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  1. When do 2019-2020 registration number come out?

    That is a good number, 2018-19 was a good season so I’m sure that helped roll into last season. I’d think something would need to happen this year to incentivize early registration this coming season. I’m sure many people will be hesitant until snow is flying after last season. my family and our partner family didn’t even register, and we won’t register at new price next year until we have ride-able snow. We’ve just about decided we’re trading in the Hundreds of $ in sled registrations and trading in for a Four Seat SidexSide. where the season is twice as long(if there’s actually even snow). we will only have to register one machine and can easily afford Maine and NH with money for gas. Expensive costs and the restrictive laws have taken their toll on family affordability. Poor seasons and High Costs make it not worth it unfortunately. Does anyone else know people going this route?
  2. Does anyone know when the final number of Snowmobile registrations for 2019-2020 are made public? Curious what the numbers are.
  3. Quarrentine Check in

  4. Quarrentine Check in

    Sorry Pathfinder
  5. John I apologize

    John I’d like to apologize for becoming rude. whats Been a multi year battle with you and some others on SledNH. It’s gone from a subject, to a debate, to an argument. Now I’m starting to be a wise ass, next is insults and that wouldn’t be very Christian of me. I do stand by every argument and point I’ve made. NH snowmobiling is in dire trouble and it could very well be too late. After exhausting my argument to try to even get an acknowledgment, it’s no use. There’s just no way it’s going to happen and you have officially convinced me of it. I’ve watched everyone I know move into Maine and I’ve been fighting it. After this season I’ll be making the switch. Another family will be going with us. 7 registrations each year, soon to be 8 and eventually 9- will all be heading to Maine with the rest of them. Both of our families have trail access from our homes in Strafford county, that’s the main reason we’ve been hanging on. But when we typically only have a month or two of local riding, we trailer more than we don’t. So Going passed Rochester and Milton just over into western York county won’t be an issue. We’ll be able to afford that low cost home In a couple years to make our home base and than we won’t need to trailer at all. It’s a tough pill to swallow because I’m a very proud NH boy but such is life right.. So gentleman, and ladies-if Penelope is still around. I’ve had a blast since 2012, but I’m leaving SledNH for good. I wish everyone a great season and seasons moving forward. It’s been fun, but no longer is. I hope NH and every person who has help keep NH exactly the same since your first single cylinder Citation will someday fully appreciate the damage that’s been done to the sledding population in NH. Just remember that the younger generation isn’t lazy. We work hard- real hard.We fight wars- decades long wars. We’re very proud Americans, so we don’t like to be pushed around (hence my zero fucks given). We love being part of something, that’s why the church is on the raise again. We’re having bigger families than our parents had. my grandmom had 9 children and 14 grandchildren. My parents had 3 kids and 12 grandkids. The world is fast pace and families are busier than ever so that’s what makes it hard for some to do as much for the clubs but it doesn’t mean we don’t want to. We just need to get to where are large families are old enough to. I spend 6 months a year coaching my son, sports are year round now. It takes time before we’re able to commit because we’re committed to our families. (Im in no way implying that other gens weren’t committed to their families). What I am saying is it’s a much faster world out there now and it’s harder for younger families. This is why I think clubs have trouble with younger involvement, it’s certainly not because we don’t want to. We are all successful, motivated, family oriented That’s the generation that’s been pushed out of NH that I do not apologize for, so... John, again I’m sorry for my rude comments, we wouldn’t know each other if we met on the street so to be a wise ass was out of line. Hoping to make my final year on our trails a good one, so see you out there Good luck in NH riding and God Bless
  6. What incentives do NH land owners have?

    You are........ and I thought you were just being a contrarian, silly me. Thank you for all your great access over the years. Allow me to apologize to you for all the young punks who must have done something of poor taste on your property or to you to allow all the great you’ve done to be consumed by the hate for what snowmobiling has become. And as the landlord king you’ve done an outstanding job to help drive snowmobiling out of NH. You stated yesterday, even the back and forth I give you- you feel is grounds to close your land. Or makes you feel like you want to. That’ll show all the millennials who aren’t even riding on my land anyways because they’re all riding in maine. close you land, keep it open- sooner or later all the old timers will be dead and nobody will care about your trail. Because they’ll all be in Maine. Ill make sure to stay away from your property- don’t worry
  7. What incentives do NH land owners have?

    I have not gone knocking on any land owners doors or called For a round table. Is facilitating it with the landowners on this platform not good enough to get a discussion going amongst the decision makers. Is there a registration combo I can purchase for say like $250 where it allows me to ride on trails and have my words get through to The NHSA and decision makers? Do the people interest matter at all or is it up to the powers at be? its up to the powers at be so the people’s interest don’t matter. if you think so 35 year old can come in and push weight around on people who have been in charge for ever. I can’t even get a non SDS response on here- what makes you think I’ll get it there?
  8. What incentives do NH land owners have?

    Ok John, wow Whatever you and the rest of NH’s snowmobiling gods are making your cool aid with has our land owners with the highest level of Snowmobile Derangement Syndrome, SDS level 6!! As the rest of the states, the country to our north, continue to move forward with the sport. Man you are really holding that line until the day it dies. And it’s dying, you ‘God Willing’ could very well outlive it. Shit even Skip will probably be around to see those registration number go to nothing. I can’t remember once ever hearing you say, “ You know what Adam(for anyone who didn’t know), you know what- the sport is not what it used to be and NH is falling behind” or “the sport has evolved into something much bigger than it ever was and we need to address that.” Nope it’s, SDS level 6, like everyday is the first time you’ve even heard to a sled going 80mph or that there’s a track longer than 137” Or Drinking your morning coffee at the local DnDs with your other SDS old timers talking about how it’s good Riddance all these trouble makers, talking about how you don’t need them. Yes John, yes- you need the people who ride off trail, you need the people who can go fast. It is beyond impressive, its just straight cool aid running through your vanes. yes John the writing is on the wall, yes John Donald Trump is Your President, yes John the sport is moving on whether you like it or not. Gotcha though, buy land Or shut up is you answer, because NH will NEVER succumb to the evils of this quosi sport I’m always talking about
  9. What incentives do NH land owners have?

    I just sold a freezer to a younger guy in his 30’s. I sold it in 12 hours on Facebook market place. he noticed my trailer and we got sled talking. He lives in Strafford county and rides around eustis and the southern portion of The County. ALL HIS FRIENDS RIDE DEEP SNOW. NONE OF THEM HAVE REGISTERED IN NH IN YEARS AND HE STATES NONE PF THEM WILL EVER AGAIN FOR THE SAME REASON IVE BEEN STATING. I mean how much more writing on the wall do you need. I felt sad and vindicated because of the ease all of this sale(This is how sleds sell like crazy to younger people-NOT CRAIGSLIST OR UNCLE HENRY’S) and then for him to say all that. NH IS FUCKED AND YOU CAN BLAME EVERY PERSON WHO OPPOSES THE TRANSFORMATION OF THIS GREAT SPORT(same as skiing-snowboarding) So you guys got me, I’m done harping on what’s wrong with NH. YOU OBVIOUSLY DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE FUTURE OF NH SLEDDING AND NEITHER DOES THE STATE. SHIT ON MY LACK OF CONTRIBUTION OF “TRAIL WORK OR FIGHTING THE FIGHT IN CONCORD” FUCKIN BLAH BLAH BLAH. IT SHOULDN'T TAKE SOME NON BUREAUCRAT TO TELL YOU SNOWMOBILE BUREAUCRATS WHY OUR STATE SUCKS FOR SLEDDING LAWS- BUT THATS HOW IT ALWAYS WORKS BEFORE ITS TOO LATE ITS OBVIOUS To EVERYONE BUT YOU GREAT FUCKING JOB GUYS- you’ve won this one but NH is the ultimate loser.
  10. What incentives do NH land owners have?

    You know that it is a waste of time. You said it John, this is the reason right here!! Excellent job saying what the truth is! Great job to all you old men who are on the end of their careers and believe snowmobiling should stay the way it’s been. Lol- what garbage.
  11. What incentives do NH land owners have?

    What’s funny is you guys think I off trail...I Dont I'm a trail rider who’d like to be able to see what the off trail is about. Not crazy deep off trail(personally), I’d rather be on trail with my wife and kids but we’d like to be able to have fun some in the deep. Yes we have bigger sleds(144-146”) but that’s because we like the way they ride. to Cobra- I literally said the sport has never been more popular, it’s NH that’s losing the young gen. to TT- I said I don’t care about paying more if I didn’t have to deal with the stupid, out of date laws where I have worry about expensive tickets. it’s funny how you keep saying things like; if I could do it again and I wish they didn’t have these dumb laws. Lol. Exactly why people are exiting the granite state sledding industry im telling you why NH is losing younger riders...
  12. What incentives do NH land owners have?

    What a great point I just thought of. You can’t even get into the grass drags without standing in a mile long line. IT IS INSANE and if you go you know how true that is. snowmobiling is no longer Just about going weeeeee down the trail at a snails pace(37mph). It’s a fast moving sport, it’s become an extreme sport with the capabilities of our machines and cool stuff we can do. HELLO DOUBLE BACKFLIP ON SLED- come on. But River Cat and everyone else who has built the sport up in NH can’t see the writing on the wall. while you’re going to bed after riding. The younger generation- is working their bodies and sleds our in the deep stuff 10 Times harder than you on the trail. Really putting in work/fun and then they’re going to the local spot and having a great night. Work hard- play hard, that’s what’s happening, but sure isn’t in NH.
  13. # of properties to buy in NH compared to ME

    So here’s just a fast search in Mexico, not even foreclosures. The last house pic is of real nice looking multi families that would be great group buys with family or close friends! The last one is a quick apple map of time from my place to Mexico so you can knock off a good half hour of that time proposed
  14. What incentives do NH land owners have?

    So you’re saying and I should just concede that NH will never change it’s snowmobile laws/ways. NH will forever hate off trail and mountains sleds NH will always have an out dated speed limit no matter how good our equipment gets Forever increasing registration fees to try to recoup lost revenue from exodus of younger riders and our housing market will forever suck.(not that-that matter too much, but a small factor for people who want a hone base to play out of. Is that what is officially the stance and if so and this will be my last question/comment if so. If so, what then, will NH have to offer Over Maine to attract riders or combat the attraction of Maine?