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  1. C & T Powersports

    Guys- C & T Powersports is located right here in N.H. Please consider when purchasing products for your Ski Doo! http://c-tpowersports.com/2013website/products.html Happy Holidays! Chris
  2. Talon Tracks/RideLite now available

    C & T Powersports now has the RideLite and Talon Tracks available. Located right here in N.H. Check us out: http://c-tpowersports.com/2013website/products.html
  3. Ace 600/900 Clutch tools now available

    Ace owners, We now have the complete clutch tool kits available for the 600/900 Ace. Price for the complete tool kit is $98.99 We also have the E-Drive primary clutch holder available for $34.99 www.c-tpowersports.com
  4. New Gates Carbon Cord Belts

    Just wanted to let everyone know that we are now selling the new Gates carbon cord drive belts for Ski-Doo snowmobiles. Unlike the older gates belts, these are built with carbon cord construction and have excellent feedback. The Gates belts hold RPMs better than oem belts and produce less belt dust. We sell them for $74.99 ea. They also include a 1 year warranty. Thanks, Chris www.c-tpowersports.com