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  1. Freedom to Evens Notch

    We did a big loop from moultonborough New Hampshire to Ossipee to Conway through Evans notch to Gorham a crossover to Twin Mountain 2 Lincoln railroad back all the way back to Winnipesaukee tomorrow 218 MI on Friday We also saw Sasquatch Saturday
  2. Warren to Twin Mountain

    Thanks for all the info we're going to try that tomorrow today we did a nice 215 mile Loop moultonborough New Hampshire 2 Ossipee to Conway to Gorham Berlin Twin Mountain back through Franconia notch all the way back the rr bed Meredith to moultonborough
  3. Warren to Twin Mountain

    Okay that sounds good thank you Tomorrow we are going from moultonborough 2 Ossipee to Conway to Gorham two Twin Mountain to Franconia back to moultonborough 240 MI we try to do this once a year Saturday we will do the loop to Warren thank you for your help
  4. Warren to Twin Mountain

    Jhwentworth leaving from laconia up rr bed to rt 24 west to to 151 to 8 to 5 to warren think some are brsc trails? the state map shows rt 5n all the way to bath/lisbon/to littleton was wondering how that route is not sure if any club trails go east off of rt 5 after lisbon/ barrett you have a rough idea of miles from warren to littleton any gas stops after the one in warren last week it was 60 miles from my house to the warren rocket i use the state map all the time we also have gps on sled just trying to plan it out on paper map thanks for any info
  5. Warren to Twin Mountain

    Hello I was wondering if anybody's been from Warren up through bath and Lisbon to Littleton and then over to Twin Mountain to fabian's for lunch is it going to go through the baker River Club area up that way just wondering if anyone has any info planning on doing Friday tomorrow Thanks
  6. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Top of Mount Major Alton New Hampshire Anybody go from Warren to Littleton through bath and Lisbon was going to try that on Friday. rt5 Want to go all the way to fabian's at Twin Mountain want to stay on the western side and then come back down the railroad bed back to Winnipesaukee Thanks
  7. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Yeah after stopping at the rocket we took that trail back to Plymouth we saw the trail on the left that went to Lincoln off that trail we want to continue on 5 through Warren to bath Lisbon Littleton and then back down the railroad bed all the way back to lake winnie That will be on next trip Doodave
  8. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    CATRESERVE Thanks for the information last week gave us a good ride this past weekend that's good you went North we will try that next weekend if we get some snow thanks again
  9. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    We did that Loop this past weekend thanks to information from this form from moultonborough New Hampshire all the way up to Warren to see the rocket finally nice Trails will support that club has anybody gone north of Warren up two bath and littleton would like to go further North possibly to Twin Mountain Thanks
  10. Parking at Whale Tale Waterpark

    Thank you
  11. Parking at Whale Tale Waterpark

    1 more question what trail is baker river sc cludhouse on and what trail and town is that rocket i see in allot of pictures from u guys Thanks again
  12. Parking at Whale Tale Waterpark

    We have the gps trail maps in sled on garmin gps so hope it works well in the baker river area might need a new update its been a few years thanks again
  13. Parking at Whale Tale Waterpark

    Hello Cat reserve Thanks for that info I was looking at the map going by what you're saying taking Route 24 from Ashland I cannot cross 118 to get to 5 to get to 154 or should I take 156 off of 24 Not familiar with the trails in that area so we'll just be cruising around most of them see where they go Thanks for your help much appreciated
  14. Parking at Whale Tale Waterpark

    Thank you for that information Yes I'm leaving from my vacation home on Lake Winnipesaukee in moultonborough going to do a loop at the western side of New Hampshire just never been up that way before haven't seen many gas stops on the state map I see that 154 does a big loop just dont know how far it was to wait for gas we have 900 four strokes plenty of gas with them always need to know where gas is though thank you
  15. Parking at Whale Tale Waterpark

    Hello I was going to do a ride in the baker River area is there gas in the Lyme Dorchester Wentworth warren area Leaving from moultonborough New Hampshire Thanks