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  1. This weekend...we ride!
  2. An early

    Amen. Don't think we've ever done a 60 mile ride in November...until today. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  3. How high could sled registration go?

    Resident/Non resident $150/160 and $120/130 with club membership discount.
  4. Great post. Saturday was crazy-busy indeed. The traffic snarl and mud bogging through the farmers field was a test of patience, but we had a great did our non-sledding friends!
  5. You should try to make it sometime. If you do convince others to join you this weekend, it's more like 2.5 hours from Groveton.
  6. * official old pic thread*

    Hated the noise of dad's Fox Trac, but I loved to sit on it and vroom, vroom!
  7. * official old pic thread*

    Great pic snorander. I love your sled, but the backdrop of classic cars on the lake is priceless!
  8. * official old pic thread*

    Who knows where this is???
  9. * official old pic thread*

    Shifty...hard to believe it's been 2 years since our sons took the safety class together. The mini z had many hours between my son and daughter...that sled was going nonstop. Dad had quite a workout shoveling piles of snow for their jumps!
  10. So lets keep this forum positive...

    Nothing against your trailside cooking, but hopefully we meet up for another night run at the Common cafe!
  11. Modern sled with traditional ride

    I suppose it's all personal preference, but today's sleds are so much easier to ride than the older ones. They make an average rider a good one...and a good rider a great one.
  12. Great post! Your family may not have clocked as many miles as us, but you were certainly out on the trails as much!