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  1. Choko gloves

    Who sells them in the north country?
  2. Ride Saturday 12/31/2016

    Wish I had seen this earlier...
  3. Pittsburg Next Week

    Oldviper rider? Just a qiuck question do you know if you can ride into canada from Pitsttburg to a place to eat and back if it ok to do that? tks I see you have been many times
  4. Anybody headed north on Sunday? chuck
  5. Time to review the List, and update as needed

    Don't see it... chuck
  6. Time to review the List, and update as needed

    Just wondering if I got on the list? tks chuck
  7. Club Ride this Saturday 01-04-14

    Was wondering if you could help me as I am new to snowmobiling if you know the best way to go to Johnson steak house and seafood in New Durham I would be on trail 15 in Gilmanton NH what do you think would be the best and easiest rt .. Thanks and if anybody else knows please chime in .. tks chuck
  8. Jan 4, Bow area riding.

    Its going to be cold...
  9. Not a bad first ride of the season

    Thanks for reply " avoidance's set up which will keep you off the ice and off-trail " so you can set it up to keep you off the ice...? chuck
  10. Not a bad first ride of the season

    Just curious what settings you had wrong on your GPS as I am new to the whole gps thing. Also where did you start from and did you trailer? tks chuck