenty of snow in the woods still too. Buddy got spit off into the trees in this pic up near Boundary. He snapped a 3" live spruce (red arrow) like a twig and walked away with not a scratch on him or the sled. Lucky I guess. Other pic is from on top of Rump. One could probably get around up there now on a 121" tracked sled things are so set up.
  8. Gotta' Love Monday in Pittsburg!

    The new 800 in your avi?? What caused it?
  9. Lost Hunting Dogs

    Great news indeed! Would have been really interesting to have been able to track where they were over the last week. They survived two decent snow storms....a couple of tough suckers for sure.
  10. Hey Keith.....thanks for all your time and effort. Question: any idea when the next time you guys plan on running up to Boundary is gonna be? I'm sure after all this new snow in the last week, the bumps are gonna get BIG. Thanks again for the updates as well.
  11. Top Speed

    Yep......just look at his custom windshield.
  12. Top Speed

    What OT says is true.....maybe the newer Cat speedo's aren't as accurate as the 03-07's were. I used a GPS and my speedo's on my F6 and CF7 were only 1-2 MPH off the GPS. Obviously, track spin will also play a role in what the speedo is reading versus actual top speed.
  13. Accident on Nash stream

    Geez.....talk about poor judgement. The guy who died in Stewartstown........drinking, no helmet, going too fast and alone......the quadruple whammy! Gotta love good ol' Darwin at work. Some people are just too dumb to survive to old age I guess.
  14. Lost Hunting Dogs

    Wow......they've been gone a while. Hopefully someone can pick them up soon. Keep us posted.