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  1. Fire

    Yes it is, He and the family are all safe. My thoughts and prayers also.
  2. 2019 legislative session

    SB 187 text has come out. SB-187 An act relative to OHRV dealer and rental agency registration fees and relative to snowmobile registration fees
  3. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    As far as the speed and off trail riding goes I will not comment on it other than to say both are governed by RSA's. If you think they should be changed contact your state senator or state representative.
  4. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    This attachment is the audit of the OHRV/Snowmobile program that was done in 2012. FG_OHRV_2012_Audit.pdf
  5. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    Attached is an impact study that NHSA had done in 2010/2011. That is the last time that I know of one was done. Trail_Study_59-new-hampshire-snowmobiling.pdf
  6. 2019 legislative session

    Below is a list of bills and there title. If you go to the following link you can put in the bill number and see the wording and when it will be heard. There is at least one more bill coming that will be a senate bill having to do with registration. FN on the end of the bill number means that the bill has something to do with finance/money. Just giving the heads up. 2019-HB-498-FN An act prohibiting OHRV operation on class V ways 2019-HB-591 An act amending the laws governing OHRV's and Snowmobiles 2019-HB-592 An act relative to OHRV operation and license 2019-HB-630-FN An act increasing certain fines for OHRV and Snowmobile operation violations 2019-HB-660-FN An act relative to studying the economic and other impacts of OHRV use in New Hampshire 2019-HB-683-FN An act relative to the rights of property owners abutting certain highways and railtrails 2019-HB-699-FN An act relative to discounts for OHRV and snowmobile registration
  7. Fish and Game Rep

    John I agree with you. All someone has to do is ask and I will be more than happy to help on any issue. There are many steps involved to get to an end product.
  8. Fish and Game Rep

    JANUARY 7, 2019 BY CAPTAIN DAVID WALSH "New Hampshire’s law (RSA 215-C:47) requires that in order for Vermont or Maine registered snowmobiles to operate in NH with their respective registrations, NH-registered snowmobiles must be allowed to operate in those states during the same time period. NH must put into its Administrative Rules the exact weekend, which all three states agreed would be the last weekend in January. Once in Rule, it cannot be changed without going through a lengthy legislative process." Now, I think I've beaten this dead horse quite enough. And I believe that the Ride Free weekend is equally dead until the legislature changes the law. Sorry to have chewed up so much bandwidth. If you look at the last line in 215-C: 47, I-a it give the Executive Director to adopt rules under RSA 541-A which would be the administrative rules. Yes the RSA allows for it but it has to go through JLCAR he cannot just say this is the weekend. Here is the text for 215-C:47 215-C:47 Reciprocity. – I. A snowmobile which is registered in Vermont, Maine, or Quebec shall be deemed to be properly registered for the purposes of this chapter if it is registered in accordance with the laws of the state or province in which it is registered, but only to the extent that a reciprocal exemption or privilege is granted under the laws of that state or province for snowmobiles registered in this state. For the purpose of this section, the executive director shall determine the extent of the privilege of operation granted by Vermont, Maine, and Quebec and, when necessary, adopt rules and charge fees to achieve a true reciprocity. The executive director's determination shall be final. I-a. The executive director may, upon agreement with the state of Vermont or Maine, or both, adopt a regional snowmobile registration endorsement agreement to allow reciprocal snowmobile riding privileges in participating states. The procedures and fees for such registration endorsement shall be established by agreement of the participating states, and the fees proposed in such agreement shall be approved by the fiscal committee of the general court. The executive director may adopt rules, pursuant to RSA 541-A, relative to procedures for the administration and enforcement of the regional endorsement agreement, the collection and use of funds generated by endorsement agreement fees, and periodic audits of endorsement agreement fees. II. In order to operate any snowmobile granted reciprocity under paragraph I, such vehicle shall meet all equipment requirements and sound level decibel limitations which are mandated by RSA 215-C for snowmobiles registered in New Hampshire.
  9. OHRV/Snowmobile Event Permits

    Yes if you have an approved event and need to move the weekend all you have to do is give me a call or send an email. This happens many times throughout the season.
  10. Reciprocal Weekend Cancelled

    So it is as was said in other posts earlier is the party that dropped the ball, not legislation. Time for passing of the buck. Dennis Etchels any comments? Feedback? Yes the weekend needs to go through JLCAR and is an admin rule. Up till the end of July when the new admin rules (Fis 1500) were adopted we were told that the weekend was still a go for the last weekend in January. I found it posted on MSA Facebook page that the weekend was moved to the first weekend in February. The fastest that we could (all the stars aliened) get a change would be three months. It has to go through the same process as the full Fis 1500 rules. We need to file, research on their end, public hearings, a comment period left open, a final proposal and then the JLCAR hearing. We have over the last few years enjoyed this weekend just as much as all of you. We were not told the truth by both Maine and Vermont (Vermont has written a letter to NHSA saying sorry). As for this year we cannot just wave a magic stick and offer a weekend. I would have your club approach NHSA or write a letter to NHFG asking for the weekend for next year. This is a decision that is made above my pay grade and would go through the Command Staff at Law Enforcement.
  11. OHRV/Snowmobile Event Permits

    When the event permits come in they are approved by the Captain. They then come to me. When we do a permit it is typed up, many copies are made. I have to send the permits to the conservation officer that covers the area, the district LT., Trails bureau, The local police and in some areas the local FD, The Sheriff's office and the State Police that cover the area. The extra time is due to the increase of other paperwork and office duties that I need to do. The OHRV/Snowmobile program in the office in Concord is handled by the Captain and myself. We do have one of regional Cord. come in for a day and half to help with data entry and we can some days keep our heads above water. When the snowmobile season starts so does the funny farm at the state house. We are over there or on the phones with senators and rep's. All of this was stated at the public hearings that were held when we were in the process of adopting the rules. Again I have and always will be willing to work with clubs and understand that the weather plays the major role. Many time as I stated before it's events that have been planned months in advance. I take offence though to being called lazy. At anytime you are more than welcome to come and see what takes place in the F&G Law Office.
  12. OHRV/Snowmobile Event Permits

    To bad it's the clubs that have annual events and have the dates already set. I have and will always willing to work with clubs but when ignorance to the rule is the reason I don't call that laziness. I put this out as a means to spread the word and not to get into an argument. If you have a problem or would like to call me I would be happy to discuss it with you but lets be careful who you are calling lazy. Dennis Etchells, Jr NH Fish and Game.
  13. This past July new OHRV and Snowmobile administrative rules were adopted by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. There were many changes from the old rules that have been in place for the prior 10 years. One of changes was the OHRV/Snowmobile Event Permits. In the past permits were due into the department 30 before the event. Under the New rules event permits “MUST BE RECEIVED AT LEAST 45 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT”. This does not mean post marked. If the club falls within the 45 days the event will not be approved. Notification was sent out back in July and August. Below is a link to the Fis 1500 rules. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the office at 603-271-3129 or email at I'm just getting the word out as many ways possible. Please let your clubs know. Again any questions please feel free to contact me. Dennis
  14. Trail conditions

    The trails bureau has a Facebook page that they have been updating trails conditions as they get them from clubs.
  15. Good afternoon, as many of you know the NHFG Fis 1500 rules are up to be readopted. They have been filed and will appear in the March 1st registrar for "JLCAR" The public hearings are going to be April 4th at F&G HQ in Concord and April 10th at the Lancaster regional office. The hearings will start at 6:30pm for both. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the office or by email. 603-271-3129 IP Fis 1500 2-21-18 rev.docx