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  1. The Miss Wakefield Diner on Rt 16 in Wakefield NH is closed until spring. The parking lot is closed off with a cable across the roadway. It has good food and has always been a great place to park you truck and trailer. You could ride north, south, east and west on groomed trails of the Seven Lakes Snowmobile Club. Sorry to see this. Scott and Gracie deserve an extended vacation.

    Just spoke with a friend as he was leaving the NH Grass Drags. He had great time there with his son and got some fantastic deals on jackets and clothing. He also said it was so busy and crowded there, the parking and admissions had shut down for part of the afternoon so the crowding thinned out. I just wish the politicians running the state would help the sport more because it is $$$$$$$$.

    I plan on going to Goffstown with plenty of stuff to sell.
  4. Sled For Sale. - SOLD

    Selling 2012 Skidoo GSX SE E-TEC 600 HO, it has 7049 miles, red & black in color, 137 “ picked tract. It is in perfect condition, dealer maintained and always kept in garage. There are too many options and accessories to list. $5500.00 & located in Wakefield NH . SOLD / SOLD
  5. I got my Maine Snowmobile Association newspaper last week and read about the state’s proposed registration increases. It looks like non-resident registration will go up another $20 for next year. The interesting part was a state senator proposed a non-resident registration increases to $200.00 per sled. It shook things up and after thinking about it, the state committee shot it down and decided on the $20 dollar per sled increase. The increase is not officially there yet but it is coming. How do you feel about this.
  6. Got out once more

    Be careful where you park. They are stealing car & truck exhaust converters in snowmobile parking lots in NH & Maine.
  7. Snowmobile insurance

    I have Allstate for my 2012 GSX & 2019 Enduro with full coverage for 12 months. With a $500 deductible. It is just under $400 for the year. It also covers about $3000 worth of options I have installed on the sleds. Plus $1000 coverage on my trailer. My homeowners insurance quoted over $900.
  8. NHSA safety course

    Was your son able to take the Maine safety course on line - we are waiting to hear if he is able to ride ❄️
  9. NHSA safety course

    Maine IF&W safety unit #207-287-5220 are still holding on-line safety courses . They are probably accepted in NH but not sure, also not sure of age requirements but it be worth a simple phone call if it can be taken on line. Answers might also be found on the Maine Snowmobile association web site
  10. I join my clubs in NH & Maine back in October. Registered my sled in NH & Maine the first week of December. My wife’s sled was only ridden once two years ago and she didn’t ride last year. If she doesn’t ride this year we will probably sell it. It is not registered this year until she tells me she is going to ride. I have been riding since 1972 and she started riding in 1986.
  11. I heard info that Town & Country of East Conway is closing it’s doors. I hope it is not true. They have always been great for deals on snowmobile hard to find clothes and accessories. As anyone heard anything.
  12. What do you think?

    I personally think people will not join clubs or register their sleds until the last minute because of the virus unless things get better. Some people are hurting financially and some think the establishment is taking away their rights. I hope I am wrong. I will join clubs in NH , Maine & Canada. I will register in NH & Maine. My question will be, will they let us register and ride in Canada. You get almost a $50.00 discount if you register in Quebec early in December. Pray for peace and Cold & SNOW.
  13. Grass Drags Cancelled

    Very sorry to hear this but it was expected. Our Seven Lakes Club always works hard during the set up and uses the money to pay bills.
  14. Snoworx - what happened

    I really liked John and his great work on sleds. I went last week to his Danvers Ma. Garage to arrange for work on my sled and he is gone. No sign out front and nothing of indication that SNOWORX was ever there. Does anyone know anything about him or has he gone to a new location.
  15. Ski-Doo cloth saddlebags for sale

    I have a set of brand new Ski-Doo cloth saddle bags for sale. They never been used or mounted. I bought them for $104.99, I will sell them for $50.00. They can be picked up in Wakefield. Nh or I can meet you somewhere off Rte 16. Cell #978-502-7805.
  16. Everyone should be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. I going today and meeting riding buddies there at 2 PM. Hope everyone going has a good time and gets some great deals !!!
  17. Snowmobile Flea Markets

    Are there are any Snowmobile Flea Markets this time of year in the eastern part of NH. I didn’t want to go to grass drags and Ossipee doesn’t have their’s anymore. I am looking to sell some of my surplus equipment. Thank you in advance for any info. ❄️❄️❄️

    I had a good time and good food there on Friday night. Some of the us worked there before the show and made some good money for the Seven Lakes Snowmobile Club. It is to bad more club members don’t join in. They could make needed money for their clubs. ❄️❄️❄️☃️☃️☃️
  19. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    Thank you pathfinder for your comment. I was riding in Maine three years ago and saw it coming. The first sled passed us on the straight way at approx 60 mph. The operator gave a hand signal for 2 more riders coming. As I approached the curve I pulled hard right against the side and here comes one of the sleds. I stopped and the oncoming sled was sliding sideways at approx 60 mph on my side of the trail. He hit me head-on/broadside. For the last 10 years we only ride weekdays In Maine and ride Lakes region NH on weekends
  20. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    So “Wide Open” you don’t join a club in NH ??? Do you ride your sled in NH ??? And I respect your opinion of the speeding laws but I support it for safety reasons.
  21. Fish and Game Executive Director being shown the door

    I register ever year in NH ($66) , MAINE ($100) and CANADA before 12/9 (about $250) after 12/9 (about $310). I don’t think NH is a bad price. The trails are different styles in all three areas, and it costs me more to travel to MAINE & CANADA. I think removing the director is more within political lines, money maybe a minor added issue ❄️❄️❄️
  22. Any used Renegades out there?

    Check - NH sleds for sale. I see it a lot on Facebook and some great deals on there.
  23. Snoworx - what happened

    John has moved his business and changed the name. It is now MotorWorx. It is at #197 Newbury St Danvers Ma 01923 on Rte 1 northbound lane. He will be working on sleds after the grass drags.
  24. For Sale - 2012 skidoo MXZ 600 ace , this sled was bought new in 2013, only has 544 miles on it and it is in excellent condition. A new battery was installed last year. It has studded track, high windshield, mirrors, css safety light, pigtail for battery, tilt handlebars, led tailight, heated seat, running board braces, lower & upper front end brace kit, ski wheels, dual center carbides, 2nd dress cord, dash bag, tank bag, tunnel bag. $6000 Firm The sled has been sold , thank you.
  25. Ski Doo MXZ 600 Ace

    If anyone is interested, I am going to sell my wife 2012 MXZ TNT 600 ACE. look for the add tomorrow. It is in excellent condition with low mileage. It also has many options put on the sled.