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  1. 1/12/2019 PRRSC trail conditions.

    Here is a link to the latest trail map by our Trail Master. http://www.pittsburgridgerunners.org/club-news/pittsburg-ridge-runners-trail-report-club-news-jan-9th-2019/
  2. Stop by and warm up!
  3. 95% of the PRRSC trails are open and groomed. The remaining 5% should be open by next weekend. Very cold this morning, -8.7F. Trails are groomed and hard as a rock. ENJOY!
  4. Ny guy lost in the burg

    He was located at Bosebuck Camps and it sounds like he will be returning to the Burg on his sled. Good News!!!!!!!
  5. Ny guy lost in the burg

    He has been located in ME. Condition unknown at this time.
  6. Unfortunately I just heard about a fatal accident on Boundry Pond this morning. The snowmobiler was coming off the pond and struck a tree. CPR was administered but later stopped. That is a very long way from help to suffer an injury of any sort. There used to be a sign over in Maine saying "It is a very long way to the nearest hospital, THINK ABOUT IT" My heart and prayers go out to this individual and his/her family. Please be very careful on the trails.
  7. NH reconized as a snowmobile destination in north America.

    Here is the link to the snowmobile song. http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=snowmobiling+song&qpvt=snowmobiling+song&view=detail&mid=EB85FE8B373C8215B504EB85FE8B373C8215B504&FORM=VRDGAR
  8. Thank you all that have appreciated our efforts to provide the best snowmobiling in NH. You have contributed to this result! Really something for a small club in a small town in a small state to be ranked with the big exotic snowmobile destination in the whole of north America. A lot of hard work by a lot of club members, in Pittsburg and the rest of New England, and groomer drivers plus the great support of the local business community. The Pittsburg Ridge Runners are very grateful for your support. Mark, OVR prrsc article003.pdf
  9. Pittsburg cell phone service.

    I will see if I can do something about that this season. Three inches of new snow as of 10:25 am today.
  10. Pittsburg cell phone service.

    No, I just don't post unless I have something I think you all want to know.
  11. Pittsburg cell phone service.

    By the way it is 4G.
  12. Pittsburg cell phone service.

    I have Verizon. I don't know what other services are available.
  13. Pittsburg cell phone service.

    There is now good cell phone coverage from just below the iron bridge on Rte 3 to Spruce Cone Cabins. More coverage to come in the future. Check The Colebrook Chronicle for the latest information.
  14. The trail to Lopstick Lodge has been re-routed. It no longer goes through my property. When you come off the First Connecticut Lake on trail 139, cross the road and bear left following the trail signs. It is a much more direct route, wider and easier for Lopstick to maintain. In fact I will be using it because it is so much better than the old way. You can still use the trail through my property if you want, but it will not be brushed, downed trees cleared or groomed anymore.
  15. Ethanol Free Gas Station listing

    Lead free high test is available at Dorman B&W Quick Stop in Pittsburg.