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  1. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Quick 35 miles after school through PMSC. Home in time for dinner.
  2. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Monday 50 miles in 2 hours. From Spaulding- up 11. through PMSC across EVSC down 16, back and loaded up! Great conditions this time of year, fast with plenty of Lube
  3. Off Trail Idiots get another trail closed

    Mandatory ohrv safety course to register or operate an ohrv. This acknowledges you’re aware of all state laws, your been educated on the importance of them. If you commit an infraction you could lose privileges like hunting. In theory it seems like a no brainer,( in theory-for all you more educated members).
  4. Off Trail Idiots get another trail closed

    There used to be a time when the complaints were about the young punks ruining the trails for going too fast and not paying attention. Now every track the goes off trail it has to be asserted that it was a damn mountain sled. Couldn’t have just been some going punk with lack of respect instilled in him/her? That would most likely be closer to the truth. My 146” stays where it’s authorized to go. My wife and I happened to pull some young dude riding around a, 92 jag, off a rock wall he attempted to climb. About as short of a sled as you can get right there.
  5. Off Trail Idiots get another trail closed

    You should always respect trail access. Has the investigation proven that this was a mountain sled 155” 3.25” paddles, turbo boondocking kit, loud can, and the mini dog heater under the hood? What do we have for facts?
  6. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    How many teenagers and people in early 20’s had sleds when you were in your 30’s Have any of you seen the sled market on Facebook? There are always around 5 pages for NH alone that sell snowmobiles on Facebook. Teenagers and young adults don’t use craigslist or uncle Henry’s. They use the social media and the market is HUGE. im telling you there’s so many sleds out there, no one cares about gross income. They will live like crap and save for a month to buy a sled for couple thousand $. THERES NO SUCH THING AS DISCRETIONARY INCOME FOR YOUNGER PEOPLE. They work hard and spend all their money on enjoying themselves. Then around 30 they finally get it together have kids and become great members of society. Snowmobiling moving forward are these people. Not John or snorander, or smallengines.
  7. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    The Used Sled industry is always rocking. There are thousands of sleds out there for dirt cheap and they’re being bought up constantly. Young people are willing to spend a whole pay check or two whole paychecks to ride. With the addition of easy access to sales with craigslist and Facebook. Hundreds, if not more, of sleds are sold privately on Facebook every season. Way more than craigslist or uncle Henry’s! I promise you John- I’m not disregarding the land owners in any way. I’m merely saying if these are issues that are contributing to the rapid decline of registrations..... Are all parties in charge willing to come to the table, look at and discuss, for instance, speeding laws and off trail riding? ( for land owners I would think more so off trail on their property would be a larger talking point)
  8. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    My son and his best bro then the 2 boy along side their old men. Doesnt get any better than that
  9. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    I took SmallEngines comment to you as; the manufacturers bear responsibility for disregarding for rules of the sport they promote, they did so by. Instead of educational/proper promotion. They promoted mountain sleds like everywhere in America is the Mid West. As stewarts of the sport they took advantage of a money maker instead of what’s good in the long term
  10. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    Now, shocker, I’m not a fan of excessive regulations and being told what to do But... These machines these days are serious pieces of equipment. Horse power that rivals motorcycles on little trails paved with snow. Or even OHRV, paved in dirt, same thing. 1000cc side by sides- you name it. You have to take a motorcycle course you have to take a hunting course maybe a mandatory OHRV course would make a serious EDUCATIONAL difference! gun safety courses for CC permits All courses that serve amazing safety and rule educating purposes!!
  11. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    I didn’t gloss over the information you put in comment about where to find land owner info. That was great information that I would expect you’d agree isn’t common knowledge. John, Do you think NH’s max speed limit is a contributing factor to the decline of snowmobile registration? Do you think NH’s zero tolerance for off trail riding is a contributing factor to the decline of snowmobile registrations? If the, powers at be, conducted “talks” with landowners, clubs, public and themselves to learn and understand the pros/cons and affects of this type of snowmobiling—Do you think concessions could be made where this type of riding could be welcomed in NH? I appreciate the time you’ve given to the thread already and look forward to hearing your response. Adam
  12. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    If you can insert an acronym than you do it damn it. That’s a rule
  13. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    Guys, can we acknowledge that no respectable rider would do this... this is not a reflection of off trail or trail riders- I mean this was done on the side of a trail right. Without evidence you have nothing to go on. Common sense would lead you to believe it was most likely a young male in his 20’s. Maybe a dumber male in his 30’s, solid chance a teen age boy even. Who knows what kind of sled. The beautiful thing about the sport is there’s a FRILLION snowmobiled out there. I bought my son a 96 340 fan for $400 this summer- boom he’s on the trail. You can get an 09 mountain sled for couple thousand dollars. NONE OF THIS EXCUSES LACK OF RESPECT. we as a country have fallen into a terrible disease of lack of respect. Something I mentioned I think is being combatted by parents today. Skate boarders had been maligned for years. Kicked out of this parking lot, that parking lot. What did communities do- they opened Skate Parks to FOCUS the group into an area where they could appreciate, deep comfortable and just enjoy the sport they love doing.
  14. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    Again not a back handed compliment, I don’t do those. Start with why I’m proud, end with why you’ve disappointed me. That was my approach to that comment and it was in context to what I’ve been saying the whole time. For decades many people have made NH snowmobiling a very good product. BUT that doesn’t excuse the facts that it is clear that people in charge of decisions are at the front of why NH has lost riders between the ages of 30-50. Further left of 50 you go- the less riders NH has in that age bracket. when you are in charge of something and the product begins to be less than. It’s the persons fault who’s in charge. Come on, why does that have to be sooo offensive. All 3 of my trail sleds have NH stickers on them, not Maine! I am still here, not in Maine like everyone else I know. — so your comment of me just leaving for Maine is useless I HAVE A VERY HIGH OPINION OF MY GENERATION, VERY PROUD OF IT. I KNOW IF NH cared about it then clubs would be better than ever. We are VERY HARD WORKERS! weve been fighting 3 wars for over 15years We obviously believe in community We have lots of children, my parents have 12 grandkids. We are heavily involved in our kids lives and teach them this hard work. I hope to be able to start doing trail work for my local club come next fall and each year. Of course I want to help, but my time is prioritized else where in life that- no I am not the face of the movement. If I have to choose between coaching my son’s football team in the fall or not be able to snowmobile on your trails if I don’t do trail work. I’ll pick football with my son every time! it doesn’t have to be one or the other so again don’t twist my words. Maybe I’ll spin something up on why I think the, what I call, the “War on Terror” generation is truly the next great generation and why I think NH snowmobiling would be stronger than ever if we could get them to ride here again. Oh and this constant, if you just go to Maine and don’t put in effort and help than ITS YOUR FAULT NH DROVE YOU INTO MAINE TO RIDE. HOW DARE YOU NOT FIX WHAT YOU DIDNT UNINTENTIONALLY CAUSE. technology and sport evolution moved the sport to this.
  15. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    This is a perfect example of skier vs snowboarder. When snowboarding came out all the skiers hated it. The reason I referenced my life SnoRander is because It Is well known that old time riders have a bias to younger riders. Older trademans have a bias towards younger tradesman younger generations bias is the older guys wont listen to them. I’m sure it’s been that way since the age of man. So, sometimes a little background will get someone to pay attention when you talk. I contacted NHSA after you said that. I posted on here that I did so. If you look on page two you’ll see it. I have been trying to speak in collective terms: we, us, NH, TIME IS OUR MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE, YOU CAN NEVER GET TIME BACK. So I have ZERO time to waste sugar coating, pandering to, or anything other than to state my point and to continue doing so in a straight forward manner. SO TWIST MY WORDS ALL YOU WANT, everything I’m saying to my point is not being done at ANY SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL. When I reference “you are the problem” I clearly stated that - that classic, predictable, unfunny, useless comment You opened with: How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH.... Step 1: Stop bitching about it on the internet. Step 2: Go out and ride Wrong answer man i will get to the second half of your comment. I promise