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  1. Special Meeting

    MAINE the vacation state.
  2. Money grab New Hampshire style

    Well Rob that is good to hear that they did it right. As for the meeting I made my choice to not drive the 45 minutes in the freezing rain that we had south of you. I guess if I lived 5 minutes away like you I would have gone to. I am glad to hear that I was wrong in my statement and can say I have the balls to admit I was wrong. Too bad your Board can't say the same. Such as accusations being made at your monthly Board meeting. Making statements that have no facts, correct Russ Neil? Making accusations that about people who you shared content with via PM, when as a sitting Board member you should not have been talking out of school.
  3. Money grab New Hampshire style

    So much for disclosure to the buying public. My understanding of the bylaws says that this change is a dues/membership change and therefor should have been voted on by the delegates at the Annual Meeting. The vote was taken at a Executive session meeting as well. The minutes of that meeting should be open to the public as a vote was taken and there needs to be a public record of that. I guess rules are only for HONEST people. Enough said to draw a conclusion as to what people fit that and those who don't. Don't count on it though. BlackHole of Tilton. Where money goes in and no information comes out.Al Capone would have fit in nicely.
  4. Club membership requirement

    I think the whole discount program should be abandoned. It failed to live up to the hype of more money and more volunteers. Yes the NHSA got more money but the clubs did not. Back to the merits of having a good product and the public will but it. Demand they buy it and prepare for kick back. I think a early buy program for clubs and registration would be a more viable option. Getting the money into the hands of the agencies and clubs who do the work would be more beneficial to the sport than to rely on another layer of Bureaucracy just sucking the money dry with little productive showing for it.The trails were maintained before the discount program went into affect.
  5. Club memberships & sled registrations

    The system has been down since last Wednesday. People are locked out of their accounts.The fix for passwords has failed to fix the problem. The "EXPERTS" are working on it.
  6. Club membership requirement

    Does your club have mandatory NHSA Membership included in it's bylaws or Articles of Agreement? If so you cannot be involved in the NHSA Online Membership Program. As anybody joining your club through this program is not a member of NHSA. What does your club do? Pay the $10.00 to NHSA so your club can be a legal member of your club? Or does it tell the person thank you for joining us but you are a low grade member and cannot participate? Make sure to tell them no insurance for them if they are hurt doing anything for the club. What will your club do now about it's bylaws and Articles of Agreement with regards to ruling made by NH Attorney General regarding no one can be forced to join NHSA nor can NHSA force 100% membership? Make changes, make believe it never happened, or stick their head in the sand and hope they don't get complaints by Anti Trust part of AG's office. One piece of advice. Don't ask NHSA or it's leadership for advice. Trails Bureau $30.00 fee instead of discount for registration is looking better everyday. At least $30.00 goes to Trails Program and GIA and none to the Black Hole of Tilton.
  7. Money grab New Hampshire style

    Hello all snowmobilers, I just wanted to post some info that should be disclosed to anyone or clubs that participate in the NHSA Online Membership Portal. If individual joins through the portal they are paying a $2.00 transaction fee. They then pay another $10.00 Transaction fee. Then they pay the club fee whatever that may be. At no point do they join the NHSA nor do they receive any benefits such as the Snow traveler. They cannot ever be a delegate to the NHSA Annual Meeting nor participate in NHSA functions. They cannot be an officer either. The club gets no credit towards it’s membership numbers that are used to arrive at the delegate count used for representation at Annual Meeting or the right to vote for the slate of officers. You are being charged $12.00 and get absolutely nothing in return. Your club gets their dues but nothing regarding delegates for Voting purposes. How will a club be able to offer anything to the “Lower Class” members? If they participate in an event of anything club sponsored they have no insurance if club is signed onto NHSA insurance. So, if they get hurt they will be suing club for damages and the club will have no coverage. Clubs should think long and hard before signing on to this plan. Potential buyers should think of what they are buying. Nothing. They are better off joining club direct and giving the $12.00 to the club for its trails maintenance fund. At least you help the sport instead of feeding the Blackhole of Tilton. If you are a club don't whine that you have no money or members to donate. This program does nothing for the clubs. Why do you think the Big Northern Clubs are not signing on? Do you think anybody is going to help you club with volunteer labor with no insurance coverage?
  8. Damnit! (If that's allowed)

    With all of the powder the water helps the snow pack and make a good base as it comes out of drag. At least that is what the experts post. Hahaha
  9. Online Membership Update

    Please take notice of Quote by AG Anti Trust lawyer regarding how they were price fixing
  10. Coming soon Good article in Union Leader regarding matter today at lunchtime. Hopefully things will move in a more forward and positive direction
  11. Coming soon

    Here is the jist of what I was posting so that all may better understand. NHSA Assurance of Discontinuence.pdf
  12. Coming soon

    Absolutely correct. Kinda like a plea deal without the trial.
  13. Coming soon

    A birdie has told me that the snowmobiling community in NH may see this firsthand in the near future. Coming soon. Interesting reading below. 358-A:7 Assurance of Discontinuance. – Nothing contained in this chapter shall be construed as preventing the attorney general, in cases in which the attorney general is authorized to bring an action, from accepting in lieu thereof an assurance of discontinuance of any act or practice which violates this chapter. Such assurance may include a stipulation for the voluntary payment by the alleged violator of the costs of investigation by the attorney general, or of an amount to be held in escrow pending the outcome of an action, or of an amount to restore to any person any money or real or personal property which may have been acquired by such alleged violator, or all 3. Any such assurance of discontinuance shall be in writing and be filed with the superior court of Merrimack county. Matters thus closed may be reopened by the attorney general at any time it is in the public interest. Evidence of a violation of such assurance shall constitute prima facie evidence of an act or practice declared to be unlawful by this chapter in any action thereafter commenced by the attorney general.
  14. Another Trail Issue

    Thank you to you and Keith for trying to resolve these issues.
  15. trail closure ?

    The one thing being overlooked in this project is that the club has already cut trail and built bridge on this persons property without permission thinking they were on someone else's land. NH has a very strong Timber Theft law and Criminal Trespass law's as well. Baby steps should be taken. I would involve Trails Bureau to smooth over rough edges and show the landowner it was an honest mistake that you were misled by an abutter and there was no ill intent. I have seen this same thing happen and Trails Bureau kept the club out of court and was able to negociate a use permit with BOT named instead of club.