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  1. For Sale - 2012 skidoo MXZ 600 ace , this sled was bought new in 2013, only has 544 miles on it and it is in excellent condition. A new battery was installed last year. It has studded track, high windshield, mirrors, css safety light, pigtail for battery, tilt handlebars, led tailight, heated seat, running board braces, lower & upper front end brace kit, ski wheels, dual center carbides, 2nd dress cord, dash bag, tank bag, tunnel bag. $6000 Firm The sled has been sold , thank you.
  2. Ski Doo MXZ 600 Ace

    If anyone is interested, I am going to sell my wife 2012 MXZ TNT 600 ACE. look for the add tomorrow. It is in excellent condition with low mileage. It also has many options put on the sled.

    Maybe John Wismatt would be a good boss for NHSA He knows the system, he knows the trails, he knows the bull sh__, he knows how to find the rudder and he is a snowmobiler.
  4. Fat Bikes in the news!

    Wait until one of the Fat bikers flips off a snowmobiler and it turns out to a F&G officer on the sled and you will see something happen.
  5. Fat Bikes in the news!

    Once the gates close the trails will they just go around or under them. Will Fat Bikers then be trespassers.
  6. Fat Bikes in the news!

    Maybe they should be required to have Hike Safe Cards or registrations. When they came to our area to hold a race they didn't feel the Hike safe cards or land owners permission was needed.
  7. Fat Bikes in the news!

    Boy are we in for problems, WMUR again had the story on the news at 6am and again telling watchers that they ride great on "snowmobile" trails.
  8. Any extra money they collect should be given to thr F&G Search & Rescue Fund
  9. Official SledNH weather thread

    About 18" to 20" in Wakefield Seven lake club area.
  10. trail conditions?

    Not only disappointing but safe and smart, thumbs up to you
  11. The latest bad news

    In the Seven Lakes area (Wakefield) we have approx 8 inches already.
  12. Sled Maine closed

    Went on Sled Maine's web site this morning and found a notice that after 20 years they have decided to close the site. Sorry our loss, .
  13. Successful test ride!

    Nice, proves you lookout for your fellow riders
  14. Successful test ride!

    Nice sled, I had one just like that. I even had the red ski loops, but where are your mirrors.
  15. Hand signals??

    I used my ride lite in Pittsburgh in the flashing mode on top of a hill to warn riders. Anyone coming over the hill trail did not know there was a sled broken down in the middle of the trail (caught fire) that we could not push out to the side. If someone was hot footing (pun) it over the hill it could have been bad. My ride lite helped warn them