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  1. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    ....oh boy
  2. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    ....waiting on wideopen’s respinse
  3. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    Now I’m going to say something maybe John won’t agree with, and respond with data. I find it hard to believe that if NH had a talk with their land owners backing the support of a higher speed limit with no consequence to them that they would agree. I mean our machines these days can turn on a dime, stop, go and handle like they are kid toys. These are high performance machines, not one of Pathfinder’s Rupp’s that he’s selling to thin the herd. Zero human element to any of the arguments I keep hearing. I’m sure all manufacturers let out a stupid of sled prices before 2020 sky rocketing to $15k. I’m sure they anticipated the internet and Facebook yard sale and Craig’s list just offering people endless cheap sleds so they don’t have to buy their insanely expensive ones.
  4. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    I remember in the late 80’s early 90’s when I’d be at a certain Easter seals camp for bonfires every weekend. We’d ride in on sleds from all around, oh the adults would get hammered. The kids would have a great time, eat some, ride the sleds on the pond in front of the beach. Maybe, Your knees would smash the carb on the way home or you’d roll your sled and break that fancy new hand warmers they came out with. You guys, now a days there are so many younger kids riding. Thousands, buy dirt cheap sleds and just want to go ride without being harassed. Maine has vast country all over. Some of it can get crazy like Rangeley, but most of it isn’t. Rangeley is just as beat up on the weekends as Pittsburg, but it’s 4 times the business/ night life with endless trails connected.
  5. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    Sounds like a wanky way of saying NH doesn’t care that it’s killing it’s snowmobile industry- they aren’t changing for nobody. If you don’t like NH’s outdated laws, such as speed limit, well you can just go somewhere else and give them your money. Who here doesn’t know at least 1 person who has stopped registering in NH and only in Maine.. bet most of us do- I counted almost 20 that I know.
  6. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    What does this even mean? Please simplify this for me so I can understand how it’s saying why NH is losing riders UNDER THE AGE OF 50 like it’s a contest....
  7. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    This is misleading info though, real fees look like this: NH resident $96 / non resident $116 Maine: Resident $46 / non resident $100 Only when you pay a $35(minimum) club fee is when you receive a $66 base price for every addition sled if you club membership is a family membership.
  8. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    John I appreciate your first hand knowledge, but that will be the that if so. I know you always reference these manufacturer studies, and this study. I think you could probably throw a ton of that info away. The world and economy took so many turns over the passed decade that couldn’t have been predicted. The technology changed so rapidly, no one inNH could have predicted mountain and over longer tracked sleds blowing up. What do you this the percentages break down to when you put them in Age Demos. I bet it’s a dramatic drop once you get under 50
  9. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    I tried looking up any bill from Maine that had to do with registration fee increase and I couldn’t find anything. I could find NH’s Do you guys remember last year when I gave my strong stance that NH has been killing it’s snowmobiling market compared to Maine’s increase? I suggested if NH raised its reg fee you can kiss our state’s sled industry goodbye. We are about to test out that theory next year and I’m telling you, it’s not going to be pretty. Im at 3 sleds and either next year or the following, we’ll have a 4th sled/2nd kid riding. So with NH’s high reg fees, crappy speed limits, and anti long track position. Only people NHs going to have left to register are the baby boomers because any one younger than that will be in Maine. How many boomers are leaving the sport due to either almost on or on a fixed income due to retirement. We see a bunch each year hang it up.
  10. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    Has anyone talked about this?
  11. Snoworx - what happened

    Is his shop not still on the “south” bound side of RT 1 in ‘Peabody’? Ive always taken my sleds to John at Motorworx MotorWorx hoody comes out this weekend through May
  12. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Quick 35 miles after school through PMSC. Home in time for dinner.
  13. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Monday 50 miles in 2 hours. From Spaulding- up 11. through PMSC across EVSC down 16, back and loaded up! Great conditions this time of year, fast with plenty of Lube
  14. Off Trail Idiots get another trail closed

    Mandatory ohrv safety course to register or operate an ohrv. This acknowledges you’re aware of all state laws, your been educated on the importance of them. If you commit an infraction you could lose privileges like hunting. In theory it seems like a no brainer,( in theory-for all you more educated members).
  15. Off Trail Idiots get another trail closed

    There used to be a time when the complaints were about the young punks ruining the trails for going too fast and not paying attention. Now every track the goes off trail it has to be asserted that it was a damn mountain sled. Couldn’t have just been some going punk with lack of respect instilled in him/her? That would most likely be closer to the truth. My 146” stays where it’s authorized to go. My wife and I happened to pull some young dude riding around a, 92 jag, off a rock wall he attempted to climb. About as short of a sled as you can get right there.