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  1. The Notch

    That's what turned us around. Not long after Lookout Bridge the snow went to crap. It was a fun ride though. I've wanted to do it for a long time.
  2. Happy New Year !

    Happy New Year all!
  3. lights

    Now it really feels like Christmas!
  4. Trailer lights driving me crazy

    Not originally. I have a total of 5 of those round lights on the back of my trailer. 1 on each end and 3 in the center. The middle one in the center is the one that was burned out, but I took the one from the right corner (problem side) and replaced the one that was out to make sure it was the light and not just a bad connection so maybe you're right. Either way....I'm just happy to see it working. I want to sit out there for a few hours some night and just watch it blink.......
  5. Trailer lights driving me crazy

    So while I was out yesterday I purchased a replacement for one of the small round "running" lights on my trailer. I know it was just burned out because I switched it with another one just to make sure. After I replaced it.......THE DAMN DIRECTIONAL WORKS!!?? I'm not complaining, but geez. Is this thing that sensitive that a burned out light messes with other stuff? Thanks again for all the help on here. Hopefully this solves my problem for good. Dave
  6. Trailer lights driving me crazy

    As much as I want that beer, I hope you're right. I'll give it a try this weekend. Won't have time before then. Thanks to all for the help!
  7. Trailer lights driving me crazy

    Where is the first grounding point suppose to be at the front of the trailer? I assumed it was the ones behind the running lights. Is there suppose to be one before those? Skip. This is a wishbone frame.
  8. Trailer lights driving me crazy

    We can count out the truck. This is a new truck this season and I had the same problem in my old truck. boat trailer is fine. Everything else might be over my head, but maybe I can borrow a multi-tester and give it a shot. Thanks for the ideas.
  9. Hi gang, I have a problem with the lights on my clamshell. The right brake light and directional will not work. I've checked all the lights and all the grounds and I can't seem to find the problem. I'm considering removing the grounds behind the front marker lights and redoing them, but I figured I'd ask before I went through the hassle. What I've done so far is: replaced the light unit (just in case) removed all the lights on the trailer to check grounds and connections Replaced the plug that goes to the truck swore loudly and kicked the trailer ( didn't help) One symptom that it has is that the lights on the right side DIMMLY blink a little when I have the LEFT directional on. Thanks for any help, Dave
  10. They're back....

    I have only one word......YAY!
  11. Official SledNH weather thread goes.......LOOOOONG range forecast shows snow for Thanksgiving. There....I said it...... least it's in the forecast.....:-)
  12. Sled pic thread

    I don't remember where this was taken........
  13. 2015-2016 registrations

    We apparently have a different definition for the words "Political" and "rant". In my eyes it was just that. My point is that you are preaching to the choir here. Your issue is with the NHSA. Not us. Good news is that I get still get to break xmas bulbs.
  14. 2015-2016 registrations

    Rather than Hijack someone else's thread for your political rant.....why don't you just create your own and you can argue with yourself. You apparently like hearing yourself talk.
  15. Great job Bruce and others!!