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  1. GPS

    Not sure if your on Facebook or not but Moto-bros out of Manchester NH installs them. Think around $250 with everything. my set up is a Garmin Nuvi 205w with backwoods map loaded on it. I plan on getting a different mount for it this year. But in years past I use my 12v plug and used the suction cup mount. Works great but I plan on getting a ram mount this year and mount it to my bars.
  2. Riders List

    Thank you Sir!!
  3. Riders List

    I think I requested to be added last year. Not sure if I was added. Any way you can check?
  4. What are you riding this season?

    Still ripping my 13 pro r sb 800 this year. Upgraded the wife last yr to a 16 pro s sb happy wife happy life!!!
  5. Where ya gonna ride?

    Unfortunately no mid-week riding for me. Mostly weekends
  6. Where ya gonna ride?

    Going to be riding out of Bristol NH this year. Look forward of meeting up for a group ride!! Keith
  7. You're going to love it!! I love mine..ran mine all last.yr
  8. What are you running this winter???

    The pro ride suspension is awesome!! With the 136 track it glides nice over the bumps...faster you go the more it soaks up the bumps
  9. What are you running this winter???

    My wife is riding her new 16 pro s 600
  10. What are you running this winter???

    Running my 13 pro r sb 800
  11. What are you running this winter???

    Loved my 02 classic 700. I rode it for 2 yes then wife decided to ride and she took it over for a year and I got a new pro r 800. Now this yr it was her turn for new sled pro s 600
  12. Tenney mountain trail

    That's the one I saw also was wondering if the trail work got completed
  13. Tenney mountain trail

    I heard Hardy country snowmobile club had a work day to open up the tenney trail. I couldn't get up to help. I was wondering if it got opened up
  14. * Official 2016 SLEDNH ride thread*

    Off topic a bit...do u guys use your mobile phone. Wondering if you can set up alerts when someone comments or posts
  15. * Official 2016 SLEDNH ride thread*

    The map you posted snorander posted is that the ride from last yr? It.looks like it is..that was a great ride...I'm definitely in again!!!