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  1. Well, it has been a while so first hello to all. You can understand with the lack of snow down here not much to talk about. In hoping for a good winter trail work has taken hold and off we go . One question i will ask all is about trail wood bridge building. As the cross boards are installed i believe that `spacing should used between each board for drainage. There are others with a different opinion. WHAT SAY YOU? Pictures accepted thanks The older Phazerman :-)
  2. Reply to Contoocook Sno-mads
  3. Any suggestions or ideas im sure they will appreciate.
  4. Another idea i have seen is a big sign, Warning stay on trail, field has exposed rock and LARGE stumps and sink holes. Please stay on trail for your safety.
  5. Bow Pioneers Flea Market, Saturday, October 28th 8am to 3pm at HK Powersports 1354 HooksettNH rd, Hooksett NH(www.HKPOWERSPORTS.COM)
  6. B O W Mum Sale

    Bow Mum Sale on Sept 16-17th at the bandstand at the corner of Logging Hill Rd and Knox Rd. - General membership meeting Sept 21 at the Old Town Hall (91 Bow Center Rd).
  7. random photo thread

    West trail toward Clough State Park .
  8. Easter Seals question?

    That's a good question>no link for the NHSA? NH Sno-Shakers Snowmobile Club NH Snowmobile Association, Inc. NHOES Lunar Knights Nichols & Webb, P.A.
  9. Two sleds cheap.

    Hello MikeRizz, Would be interested on the phazer to use for early trail work, do you still have it for me to look at? Thank you RayC reproo2@gmail.com 568 0378
  10. Easter Seals question?

    Well ,my daughter helped me on this one... http://www.easterseals.com/nh/who-we-are/partners/ Young people to the rescue.
  11. Well another year of success for fund raising for Easter Seals and I am sure they are VERY happy. So here is my question , has anyone ever seen a spot on NH T V news of the the event or on the NH radio?? I can not remember any. OR looking at the list of donors, and amounts ?I know there is a list, I just do not see NHSA snowmobilers. I just want to see that the Snowmobiler community gets the ACKNOWLEDGMENT it so well deserves. So if I have missed it somewhere on the Easter Seals page, I am getting older and sometimes missing things, RayC.
  12. Official SledNH weather thread

    Glad some of our gates are still open for a little ride. April 1st, and the total is, ------(will fill in WHEN it happens.)
  13. Pic uploaded failed!?

    If your picture is a JPEG it may be to large. Open the picture in Paint if you have the program PAINT ,then down side it 50%. That should work IF it is to large, Hope this helps out, RayC.
  14. trail conditions?

    As of March 18 2017, Clough State Park was good. Nice for this time of March.