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  1. Registration Increase

    .It was discussed at length at NHSA April Board meeting. Charlie Kurtz of the Advisory Board presented it.If you join the NHSA you would get $100.00 discount.
  2. NHSA dream has ended

  3. NHSA dream has ended

    2015-020279965-0bfb982c-9O.pdf taxes filed November 2015.pdf
  4. NHSA dream has ended

    You ask and you shall receive. The site only allows 1 file at a time due to size.Happy reading. Nice fiction in these. 2014-020279965-0aacce7a-9O.pdfTaxes filed Sept. 2014.pdf
  5. NHSA dream has ended

    Gilligan and the Skipper are probably in the closet together.
  6. NHSA dream has ended

    Just read that the cost of a cruise on the Mount Washington per person with no meals is $32.00 per person. Wonder what the cruise that Gilligan and the Skipper are going on is going to cost snowmobilers in New Hampshire ?
  7. NHSA dream has ended

    That line equals "price fixing= violation of Sherman Act= Anti Trust" Nothing like building a case against one's own self. Brilliant. Can't make this stuff up. I feel sorry for the abuse that you guys get Rob for having to tow the company line, with all of this crap. I will assume that by your statement that maybe what you guys voted on this. But what you were told is not what really is happening?
  8. NHSA dream has ended

    Word going around is that at the Strafford County meeting there were papers with info going around the room from the NHSA seeking to raise the NH Snowmobile Registration fee to $200.00 per sled. Are these people leading this organization on drugs? I know there is money available to fight the drug crisis.If they need money that bad maybe they should go there. The sport is dieing. People are leaving going to Maine and Vermont. Do they honestly think having a registration increase at this time is the answer? How many here would pay $200.00 a year to register a sled to ride in NH? I am sure that there will be some who think the clubs will see all of this money coming to them but that is not the case. The clubs only chance of seeing a dime is thru reimbursement from Grant in Aid, just as it always has been.GIA is not spread uniformly though. The majority is used in the North Country. To the Lakes and south, sorry you are shit out of luck. Trails Bureau and Fish and Game will get more funding for their depts for sure. How will it help the clubs? They will lose members who choose not to ride in NH. Will the thrill of higher reg. fee increasing the GIA funding be bigger than that of the immediate everyday source of funding for the clubs?That being membership money? Easy solution actually. Get rid of NHSA money grab. Send the $10.00 to club you join. They will be seeing a increase of 33% +- in dues. That is guaranteed money unlike GIA. No snow = no grooming money. No one makes any money from Gia trail project money. It only funds materials for trail projects.
  9. Welding

    RSI in East Kingston on Route 108 where the old MSK sawmill was once located. Ask for Steve he is GM. Most of their welders and fab guys are snowmobilers. They built a new axle for the Northwood Crankpullers 2 years ago. I use them for all of my fab and welding work. They take care of my welding on plow truck. Great turnaround and good pricing.Tell them Jeff sent you.They used to be located on Haverhill/ Plaistow town line across from McKinneys well drilling. Physical Address: 213 Haverhill Rd., Bldg. 8 East Kingston, NH 03827 603 382 8367

    I hear they will probably giving some testimony soon, but it is not to this committee. So much for paying a retainer for the lobbyist to keep an eye out on things. Back when info came out of thee blackhole you could just look on the webpage for Legislative Updates and you could see what they are watching out for. The only thing they are looking for is where their next dollar comes from. Bet we see them looking for a rise in membership fee's as their numbers are declining. Probably will see them push for a registration increase as well as F&G has money woes and GIA program cannot support the cost of trail maintenance any longer. Clubs cannot pay for $200,000.00 groomers with ham and bean suppers or cake sales anymore.
  11. Rumor mill has it.

    Rumor has it that an Exec. Officer has abandoned ship since the last Board Meeting.So much for having a full slate of Officers for upcoming election.Maybe Gilligan can take the helm. SKIPPER??????????????????
  12. Rumor mill has it.

    I was not sure if there had been any other changes to bylaws regarding eligibility. With Carroll Director not running again I didn't think there were many who had served the required term length.That is good to hear. Thank you for the info and response.
  13. Rumor mill has it.

    I am in agreement with you Rob. The new generations getting into the sport have a mentality that because they pay their registration money the the Trail Gods put down the finished product as we see it when we ride. I do appreciate what you and all of the volunteers do as far as giving up your time to represent the counties interests in the sport. When I question the associations leadership it is not a knock on them volunteering it is a knock on using a business model/plan that evolved in the late 60's and early 70's. That model doesn't work in 2017. It is quite obvious by what is transpiring with the clubs and sport today. The Association's unwillingness to change, adjust, or even talk compromise will ultimately spell doom for it. Having the Hasbeens keep changing bylaws to accommodate them and to keep out people who are willing to try and make a difference is killing the sport. Would you happen to know as of May 2017 how many Directors would meet the requirements to run for VP or President? (without recycling the past Presidents which is happening on County Director levels now and probably will happen for the VP position as well) I think that all there is with 2 terms of service would be you,Evie, Cheryl, and Joe. So to expand the pool of candidates a County will lose it's director. Rob Mary to pay Paul. I find it ironic that in our great country we could elect our President from the masses. Obama was only a Freshman Legislator if I am not mistaken, and Trump with no public service. Yet the Hasbeens are so paranoid about people finding out what is really going on within the Association they add restrictions on eligibility to its members who may want to run. When there is such a high turnover of officers and a lack of new blood coming in there will be a point very soon that there will be no pool to pick from other than the Hasbeens.
  14. Thoughts from Nascar nation

    There are defiantly some upstarts that with a little seasoning will be very good. It is just not normal to see so many veterans leave at the same time cycle.Usually the veterans will tutor the rising stars for a bit before moving on. I am impressed with Kyle Larson and Chase Elliot. The lineage that Chase comes from is unreal. But I remember Foyt's kid Larry and Casey Mears were all going to be the next starts. Even Kasey Kaine has fallen by the wayside. I think the awareness to rising problem of head injuries has an enormous effect on those in motorsports today.
  15. NHSA BOD Meeting Synopsis

    Boy this thread brings back memories. Skip made a very good effort in helping the membership be made aware of the happenings at the NHSA. Now with the advancement of technology and social media one would think it would be easier. Many sitting Directors were very vocal back then on this forum. Some funny stuff on there. Maybe seeing the old posts will jump start Skip's monthly synopsis type reports. Hey Skip if you are out there maybe you could get them back on the right track. Come to think of it you could fill the empty VP position and straighten out the mess in the Black Hole. Sorry wouldn't wish that on you.As we have not seen eye to eye on some things I do have a lot respect for that you that you tried to get some change to help the membership get info.
  16. Rumor mill has it.

    My comments were to ask for information regarding a member of the leadership of the NHSA resigning. Very simple question for the membership to be informed about. Yes I did not renew my NHSA membership this year for the first time since back in the 70's. I did however go to Last Years NHSA Annual Meeting as a delegate for my club. I did participate in the voting that seated this slate of Executive Officers. I do have a vested interest in who is leading the group tasked with providing leadership for its members. I am unsure if you realize that the NHSA works for its members. Not the other way around. They should be helping the sport, not the members being tasked with helping them. That being said members who wish to help could better do so with communication from the NHSA to it's membership. Since July 1, 2016 the Board has had a few prominent resignations. 1) Executive Director with 1 year notice 2) Dealer/Contributor Director No notice 3) New Executive Director 1 week notice and membership was informed the last day. While her leaving to be closer to ailing family member is commendable and full supported by me as family comes first. It doesn't look good that she found a new job all in the same week. Being from the "County" in Maine I doubt there are a lot of large salary paying jobs. 4) Hillsboro County Director 5) Now Vice President is gone with no notice. Board of Directors were not even informed until last Tuesday at scheduled meeting. With the advent of email, fax, or cell I am sure that they could have been notified in a better fashion. I got official word as to the validity of my question in the Rumor Mill at my county meeting last night. A VP quitting weeks before the Annual Meeting and election must have had a triggering point. From what I heard last night it was to do with lack of communication and leadership within the Board of Directors. If he left because there is an unhealed wound or fracture of the Board and he could not give his all to trying to meet goals and expectations he set out to do I would commend him for knowing when to step away. There is always a fine line as to making the best of what you have been dealt and knowing when to step away and doing what your heart is in. Based on history of his club he shows he is a strong leader. Sadly, that is what is lacking in the Association presently. I wish him the best and I am sure his club will reap the benefit of not having to share his time with any other group. I have spent 21/2 years serving my county as an Assistant Director. RK-SXVIPER took my spot representing the county I served when I realized that it was futile trying to make any change.. Sadly, there are very few things that can be done to fix Association. The Exec. Board is forced to recycle the old, more or less causing incest, with requirement that was passed in 2011 or so making it necessary to have 2 terms served on Board to be eligible to run for VP or President. Couple that with Directors who stay on well past their usefulness to their counties. No new people coming in and the same old just being recycled.New VP will most likely be a Past President and/or a person already holding a voting position on the Board eliminating any chance of having a true democracy. I know it is all volunteers jada jada, but the clubs are as well. Clubs go thru cycles were they are very strong and everything clicks. Then things stagnate and the club suffers. New blood comes in or change of philosophy and the magic happens again. In the case of the Association the bylaws have been twisted to keep "gene pool" limited to the chosen few. Coupled with no non residents can be voting Officers of Association. Many clubs have volunteers who are non residents or part time residents who actually make more effort than some of the locals do. They bring money, skills,and business skills that may not be available in parts of the state to clubs located there.If you look at loss of sitting Directors and VP leaving, and Some Directors retiring this year the "gene pool" is getting thinner by the day. That is when "incest" plays a part on diluting the gene pool. I apologize that I forgot Phyllis who ran the office. So that is 6 people who have up and quit. Is it that the sport is dieing? Or is it that the NHSA leadership is lacking?
  17. Rumor mill has it.

    I did vote last Annual Meeting. That was when the current Board was voted in. So I have a vested interest in the sitting Board makeup.Will I vote this year, no. As you are aware I did not join the NHSA this year but did join my clubs, who are NHSA Member Clubs, to support the trails. Thankfully there are 3 clubs in our county that do NOT require NHSA membership and a few more in other counties. It probably makes up for the 5000 or so members that the portal show as not having renewed their NHSA membership this year. The funny part is the only groups that will know where the members who left went will be those clubs that have decided to worry about supporting themselves instead of someone else. See you Monday.
  18. Rumor mill has it.

    Any news to verify rumor mill post? I would think Board would have finally been informed as monthly meeting was Tuesday. My County meeting isn't until next week.
  19. HOW did your Club memberships do this Year? (by CFK)

    Better chance of seeing the NHSA give money to the clubs to assist them in surviving. I just spent the $10.00 that I saved by not joining NHSA at Biggarts Ice Cream stand in Haverhill. It left a better taste in my mouth than my dealings with the Association.
  20. Rumor mill has it.

    Nothing if you just like giving away 10.00 of your money to a group who is supposed to be looking out for sports best interests. Yet doesn't notify membership of leadership changes.
  21. Rumor mill has it.

    Wrong thread. This is a new thread about a different person packing it in.

    I think he is trying to get away from this mess, not more involved in it. Why would he go from Government job with full benefits and pension to a job with less pay, less benefits,no pension, and more bullshit? As he is already involved heavily with all of what is going on with membership program and the end around with RSA's I don't think that would go over too well with AG's office. There are laws regarding conflict of interest involving public officials EVEN when they leave service of government. There are timelines and restrictions on what they can do and when they can do it. As he is involved in rules making process to do with registration and membership requirements there would be way too many conflicts and it would come across as such.

    I checked around and have been told via people in the loop, that the Executive Director's last day is April 7th. Would have thought the NHSA would have notified it;s membership and club's. Sad didn't make it a year in the position. I have heard that she was a very good candidate. Had good ideas and had the skill to make a difference. Hard to do so when you are only a puppet. Probably, couldn't take anymore of the crap that goes on within the Board of Directors, more specifically the Exec. Officers and the Hasbeens. Or maybe wasn't looking forward to spending time in the courtroom. Wanna bet who takes the job? Bet one of the Hasbeens.

    We can wait and see if if shows on Indeed or Monster. Probably won't hear anything out of NHSA. The old saying is get out while the getting is good.