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  1. Modern sled with traditional ride

    I suppose it's all personal preference, but today's sleds are so much easier to ride than the older ones. They make an average rider a good one...and a good rider a great one.
  2. Great post! Your family may not have clocked as many miles as us, but you were certainly out on the trails as much!
  3. Lol. Needless to say, I have an extra ski pass for Ragged that went unused!
  4. 2954. Mother Nature had us on a roller coaster, but conditions up north in March were best I've seen in a while. Huge thanks to groomer operators from SDR, GTB, Colebrook, Stratford, and Umbagog for a job well done!
  5. Some Riding...Some trail side cookin!

    Great pics! Clocked just under 3000 miles and I still didn't make it to the Common Cafe (or your trailside cooking, lol). Hopefully we'll meet up next season!
  6. Drone view of fireworks show

    I wish I could take credit for it, but it's not it from SDR's website. However, I rode that trail many times this winter!
  7. The Notch

    It is a nice area indeed. Unfortunately there's been limited snow coverage the last few years north of the Notch. Makes it a challenge- if not impossible to continue up to Twin.
  8. Love the pics on 11. Some spectacular views on that trail.
  9. Great collection of sleds. Thanks for sharing all the pics. Funny how "new" the Formula Plus looks. On a side note, thanks to your groomer operator that was out late Friday night.
  10. Those trails look as delicious as your trailside menu!
  11. Just don't let it effect your midweek riding.
  12. Major OVSC Trail Closure Detailed

    Great post and pic trailblaster! Friday was the day to hit it before things went south. Good call on your part Glad my sled doesn't have a learning key.
  13. Duly noted! We've been chasing the snow up north the last few nice to ride locally again. A night ride is in order to check out the boys from Red Hat again. Save us a seat!
  14. Dude, my daughter and I are drooling right now (and crying!) looking at your pics. Nice!