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  1. Wanted to bring this to the attention of NH riders. I've been riding right past the front of this seemingly dormant place for years. I have a place on Sugarbush Dr and use a small private trail to connect up to P152/P155 (Junction T) on CNHSC trail system, which is exactly where this property is. We've already seen 1 re-route for Junction T, due to landowner permissions on another neighboring property. I would HATE to see someone come in here, and not grant trail access going forward. Maybe there's something in place to prevent that and I can ask the club. But figured I'd post this up in case there are any interested parties.
  2. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Last Saturday. 65 miles. Campton to Franconia/Cannon and back.
  3. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Nice encounter yesterday (Sat. 2/16) on 155. My 7 year old was amazed to see this big lady (I think it was female) on the trails! We kept our distance and let her trot along for a ways...she eventually hoofed up into the woods after a bit of high revving from someone in another group who was stopped coming from the other direction.
  4. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Campton (CNHSC) to Winnipesaukee and back on 2/2. Lot of rail trail but it wasn't too bad at all...
  5. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    1/27/2019 CNHSC Nice family ride today including some trail-side hot cocoa in a beautiful snowfall.
  6. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    @Skip- LOL!!! And good point @CATRESERVE... OFF TRAIL is not "legal" in Maine. It's more accessible b/c of the vastly larger amount of uninhabited land... Read "Where you can ride" at "..Never ride on any property, unless you are on a signed snowmobile trail, without the landowner's permission..."
  7. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    Regarding speed...I'm curious how many folks are getting stopped and ticketed, and how frequently!?!? I'm a weekend warrior...have a vacation home in central NH... And while I very often exceed the 45 MPH speed limits (my whole life...i'm 43 now) I've only been "caught" and stopped once or maybe twice. With just a warning. My point is, I ride over 45. I use common sense and keep an eye...and the speed limit is NOT a deterrent for me to ride in NH. I mean seriously..."I want to drive faster so I'm going to Maine"... that sounds silly to me. BUT maybe I'm in a minority here of being lucky and not having to face the consequences of going over 45. LAND and riding areas. This is a big problem. I very much agree that legislation should consider working to find ways to allow off-trail access. The demand won't go away. If the only outcome is that folks go off trail regardless, pissing off land owners, then more and more trails will close and riding will become that much more difficult in the state. Despite bigger issues in VT (keep reading below) I found it interesting last year when riding there once that we came upon a HUGE open meadow/field and there were signs marking it as a designated area to ride freely. I thought it was genius... why not get permission from owners/companies/state to designate various areas as safe. Mark them on maps and post signs... OK...that's way easier said than done. But I agree with WideOpenOrNothing... Rather than just always saying "Stay On Trail" and closing trails when people close their land... why not take some actions to make some off trail riding permissible? In the meantime, land closures are more inevitable. And until rules change...if you really want to ride faster or go off-trail, then by all means go to Maine. I could care less and I'll keep riding NH trails. BUT the outcome of going off-trail in NH at the moment is far more impactful and detrimental than anything else. So STAY ON THE TRAIL! I actually did ride with some buddies in northern VT last weekend, and there were multiple sections of trails where you had to ride the road for MILES to continue on the trails. Luckily there was some coating of snow. During a warm-up, these sections would be impassable! The reason for those trails having to cross miles of public road...according to my group who are club groomers/volunteers there... land ownership/closures. Someone closes their land down...and there's no other choice. Lastly...northern migration is killing trails. Every year, more and more people move a bit further north. Once great riding areas in the southern or central part of the state, are getting thinned out as older generations die and sell off large plots of land for developers to come in and build housing.. "Flat landers" move in and could give a rats ass about keeping property open to allow trails get closed or very costly re-routes occur. This won't change.
  8. GPS use in heavy snow

    My Garmin has worked fine in moderate snow conditions. Mounted to the handlebars. I'm pretty sure the Montana is waterproof so the snow shouldn't cause any issues. The newest Montana (680t) looks to be full touch screen so that might be a bit tough if you need to scroll around. If it's problematic, just keep in a pocket till you reach a junction then pull it out to get your bearings.
  9. Great Riding in the CNHSC trails

    I'd like to keep it quiet as well on just how good CNHSC trails are... but I can't be that greedy. I have a cabin right at Junction T, 155/152. Family was sick last weekend so we had to stay in MA. Can't wait to ride this weekend. Brutal cold and lots of snow coming!! @Yamiblue If you're trailering up and parking, park right at the police/fire station, immediately off exit 28. There's a wide road next to the train tracks where loads of folks unload. Cross 49, head west to access all the trails...and gas up easily at Chesley's mini mart if need be. Here's a link to parking by fire/police station.. 2 weeks ago had the little one bombing around the field by our place.
  10. Snowy winter on tap?

    If there's any truth/accuracy in this, it sounds good for us in the Northeast...
  11. Helmet Communicators

    Thanks Skip! Much appreciated!
  12. Helmet Communicators

    Thanks Skip and mbeaunh... Either of you use either system with Ski-Doo modulars (or BV2s) ... with the breath mask system in place? Curious if the mic works through it...or if the mic can go under it while still maintaining a good enough seal to remain effective. Leaning towards collett 900 MHz system as range will be much better than BT.
  13. Helmet Communicators

    Anyone have any experience with communicators? I know there's various brands (collett, sena, uclear) and technology (900 MHz, Bluetooth). Having music and/or calls is not really that important. Fitment/usability with a ski-doo modular (with the breathing mask) is important.
  14. Ski Doo MXZ 600 Ace

    Got a 2011 (first year) 600 ACE in the stable (No ITC like current model..older Rev-XP chassis). It's technically my in-laws sled, and they are very happy with it. When they're not visiting to ride (most of the season), my wife rides it quite a bit...more so than her actual sled ('05 GTX 550Fan). I buzz around on it from time to time too. I think it's a great trail sled for novice riders or anyone who isn't inclined to be super itchy with the throttle. I find it reasonably peppy at the very low end...up to 20-30 it's plenty quick. So yeah, I think it's overall a great sled for "the wife" or any "average trail rider". When we have other friends visit who have NEVER ridden a sled, they are also very at home and at ease on it.