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  1. Great start to a base

    We got some heavy rains,wind and hail in Loudon today. My side of town(near pittsfield) got a little but the west side of rt106 got this.
  2. Hookey

  3. Hookey

    I planned on riding today but some jackass decided to hit us head at 40mph with his car. His excuse to the cops was "I was leaning over to pick up a cookie I dropped. I'm bruised but doctor said no riding for me and my wife for remainder of the season. Back braces for weeks and my late season sled purchase before skidoo ended the HUGE rebates only has 40% break-in on the engine. The car is ORANGE!!! How did you not see us?
  4. Riding Lyme to Skiway

    I rode parts of it Friday and it was great too. The snow depth varied greatly.
  5. I'm excited about the last storm...YOU?

    I rode from Baker river valley clubhouse today. Except for road crossings and near clubhouse, the trails were great. Some spots were thin but then a half mile up trail, you're riding in 8" of powder on top of the groomed trail.
  6. Hookey

    I'm riding Friday. Most likely from baker river valley clubhouse since they groomed last night in anticipation of this storm.
  7. 2.19.18-Bridgewater-Hardy-Rumney Loop-45 miles

    We rode from the BRVSC clubhouse yesterday too. Trails were great and still had plenty of snow. Once we got to the warren area, exposed trails were thin and going fast. It was a good 100+ mile ride and hopefully not our last for the year.
  8. Major OVSC Trail Closure Detailed

    The wife and I took Friday off after looking at the weekend weather report. We started at Baker river valley's clubhouse and ride all around in both directions. The trails were groomed but the powder loosened up quickly. I had the throttle pinned most of the day because I inadvertently took the "learning" key to the 900 ace which greatly reduces torque and speed to 40mph, 30mph going up hills and if the wind is on my side and down hill, I got it up to 44mph. We did meet a moose right on the trail and go a little nervous when it walked towards us within 20 feet then walked off. Good time though. Saturday, we took the sled to Paugus bay and did some ice fishing. I caught a 3.32# pickerel, not bad.
  9. Vermont contributes a lot

    I saw this article in regards to a new bridge over the lamoille river for shared rail trail use. Rail trail gets big funding boost Extra state help should speed completion of 93-mile route by Andrew Martin | News & Citizen Jul 6, 2017 Updated 1 hr ago ( It doesn’t have a snazzy name — Bridge 68 — but the span over the Lamoille River in Cambridge Junction is being replaced, one of the last local sections of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail that needs an overhaul. And, a change in state funding could really speed up completion of the 93-mile trail between St. Johnsbury and Swanton. The Vermont Agency of Transportation has come to a new funding agreement with the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, which oversees the rail trail project. The state will now cover 80 percent of future project costs through its bike and pedestrian program, while VAST will have to raise only 20 percent in matching funds. “The language called for a 50-50 match before,” said Rich Westman, Lamoille County’s lone state senator. Even that was new; the 50-50 match was created only last year before being amended to the 80-20 figure. To cover its share, the state will set aside $1 million in each annual budget over the next few years. For VAST, “for every $2 they raise, they’ll get $8 from the bike-ped program,” Westman said.
  10. Summer Fun????

    NHGator, I had the Chevy version of that car, an 87 camaro. It was a ton of fun. Half the time I was improving it and the other half I was just trying to keep it running. At the end, nothing on it was stock. Good times though.
  11. Summer Fun????

    We visit stowe and jeffersonville area and have ridden the lamoille rail trail. It looks like we'll need to visit burke too.
  12. Summer Fun????

    Summertime for us is kayaking and hiking in VT and NH, and atving in northern NH and ME.
  13. Andover trails update

    I rode from the Baker River Valley clubhouse on Friday. The clubs are doing a great job with the new snow but that bright sin is eating the near bare spots fast even though it was below freezing. I cruised around the Lyme maze where the snow was deeper.
  14. Our trials are "Officially Closed"

    Bridgewater mountain snowmobile club is watching the storm closely. They still have an ice base and will groom if the storm does come. They update on their Facebook page every couple of days.
  15. The new Sno-Traveler

    I only got one copy, not the usual 4.