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  1. "On the Trail again" Ride 1.22.22

    Thanks dmax. That's exactly the trail I was referring to...corridor 11 from Profile Falls to Wellington. It can be an adventure...especially if you're not familiar with the area.
  2. "On the Trail again" Ride 1.22.22

    I imagine you rode to 11 in Hill. How were conditions over there and did you head north towards Alexandria? Thanks for the reports and great pics!
  3. Riding reports…

    Full Send...formerly Happy Corner
  4. Condition updates

    Thanks Larry for your detailed and straightforward, honest reports. We appreciate it!
  5. Condition updates

    Awesome. Thanks again for the updates
  6. Condition updates

    Thanks for the updates Larry! Do you still rent your Stark property?
  7. Chris Egan injured in sled chase in Pittsburg

    Just to clarify, there was never a "chase". Officer Egan wasn't able to get turned around immediately and had a lot of ground to make up. It's entirely possible that the violators never even knew he was trying to stop them. To jhwentworth's point...there are often high speed chases on the trail that F&G will abandon if the speeds are exceedingly dangerous. Best wishes to Chris for a speedy recovery. He truly is a great guy.
  8. NHSA safety course

    Ditto. F&G consistently reports inexperience as being the cause of serious accidents.
  9. NHSA safety course

    Your son would be able to take the in-person class if they were taking place. My son and daughter took their classes with several 11 year olds. The safety card simply isn't issued until the child's 12th bday. You are correct...the online course can only be taken once your son has turned 12.
  10. Could be tough to get out this season

    You should open up for business...grilling trailside! On a side note, one of the area's favorite lunch destinations is out of business... To our loyal friends and neighbors, It is with great sadness that we must announce that Plain Jane's is permanently closed. Covid took too much of a toll on our business and, in the current environment, we cannot continue to operate. We thank you all for your patronage and support through this difficult time. Bill and the staff wish you all good health and prosperity in the coming year looking at Covid with 20/20 hindsight. Sincerely, Bill, Mikki, Cathy, Laura, Nick, Bixby, Connor, Tori, Kurt, Ben, Susan, Simone, Chloe, Addie, Hannah, Deb, Kelly, and anyone who joined us on this journey.
  11. Sept/Oct Sno-Traveler

    Sleds were donated (yes, donated!) by Naults Powersports and HK Powersports. Trailers were donated by Trailer Outlet and Proline.
  12. The rental riders' gear can be rather entertaining. We passed a lady in the Notch on Saturday who was dressed for fashion in her trench coat and cashmere scarf!
  13. That's a great weekend right there!
  14. What's gonna happen when you upgrade???