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  1. This was presented by Charlie Kurtz, NHSA Advisory Board Chair, to the Board, correct? The Advisory Board creates all bylaw changes that get presented to the General Membership at the Annual Meeting. I would consider that the Board forming a committee as a type of action wouldn't you? Sadly, a past president and sitting County Director along with another sitting County Director feel that they did nothing with what was presented to the Board at last months meeting. When rebuking all of the info presented on the subject of the proposed registration increase as bad info or bad mouthing the association on social media they failed to tell the whole story. That they did in fact take action. They voted to form a committee to review the proposal. Thank you Rob for having the fortitude to get the truth out to the membership of the Association. Too bad many others on the Board feel compelled to hide behind smoke, mirrors, and lies.
  2. Anyone who thinks that they will save money having vintage stuff will get an increase as well.
  3. Monkey see monkey do!!
  4. Hollywood could not write a script that can go head to head with this mess. Scott and Skip once again you have made me laugh with your great wit and humor. Sadly that is probably the best thing that one can gather out of this embarrassing event.
  5. Anybody go on the trip of deniability? Did Gilligan speak much about his matrix's and formulas of why no information gets out to clubs, members, or County Directors?
  6. John if they set up those in your neck of the woods they would only pick up black flies. The lack of local traffic is also a byproduct of the lack of maintenance by the clubs.We all know how a couple of trail systems in your area get very little if none at all, signage and grooming. Brand new groomer that has not even been used in 2 years. I think that you are on the right path with the need for accountability.If clubs have snow they should groom the same amout of hours % wise as their neighboring clubs. This season for example. There were maybe 2 weeks of 8 inches or more (minimum amount for grooming reimbursement) in the area. If clubs north, east, south, and west groomed say 20% of the budgeted hours, then the clubs in between only used 2%. The clubs not grooming as the surrounding clubs should have allocated hours cut. Those allocated hours are dedicated funds. If they are no used then no else can use them either. Same said for RTP Grants.When clubs get Grants then fail to fulfill grant the money is lost, when it could have been used elsewhere.
  7. You mean Roger and the Hasbeens
  8. .It was discussed at length at NHSA April Board meeting. Charlie Kurtz of the Advisory Board presented it.If you join the NHSA you would get $100.00 discount.
  9. With the push being led by the NHSA for a registration increase to a fee of $200.00 what are your thoughts? How will effect your snowmobiling? Will you continue to register in NH? Will you go to a neighboring state? Will you register less snowmobiles? Do you feel that upping the fee's will help your club in it's day to day operations? Do you feel this will help improve the trails? When is enough, enough? Do you feel it will drive many people and family's from the sport? Or more importantly drive people away from the state? Some very important issues at stake and being pushed by a group with poor leadership and the inability to make a good decision.
  10. 2016-020279965-0d267787-9O.pdf.pdf
  11. 2015-020279965-0bfb982c-9O.pdf taxes filed November 2015.pdf
  12. You ask and you shall receive. The site only allows 1 file at a time due to size.Happy reading. Nice fiction in these. 2014-020279965-0aacce7a-9O.pdfTaxes filed Sept. 2014.pdf
  13. Gilligan and the Skipper are probably in the closet together.
  14. Just read that the cost of a cruise on the Mount Washington per person with no meals is $32.00 per person. Wonder what the cruise that Gilligan and the Skipper are going on is going to cost snowmobilers in New Hampshire ?
  15. That line equals "price fixing= violation of Sherman Act= Anti Trust" Nothing like building a case against one's own self. Brilliant. Can't make this stuff up. I feel sorry for the abuse that you guys get Rob for having to tow the company line, with all of this crap. I will assume that by your statement that maybe what you guys voted on this. But what you were told is not what really is happening?