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  1. Rogue skiers arrested in Vermont

    I bet they would have hard time keeping up with OldTimer.
  2. One alternative you may want to explore is getting the Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts and other civic youth organizations involved. 4H club would be an asset if trails are multiuse, which they sound like they are. If you look at Federal Grant package, they actually want the clubs to involve these types of labor pools. It may get some of the youth involved early enough that they may stick with it. One other option is to have club approach Police and District Court and see about available help from Civic Service offenders. Some schools now require students to due X amount of hours of Civic Service to graduate. If any of these ideas do take hold and yield results, make sure to publish the story within the area media. This can and will go along way with the local residents as far as positive PR for the club and those organizations that become involved.
  3. "Old" Rider checks aboard.....

    I found these pictures from same trip. You looked like a bank robber in one of them. Sure was a lot of snow up high considering how much gravel was down low in elevation that day. Thank you for the welcome Armand!
  4. sneak attacks on the OVSC..

    I would assume that the party trying to control everyones land from sleds was the person who has tried to squash the trails from the get go. Which side of mountain was it on? Was it down beyond the Fire Tower Road?
  5. "Old" Rider checks aboard.....

    Hey Paul, Thanks for the welcome. How are things with you? Get the Cat all worked out?
  6. "Old" Rider checks aboard.....

    You should see the candy by the poolside! God, I love my neighborhood! Thank you for the courtesy and hello to you. Maybe we should plan a breakfast sight seeing trip in near future. I promise not to step on my tongue in public and you?
  7. "Old" Rider checks aboard.....

    Boy, thats some Hardcore remarks! No pun intended!
  8. Mount Whittier

    Has there been any progress with the State Police on the new trail up to the summit? Is the Ossipee Mountain webcam from the tower? If so, sure would be sweet if turned to face Lake Ossipee. View would be killer. Has the Bozo moved on? (You know who this is in regards to) If so maybe alternative route up to summit? Any thoughts on trails towards Conners Pond and the Village? Sure would make a great alternative than to traveling railbed.
  9. 07/08 NH registrations

    Just stand next to sled and sneeze. They pretty much fall off sled.
  10. "Old" Rider checks aboard.....

    Thank you for the hearty welcome! I didn't think it had really digressed at all. I have been there 6 or 7 times during last month or so. Where it is one of my friends/neighbors family that owns it, I do frequent there to try and help support their business. I have also gone to Lazy Susans as well over the summer. Both are very good and it just depends on how the crowds are and which day of the week I am up there.(Luckily they are closed on different days during week) I went to the place up beyond WLSP and ate once last spring and upon leaving it felt like I took a laxative. It went right threw me faster than when I ate it.
  11. "Old" Rider checks aboard.....

    Thank you very much for the welcome greeting. Tis the season for the Kettle!