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  1. Great Riding in the CNHSC trails

    Great post... thanks for the info! We're planning to ride Sunday and possibly do a Friday night run...might have to move it to Saturday though if Red Hat is in the house!
  2. Great Riding in the CNHSC trails

    Any recommendations on a good lunch stop in Campton or Thornton...the area of 152/155/11? Catreserve's trailside cooking doesn't count
  3. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Very true! Then head to the Common Cafe for a bite and live music
  4. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    156...nice area indeed. I suppose like any trail, we've seen it real good...and we've seen it not so good.
  5. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Great the camera angle!
  6. Parking at Whale Tale Waterpark

    I don't believe the store in Warren has gas pumps anymore. The next closest being Shawnees in Wentworth
  7. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Likewise! We've done several runs through the area but haven't made it to CC yet. The Rumney club's trails have been a 10 each time we've hit them!
  8. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Great thread Shifty! We've been riding every weekend since thanksgiving...the only exception being just before Christmas. Some epic rides with some equally hardcore sledders!
  9. 172 mile ride on Saturday

    Wow...nice ride! Just were the trails in the Hill/Alexandria area?
  10. Trail conditions

    A section was...early in the season. Had good snow coverage in Feb and March and was groomed flat.
  11. Trail conditions

    GTB is reporting that you will be able to ride north and east, but not south. I'm betting 28 towards Milan is good...higher elevation and less traffic.
  12. This weekend...we ride!