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  1. Anyone have an update on Errol conditions?

    We had guests ride into Errol last Friday for lunch at the Hawgs Trafford they reports the summer roads trails were very good and other trails decent for December 16
  2. The four northern most clubs in NH are planning to have trails open for the update coming week end. Early season conditions will be present but many summer roads should give riders a nice start to the year.
  3. Trail 131 Swift Diamond 1/22/16 2:30 ride
  4. Millsfield Errol today

    Sorry I only have a Magalloway rd pic today
  5. Sled racing at NHMS in Loudon

    Some ice oxals from eagle river
  6. So is Craig that wants to be exec dir.??

  7. Millsfield Errol today

  8. Pics from sdr yesterday
  9. What NHSA DOESN"T do for it's members

    If I have butter on my fingers I'm going to find my wife. Not the like button
  10. Pics from sdr yesterday

    No issue leaving the clubhouse two pics are sugar hill less than a mile from clubhouse 18> 5 who needs a place to sleep
  11. What NHSA DOESN"T do for it's members

    Explorer on a tablet Microsoft surface 3 when I click like it says not allowed
  12. What NHSA DOESN"T do for it's members

    I'm wondering why I can't use the like button?
  13. Swift Diamond Pittsburg Umbagog Colebrook

    I believe anyone weather a facebookian or not can see them on 45 pc page? Just an example my pics on FB have 5500 + view vrs 1 -200 here and hcs I love this site but its hard to put everything everywhere I will try and support this place as much as possible tho if anyone wants to put them up directly you are welcomed to. I wish I was better at this stuff. Half the time I have to switch devices to make somethings go where I want on the www.
  14. Swift Diamond Pittsburg Umbagog Colebrook

    We rode some of each today all seasonal roads are good to very good all woods trails are poor