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  1. We see deer everyday at the cabins and it happens so often that you stop taking notice. This year we started doing time-lapse videos of the main webcam on cabin#2 and never realized just how many groups wander by. So far every video we have has deer sometime during the day in it. On March 20th one of our renters threw out some old clam chowder on what is the "front lawn" lol - he said about a quart. Seriously it looked like a petting zoo for a week. On the youtube channel you can see every daily time-lapse so far and we will try to keep it going through the year. How many deer do you see in this video on March 21st?
  2. Happiness is?

    Happiness is?... One of the groomers going by cabin 3 tonight.
  3. Pittsburg Webcam Time-Lapse

    Thanks for checking them out! We will try to post one everyday. It takes some time daily and requires a lot of storage and the camera and internet to be up all the time as well so I can see where it won't be possible on some days. You can see each of them directly at youtube here,
  4. Web Cam @ 45th Parallel Cabins ??

    We use a dlink for the cabins and they work good and were easy to configure.
  5. Pittsburg Webcam Time-Lapse

    It looked like deer walking by all day long on the video today. At 2:04 the groomer goes by. It would be interesting to see a whole year of snapshots through the seasons.
  6. Pittsburg Webcam Time-Lapse

    We put together a time-lapse video from the webcam on Cardinal Dr. yesterday. It was made with 1 minute snapshots from 6:30AM-4:30PM Caught some wildlife in there. If there is interest and use, we will keep posting them. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the vid. http://www.cardinalc...ebcam-Page.aspx
  7. Happiness is?

    We can think of a lot of things, but one of them for sure is seeing the groomer doing his thing right before you head out on a ride. One of the renters sent us this picture.
  8. We have installed a new sign for the cabins at the corner of Rt.3 and Cardinal Drive as well as new signs for the driveways. Ron at R&L Graphics did the sign design and construction. This will give you a landmark now when you come up!
  9. GPS Recommendations For Snowmobile

    A Garmin Montana with the Backwoods Snowmobile and ATV maps is hard to beat. The Montana is a little pricey but it has a nice big screen, it is touchscreen, has a ton of memory and can load multiple maps. The biggest benefit to me is you can save multiple profiles with their own maps. I have a mount for the sled, the bike and the quad. When it is on the sled, it loads the sled maps, the aerial images the icons and the top down (Aerial) view that I like in the woods. When it is on the Motorcycle it loads the street maps and road view, on the ATV it loads the TOPO Maps. It has enough storage to load all the maps and keep them all on the unit.
  10. summer fun , what do you do?

    Motorcycling with the wife. Utility ATV riding with kids, wife, friends. Camping.
  11. random photo thread

  12. For my fellow engineers out there

    There are eight types of people in the world - Those that understand binary and those that don't.
  13. As I get older I wonder how old are most riders ?

    44 - honestly I never thought I would make it to 25, so these are all bonus years!
  14. Time flys

    So what happened to Vince?
  15. It's Daytona 500 day