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  1. Corridor 19 Reroute

    In response to my request, the following is information from Margaret Morrison, Program Assistant State of NH, DRED--Bureau of Trails "Hi Larry,=0D Yes the swinging bridge over the wild river was taken out by h= urricane Irene. There will be another route. You will just have to trail a = little further north to the town of Gilead and then cross the river on the = route 2 highway bridge". looks like we will be able to get to Gorham from the south. Now I just have to look at my maps to see where the reroute she's talking about is! Let it snow......let it snow.....let it snow...
  2. Town Hall Rd, Intervale

    Thanks CKF!! Just made my day!!
  3. Anyone know if it's okay to park (with trailer) at the end of Town Hall Rd. I've done it a few times in the past, but last year there were No Parking signs posted in the parking lot The trail from here is a great ride to Cor 19 (as long as there's enough snow on the switch-backs) Thanks for any info....