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  1. So I was wondering!

    That's good info. Thanks for posting the statutes. As a member of a southern NH club with minimal snowfall over the past few years, I am aware of the costs of what we do and hope GIA and RPT funds are available for clubs stay solvent and perform the good work that they do.
  2. So I was wondering!

    As the title suggests, I was wondering, what if this weather pattern continues and there is minimal grooming done throughout the state. What happens to all the money collected through registration for grooming? How can clubs plan on projects with no grooming money coming in? At a club meeting on Monday we were told that with the new registration increase comes increase in grooming funding rates. But with the increase in grooming funding rates there is no more GIA funding grants for projects. Just wondering
  3. No new posts since 3/21/19

    My last trip up north was last weekend so I'm going to start prepping the sled for summer today.
  4. No new posts since 3/21/19

    I haven't seen any new posts since March 21st. I can't believe that no one has posted anything. Anyone got any idea as to why I'm not seeing any new posts? Thanks
  5. Off Trail Idiots get another trail closed

    I don't post much on this site but I'm going to chime in. There is a place for them to ride, Montana. Don't screw it up for the people that follow the rules and respect landowners.
  6. NHSA Sno Traveler promoting ME sledding

    You are correct, it was a paid advertisement and I was a little over the top in my statement. But to me it just doesn't seem OK. Especially with NHSA putting on this big push to get the registration fee's to almost double.
  7. I started reading the Jan/Feb Sno-Traveler and a card fell out. The card was about 3" x 5" and it was an advertisement for Northern Outdoors in The Forks Maine. I thought that was interesting.
  8. Several years ago I testified at a JLCAR hearing. NH Div of W&M were requesting rule changes which put a financial burden on my employer. I had the proper documents to back my position and the rule changes were denied. I was the only one testifying against the rule changes. The committee will listen to you and make a fair decision. From what I heard at my last club meeting I think there's a good chance these rule changes will not be accepted if contested at JLCAR. Just my opinion.
  9. Major OVSC Trail Closure Detailed

    You can have the learning key reprogrammed to be a "normal" key if you wanted to. I did.
  10. My buddy & I are considering staying at Town & Country this weekend. Will we be able to ride out of there? Thanks
  11. Off site storage

    Thanks folks!
  12. Off site storage

    Thanks Ultrarider but I am looking for off season storage. Store the sled in the summer and the ATV in the winter.
  13. Off site storage

    I am wondering if anyone knows a good place at a reasonable rate to store a sled/ATV. I own a townhouse in Manchester and have room to park my sled on a trailer. I'm on the fence about buying an ATV but storage is an issue. So I'm wondering what's out there.
  14. BOT Summer Construction/grants Letter

    To bad our state & federal governments aren't aware of this concept. Can't spend what you don't have.
  15. Joining club

    Southern NH Snowslickers in Candia has online membership capability also. You can also go to the clubhouse on Saturday mornings & join saving the online service charge and getting to see the clubhouse and it's amenities.