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    Maybe we can get an update from Gilligan or the Skipper soon.
  2. Registration numbers for the year?

    Thank you Dave. Would not expect anything less from you. At least someone with foglite in land of smoke and mirrors.
  3. Registration numbers for the year?

    Based my number on info I get attending my county meetings. Last update in Feb. Was around 15000. The hardest part is figuring the formula they use. Family membership counts,as 2 members. So my 15000 can be their 30000. That is why I rounded to a line between white and invisible. The sport is in dire consequences with more leaving than those joining clubs.
  4. Registration numbers for the year?

    Here are the figures released to the Union Leader for one of the two articles reported on yesterday Not favorably sadly.Not very accurately presented if you are trying to figure out how many actually join a club. Example there are people who own 1 and may do so and others who may register 6. If you went strictly on how it reads, there should be 39,152 club members. We all know differently clubs are hurting and fighting for every member they can get to join as they should. I bet there is less than 25,000 to date who have joined a club and joined NHSA. This is not an attack on any group, just pointing out how slanted the reporting is. F&G love big numbers as does Trails Bureau.If those numbers were true clubs wouldn't be struggling to keep the trails maintained and there would be plenty of funding to go around.Just think if numbers were true NHSA membership income would be $391,520.00 this year gross.Wanna bet that doesn't play out? Maj. John Wimsatt from New Hampshire Fire and Game said the weather affects how many snowmobiles are registered here each year. This season, 46,732 snowmobiles are registered. Of those, 30,722 belong to residents, most of whom (26,142) are members of snowmobile clubs. There are 16,010 registered to nonresidents, mostly from Massachusetts. And again, most (13,010) are club members.
  5. Loudon is set to lose Fall "Chase" race. What are your thoughts on the used to be so popular sport? Snowmobiling is kinda headed in that direction with high costs, low volunteerism, and low snow winters.
  6. Andover trails update

    Why call NHSA? They don't have anything to do with trails unless it is one to Tilton 99's.
  7. Fat Bikes in the news!

    Maybe we should let them ride trails. They can start tomorrow after the snow total makes it to 12+. Then they can pack it down so the groomers and sleds can get out and use it. Please let me know the outcome of that please.
  8. Fat Bikes in the news!

    Rough after work and a few adult beverages making it back down out of the woods at his family camp. Not as rough as when we took your Tahoe/ Suv up to the top of the old ski area.Now that was some hairy shit coming down the sheer granite ledge/goat path. Almost spilled beverage.
  9. Fat Bikes in the news!

    We sure had some good things happen when we all worked together. The common goals and accomplishments sure outweighed the real world stuff going on around us. Being the 9/11 era it was good to have things to take your mind off of stuff.
  10. Fat Bikes in the news!

    Ok that is a great idea. Wasn't quite sure which way to take idea. I know when we had our trail work parties at OVSC back in the OLD day's there were many user types involved and we all worked well together to get a project done. Remember when we did Binsack Trail project? Bilbo and Pathfinder were there with us well if my memory serves me.I remember doing a Sams Club shopping spree on the way up so we could chow down.
  11. Fat Bikes in the news!

    I know of only 1 Director that would dare to cross the currant regime in Tilton to actually do something other than Easter Seals or Grassdrags.So unless he wants to take that up I don't see anything getting done in near future.
  12. Fat Bikes in the news!

    My opinion based on a group who on weekends on Route 108 in SNH and N Mass to and fro NH. They are ignorant,period. The way the ride: impede traffic, rude to people out walking there dogs, and tossing trash as they ride. If they were to crash while doing such acts, yes I would laugh. I would then feel bad and go help them out as I really would never want to see someone get hurt. Like it has been posted assholes in every form of society. I have seen many groups that handle themselves a lot better than these assclowns and I respect them for doing so.
  13. Fat Bikes in the news!

    That's some funny shit. If it is not Grassdrags or EasterSeals related nothing will be done about being proactive.
  14. Fat Bikes in the news!

    The biggest issue with trail damage is that when snow melts snowmobiles stop using trail. Bicycles don't and result is deep ruts.
  15. Fat Bikes in the news!

    I wonder why many NH F&G properies and Natures Conservancy properties forbid bicycles on there properties if they do know harm. That is,fact, not conspiracy. They actually go as far as recording in as Deed restriction. I for one think , if allowed by landowner, have to be allowed. That being said, I also say they should share burden of upkeep and funding of the same trails. Too much entitlement out there. Look at the big groups of 20 or more bicyclist that go down public roads like a rolling roadblock. They refuse to move over and many times will take full lane right to centerline. I would laugh my ass off if one took a digger and the rest went down to but seems to never happen.I have seen same on trails at times.
  16. Fat Bikes in the news!

    Send him a text. Roger can't hear anything, do to having $100.00 bills stuffed in his ears. That's what happens when you are up to your ass in money from the GrassDrags.Don't worry, as no club volunteer will ever have that problem. Maybe Carpel Tunnel from sending money to Tilton but never from receiving anything back but Bull%^&, if you even were to get a response.
  17. Looks like Nh will lose a little more revenue next year.

    Probably be too much scrutiny on who would be taking the money. Town would have to ok it just like when they did winter event.Doubt you would,ever get DES approval of watercrossing in the Bumfaggon watershed. It feeds the Soucook River.
  18. Looks like Nh will lose a little more revenue next year.

    Sadly, this is the result of a long standing feud between abutting towns and the owners of the track. It will affect the sport of snowmobiling as there are a couple of clubs who rely on earning money at these events. 1 big club in lakes region will lose 50% of its fundraising capability now with the date gone. There are clubs with part of their trail systems that lie on the track property.Many adjoining clubs as well.When the money slows down so will the working arrangements.
  19. Looks like Nh will lose a little more revenue next year.

    This was just placed on Union Leader website.
  20. The new Sno-Traveler

    Based on what you are referring to John is that the following is a figment of our imagination? " Snowmobile association says it shouldn't be subject to state antitrust law By MARK HAYWARD New Hampshire Union Leader CONCORD — Under investigation for possible antitrust practices, the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association has asked a judge to rule that it is not subject to the state antitrust law. The New Hampshire Snowmobile Association also wants a Merrimack County Superior Court judge to forbid state consumer protection officials from investigating the organization for antitrust reasons. “It’s an unusual pleading to be filed at this time,” said James Boffetti, who oversees the Consumer Protection and Antitrust Bureau of the Attorney General’s Office. “It seems at this point we’re trying to figure out what’s going on.” At issue is the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association’s online application for paying dues and joining local clubs. According to a lawsuit, some local clubs have complained to the Attorney General, which prompted the investigation.
  21. I was glad to see that you killed the thread on your facebook page leading to it. It is counter- productive to our sport seeing people being rewarded for breaking the law.
  22. They caught the skier and fined him $498.00. He then started a GoFundMe page and raised over double the amount. What a %^$* society we live in.
  23. NHSA files suit against Attorney General

    Too many asset's and effort go into the two events. There is only so much that a group of volunteers can do. The Grassdrags are pushed so the Association can consider itself on par with Hayday's.They are making a lot of money while doing so. What is the money for? Is there a long term goal to do something with the money? It doesn't get back to the club's. It doesn't get back to the trails. What purpose is being served by having money in the bank and eating up manpower and asset's without having a long term goal. The Easter Seals was at a point a very worthy cause that the snowmobilers and clubs took up. While the cause remains the same the Association should not be using it's asset's and staff to put on this event. Think about it. The NHSA is a not for Profit that is supposed to be representing snowmobiling yet they use the Associations time, asset's, and volunteers to promote and raise funds for another Not for Profit. The clubs can continue to do this but the Association should step away from it and start worrying about the survival of the dieing sport we know as snowmobiling. Back to basics.
  24. NHSA files suit against Attorney General

    That is some funny stuff there.
  25. Fatal snomobile accidend, Boundry Pond. 1/26/2017

    Godspeed and smooth trails in the future. Thoughts and prayers to family and friends.