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  1. Corridor 19 north of wild river bridge

    Thanks for the info Rock On. I checked the PRR website before i posted and that was the only trail that wasn't groomed so i assumed it was too wet. I remember back in the 80s early 90s that trail had a different alignment that didn't have those wet areas, I think;;;;; that was a long time ago.
  2. Anyone ride Corr 19 north of wild river bridge since the storm, I know that trail can have some big ass water bars especially this time of the season with not much frozen base left.
  3. Corridor 19 conditions

    Just wondering how the conditions were north of wild river bridge to Gorham. PRRs trail report upgraded that section so I'm betting the water bars are freezing up with the colder weather. Thinking of riding up to Errol from Madison on Friday.
  4. what trails will this effect

    WTF, are you kidding me, so from evans notch to Gorham is cut off, that is some real bad news. I thought that section of trail near T&C was all pipeline R.O.W.???
  5. Proposed new trail

    I hear you snow-dust, they been talking about this trail connection for years. I cant believe that that the WMSCs trails are not tied in to the rest of the states system.The proposed trail is supposedly half compleated to around the Albany covered bridge.I guess the NHSA doesent have the pull like the AMC has with the feds.I have been riding this area since the 80s and just hope I see this trail built before im dead and buried
  6. Proposed new trail

    Has anyone herd the status of the proposed new trail from MMRSC.- reds trail to WMSC- Bear Notch Road The last I herd BOT. had an alignment plan they were reviewing. They have been talking about constructing a connector trail for years, it would be awsome if this trail became reality
  7. Corridor 19 bypass trail

    That a bummer, after all that work MMRs club accomplished in a short amount of time to get that trail built, it cant be finished. I wonder why a fish and game club would pull their landowner permission form after the alignment was already designed. you would think most of the members of a fish and game club would avid snomobilers, guess not !!
  8. Anyone herd any news about when the lower end of this new trail will be complete. MMRSC did an awesome job building the northern end and had it done by the time the snow flew. The BOT was supposed to finish the last mile or so. I hope there are no serious issues because this trail will be great bypass around the always exposed rails through Albany and Conway.
  9. Wild River Bridge Status

    Thats great news, thanks for that info Rock On.
  10. Anyone know the status of the wild river bridge on cor. 19, is another bridge going to be constructed or will the reroute through Gilead become permanent
  11. Update

    Keep up the fight Skully, our prayers are with you.
  12. Wondering how the conditions are from Conway to Gorham,on cor 19. I'm assuming the trail gets better the father north you go.