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  1. Sno Cross at Rochester Fairgrounds

    https://www.fosters.com/news/20190109/snowmobile-racing-series-coming-to-rochester-fairgrounds racing will be at the fair grounds this weekend. $12 for a day $20 for weekend kids 7 under free all weekend
  2. New rider

    Putting the 9 yr old on the trails this season!! It’s a battle over who’s more excited, him or me. *the chicken uses a riding harness*
  3. How’s it going this reciprocal weekend? Planning on a day ride tomorrow. Hoping to drop in anywhere from Gorham to Milan? Where does riding get good heading up 93? Ashland, Plymouth? hows got the inside info?
  4. Anyone have an update on Errol conditions?

    I usually get the email with the trail report update, did those go away? Trying to look on the bureau of trails and I don't see any reports like there used to be
  5. Going for a day ride Friday and thinking of leaving out of Errol so we don't have to trailer all the way to the burg. Does anyone have a conditions report on umbagog? The fb and website don't have any updates. Thanks everyone
  6. Girl's Columbia 24month snow suit

    Real nice Columbia 24 month snow suit. Great condition, no major stains or dirt spots. No Rips, zipper works perfect. Daughter was always warm. Bought and used only for snowmobiling so only used a handful of times before she grew out of it. $50 Located in Barrington, NH
  7. Mid Deployment Pics

    Seether came on a USO tour When you see this, you know you're catching a bird to places designated Hell on EarthBunker at Ali Salem Airbase still busted from when we dropped bombs on it after Saddam invaded KuwaitA Zaravani(Kurdish Active Army) General, Colonel and myself Inside Mosul Dam, Northern Iraqi Kurdistan. Catholic worker gave me a rosary, I gave him an Army bible Tea Time with some dam workers. A Kurd, a Turk, an Iraqi and an American enjoying each others company! Flying in style on the C17Main rd into Mosul blocked off. Peshmerga front line of troops right there, not far on the other side Daesh(ISIS) front line Iraqi village bulldozed by the Pesh after the fled with Daesh(ISIS) State of the art Turkish ShitterHigh above Mosul Dam A snow cap in Turkey, lets hit the steep and deep-no fishing game here Ancient ruin turned fighting positionSyrian oil field burns in the background after air strikesome USAF ospreyBusy morning in Erbil. C17, 2 C130's and an Iraqi jet
  8. Grass Drags, where's the hype?

    Being a good sledding wife, the Mrs. brought the kids to keep the tradition going. They all had a ball of course. I bought the kids some earmuffs for the noise this year. It was a real good move, they loved wearing them- unlike ear plugs and they worked great for them!
  9. A Somber Day

    I will never forget what we are fighting for, why we must never leave the Middle East. My Brothers and Sisters in Arms will never forget why we fight, we'll never stop. We must always stay on the offensive, bring the fight to them, the minute we pull back they push forward. If you think the war is over you are so blinded by whatever fantasy land you live in. Time to get a grip on reality and understand that to win we must become the America we used to be. We must always be the Power House, we are Green Giants walking the Earth. WE KEEP THE WORLD SAFE AND WE WILL NEVER FORGET WHY
  10. Weather Net Thread

    This should help you guys cool down. After 5minutes outside today, my watch read 113.6 and that's without the 1000% humidity. Stay Frosty My Friends
  11. Some deployment pics

    Early stages 1. Seeing how it's 4wheeling season, here's my new toy I'm licensed on and hitting the dunes with 2.My company leaving for the middle east 3. My squad, couldn't be more proud of these guys and the hard work their putting in
  12. 2 year Cancer update with doctor today

    Congrats Skullys. Seems like a life time ago you first posted the news. Keep the momentum rolling!!
  13. Last Ride until 2017 Season

    yes Skully, the one and only!! Thanks everyone, ready to get going to get home!
  14. Last Ride until 2017 Season

    Unfortunately had our last ride of the year. Will be signing off for a while, Uncle Sam called my name and I'll be heading down range in a couple months. Had a great season though and ended it with some great family and friends. Made it to the bowl where I had a Epic Fail, dixville notch and hit all 3 major systems up there, ruined some sled parts and ruined some beers- perfect last weekend. Remember SledNH is still the best sled forum around, so don't stop posting on here! I got sucked into the FBonrs this year but quickly learned that they have nothing on SledNH. Ride safe SledHeads and take care of eachother like always. I hope you have a great season next year and I will see you all 2017 preseason! Ride Safe Ride Free, Sgt Adam Duguay US Army
  15. Nailed the Execution!!

    Thanks everybody. Thanks Rob, I was you got me on facebook too. Thanks again