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    ColdBrew reacted to noxorc in Post your favorite pics from '17-'18 season   
    Coldbrew, Snorander, Noxorc

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    ColdBrew reacted to PolarisCobra in Sled would not start   
    Pulled the trailer up from the back of the yard last week, charged the batteries. and tried to start them up. The newer sled started and ran like a charm. The older one, my 2003 Polaris Trail Touring 550 would not start. Ran fine when I cleaned it and put it on the trailer in the spring. Has started fine in past years. 
    I remembered a problem that I had with my other Polaris sled a few years ago, also in the fall. Shined a flashlight into the fuel tank, and sure enough, the fuel line had rotted and fallen off where it connects to the fitting that goes through the front of the tank. Same thing happened to the other one a few years back. 
    Went to the local small engine repair shop, got a few feet of Tygon tubing, which is what they use to replace bad fuel lines these days, Pulled the airbox, disconnected the hose from the fitting on the tank, unscrewed the fitting Fished the old hose out of the tank with a bent coat hanger. Connected a new hose to the tank side of the fitting and put it back, fished the new hose end out of the tank, and put the filter back on (filter would not fit through hole in tank). Was going to replace the rest of the fuel lines, but they really looked fine, so I let sleeping dogs lie. Pulled the drain tubes off the bottom of the carbs, they were clean and dry. Put the air box back, and buttoned everything up. Turned the key, and once the carbs primed it started right up and ran like a charm. 
    Moral of the story - if your sled won't start in the fall, and it doesn't seem to be flooding, check the hose inside the tank. 
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    ColdBrew reacted to CATRESERVE in So lets keep this forum positive...   
    We get enough negative in everyday life from the idiots on the news.  I have posted in the past to keep it positive on here so lets do it.  HCS used to be the sled bashing format but that has cleaned up a bit toward the positive and but also has less comments that usual.  Keep in clean and keep it fun...and lets invite our younger and newer sledders to chime in and post some FUN STUFF.
    Seems like when any forum goes ROGUE and NEGATIVE...a new forum pops up somewhere else and we all move to it.  Lets get it back to normal and have some when the riding starts we are in the BIG POSITIVE ATTITUDE. 
    I am starting it off with a nice high peak cooking photo.  Can't wait!  I look at photos and videos all summer!  Might be hot lemonade in the cup....

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    ColdBrew reacted to jhwentworth in North country riding back in the day   
    I did a Google search and ended up here. 
    I'd guess that most people that visit this site have already seen this page, and the "Snow Revolution" video link. That video will bring back memories for those that rode sleds 40 years ago, and make today's vintage riders feel right at home. North country riding was a very different experience 40 years ago, and more like the experience that today's off-trail riders are looking for. The problem was the sleds were nothing like today's mountain sleds, and breaking trails after a snowfall was common. A great sport for those people who think getting stuck and unstuck is the best part.
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    ColdBrew reacted to noxorc in maintenance on my Poo '07 summer project   
    I'm good at taking things apart... We'll see how well I do at putting it back together.
    suspension is out...    Now working on getting the track out.

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    ColdBrew reacted to PolarisCobra in maintenance on my Poo '07 summer project   
    I always figure I'm OK as long as I don't have more than three or four bolts left over. 
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    ColdBrew reacted to CATRESERVE in Some Riding...Some trail side cookin!   
    Zack and I did get out on Monday and it was sweeet.  Just stayed around camp area...probably my last ride for the season.  Nobody else around...not that it surprised us.  Looking for close but didn't see them.
    "There is always next season we say" and how quick the snowmobile season comes and goes and then we say it again...
    We have pictures and videos so we can savor the moments once again at a later date...usually on a hot summers day.  How nice it is to be able share these photo op's...with friends, family, fellow sledders and others.
    Always have to include pictures!  

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    ColdBrew reacted to noxorc in Some Riding...Some trail side cookin!   
    It was a beautiful day, weather wise, riding wise, friendship wise.    I'd go again tomorrow, if I didn't have to work.
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    ColdBrew reacted to CATRESERVE in Some Riding...Some trail side cookin!   
    Getting to the end of the season for me back to daily had to get out and get in my last licks.  Rode  on Sat and invoked in some Trail Side cooking at the "Big Pine Tree" for maybe the last time this season.  Enjoyed a great day of riding. 
    Sunday rode with Coldbrew, Noxorc, and Mark B.  Great too finally ride with these guys this season.  Where has the season gone?  Took in some great scenery, good riding...90% great trails, good fellowship and overall wonderful time as usual. Not a lot of traffic at all either!  Got a bit of Gopro footage that will have to last me into the summer before I hunger for more.  Will post some later!
    Nice to meet some new people on the trails as always...I guess I have become too social...who ME!  You never know whom you may meet...nice to meet you President Phil of the Derry Pathfinders...Pres to Pres!
    Thanx guys for riding!     

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    ColdBrew reacted to Old Thumper in Final Mileage for the 2017-2018 Riding Snow Season   
    957 mi.  
    We did three trips up to Pittsburg.
    Best photo was of my wife on Diamond Ridge in January.

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    ColdBrew reacted to Rock On in Final Mileage for the 2017-2018 Riding Snow Season   
    And about 175 groomer hours also!!!
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    ColdBrew reacted to noxorc in Riding Lyme to Skiway
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    ColdBrew reacted to CATRESERVE in Trail Side Cooking Time....   
    It was a good day to get out and start off the trail side cooking season. The warmer temps made it easier to be able to stop and cook without freezing to death.  Nothing like beans and hotdogs on the trail with friends topped off with some good riding! 

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    ColdBrew got a reaction from ckf in lights   
    Now it really feels like Christmas!
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    ColdBrew got a reaction from snorander in Trailer lights driving me crazy   
    Not originally. I have a total of 5 of those round lights on the back of my trailer. 1 on each end and 3 in the center. The middle one in the center is the one that was burned out, but I took the one from the right corner (problem side) and replaced the one that was out to make sure it was the light and not just a bad connection so maybe you're right.
    Either way....I'm just happy to see it working. I want to sit out there for a few hours some night and just watch it blink.......
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    ColdBrew reacted to jhwentworth in Trailer lights driving me crazy   
    A simple burned out single filament bulb shouldn't bother other circuits. In two filament bulbs, if the ground connection is lost between the metal bulb case and the external ground circuit, electric current can flow between the brake/directional  circuit and the taillight/running light circuit. (the brake and tailight filaments share a common ground point inside the bulb.) That can't happen in a single filament bulb. Typical electrical resistance readings (ohms) for a snowmobile trailer should be about 2 ohms between the ground wire (white) and the brown, yellow, and green wires. With the bulbs installed you'll see about 2 ohms between the brown, yellow, and green wires. As the running lights are (usually) single filament bulbs, if the two rear brake light/tail light bulbs are removed the chances of this electrical backfeeding  should be remote. You can remove these two bulbs one-at-a -time to troubleshoot grounding problems.
    If you get deep into a grounding problem remember that there are three sources for a trailer ground: The white wire in the trailer connector, the trailer ball, and the safety chains. The last two are not reliable ground connections.
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    ColdBrew got a reaction from snorander in Trailer lights driving me crazy   
    As much as I want that beer, I hope you're right. I'll give it a try this weekend. Won't have time before then. Thanks to all for the help! 
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    ColdBrew reacted to noxorc in You can ride EVERYWHERE now...BUT?   
    Dam, I'm holding out before I register... I'm not sure about this season.
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    ColdBrew reacted to CATRESERVE in You can ride EVERYWHERE now...BUT?   
    BUT NOTHING>>>Its time to get out and ride while the snow is here and continues to come.  With a blanket of snow on the entire state it will be great to see all the clubs out GROOMING a truly continuous trail system throughout the state.  This is what we wish for and it is a reality.  Bring it on BABY!
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    ColdBrew reacted to CATRESERVE in Just need to find those pockets of snow!   
    Had some good riding, except for the few water bars here and there, with my son before he goes back to college.  Not a big deal though since his dorm room is at the camp!  Not much traffic and nice coffee and lunch break on the trail at 2850'.

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    ColdBrew reacted to OldViperRider in Ny guy lost in the burg   
    He was located at Bosebuck Camps and it sounds like he will be returning to the Burg on his sled.
    Good News!!!!!!!
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    ColdBrew reacted to RK-SXViper in NHSA lack of information   
    Ya I know, I'm just getting tired of the conspiracy theories. There are some legitimate issues to be addressed but they need to let the facts do the talking. If there is proof that someone did something maliciously than bring out the proof and we can make it right, NO more conspiracy theories please.

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    ColdBrew reacted to smallengineguy in NHSA lack of information   
    Welcome to SledNH over the last 6 months...........
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    ColdBrew reacted to snorander in Blah, just like that I'm back on the STX   
    There is some truth in your statement, I would def. buy some old sleds to play with, but I'd buy a new one for my daily driver
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    ColdBrew reacted to jhwentworth in Registration Transfer   
    The registration stickers become void as soon as the sled is sold. In NH, sleds aren't titled, and a bill of sale isn't required to register. 
    As for the "bank robbery" scenario, no problems... Just tell the cops that your neighbor borrowed your sled and let him straighten out the mess.