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  1. Good riding

    cant remember a year you could see pucker brush on diamond in Feb,,,, Always a beautiful view,,,
  2. Throwing in the towel

    That picture is kinda funny, its the right near the overlook on diamond ridge, it looks that way in November until May,,,,, too bad you gotta ride 23 miles of snirt to get there
  3. love the one at youngs, classic !
  4. 2015 or 2016

    Cancer is real, yeah my mom had it and my brother died a month ago from it, cancer effects many people, most don't boo who as much others did you you consider that the a yr ago you took these peoples money, because you needed help and now your bragging about spending 11k on new sled,,, It's shady but i would guess you don't see your self that way and yeah my "cave" is real deep but your not gonna hear me looking for sympathy or money on the internet
  5. 2015 or 2016

    Good that you know who you are.... very few see themselves as they really are Maybe try a "fundraiser" like last year!! when you got some good people to fix your sled...
  6. 2015 or 2016

    Agreed never once Price shopped for a sled , just bought a sled from Lemiex's in colebrook, they have done right by me for almost 2 decades,,, good people Kinda funny, brags about toys but calls 6 dealers to save a few bucks,
  7. Not sure where he went but he isnt serving donuts in east inlet anymore, probably got smart and moved shop to key west....
  8. Everyone is riding.

    Snow cover map looks sad for mid january, wonder how the next few months pan out
  9. !st new sled since 2002

    Got a summit the other day, retired the Mtn Max and three other sleds,,, Down to just two sleds
  10. Jackman Me

    They are guilty, Why else would they edit the "chase" part out of the video On top of that they are a spur road and not a marked trail. it sucks that people feel the Moose are in "their way", Way better than that asshole who shoots the cow and then runs her legs over while shes on the ground dying...
  11. Last Ride With Old Thumper For This Season.

    If its moose turds you want, I can walk YOU to spots where you can fill five gallon pails! Little known Fact :They taste pretty good... >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKhBtX8-NXo
  12. Another unfortunate death

    I weigh 205 and one beer fuc%ks with me, lol I think the thrill of sledding should all you need, the booze only lessens this! RIP to the poor guy who lost his life, sadness for his friends and family
  13. Finally made it to Pittsburg!!!

    Nice to see you enjoying yourself!!
  14. Almost made it to NH

    Nice video, looks my kinda day!!