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  1. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Safety Class
  2. Great Riding in the CNHSC trails

    Thanks Dave I had a blonde moment
  3. Great Riding in the CNHSC trails

    CNHSC = What Name please?
  4. Finally snow

    I live in southern NH and will drive up to the white mountains early Sunday morning. Anyone looking to ride from either Fabiyan’s or the Zealand parking area. Moderate to quick pace,not looking to break the speed of sound first ride of the year. Text me at 603-489-9141 Clarke
  5. Buyers remorse phenomenon

    Nice sled, it will snow someday
  6. Snowy winter on tap?

    So... I am gonna buck the trend of everyone who is saying: We are gonna have a lot of SNOW!!!!! I clutched my sled this year, which is a great thing, but everytime I do something like this, we get no snow... Jus Sayin'
  7. Merry Christmas, Happy New year

    Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas. Now... Everyone.... SNOW DANCE!!!
  8. Attn Attn Attn

    That.... is funny
  9. Ski Doo MXZ 600 Ace

    Must have been built by Porsche
  10. How high could sled registration go?

    Thank you Jeff, It is amazing what people don't realize. Derry Pathfinders in the past has had up to 400 members, It is not Pittsburg or Swift Diamond, but it sure does help us maintain what we take care of. I also agree, less trails means more people on fewer trails, more problems. But then again, I am from Southern New Hampshire, what do I know about snowmobiling up North.
  11. How high could sled registration go?

    aI don't disagree with you at all. my point is that the number of registered sleds are declining which is the reason that they are not bringing the funds. They are not replacing people who have stopped sledding with new people that is the issue. one factor is cost of the sport. hardcore people will always pay and ride, but you need new blood to make the sport grow I call it the Harley Davidson Syndrome, alot of older riders Not many new families are coming into the sport.
  12. How high could sled registration go?

    I can get a non resident registration for Maine for $100 for the season, more snow, more trails better conditions less idiots on the trail. This sport is expensive, and registrations going too high will not increase participation. Sled prices are to prohibitive for new people, and not everyone wants an 800cc turbo charged rocket that seats one person. So lets take a look roughly at cost: 2 sleds new: $ $8300 per sled:: Trailer Hybrid $4600 Gear for two people $500 per person the cheap: $1000 Registration: $66 per sled: $132 Insurance per sled Cheap $250 : $500 total $22,832 Now this is an estimate, yea they could buy used or a non covered trailer That is a lot of money to start. This is why registrations are down, cost is too high. I am going to Maine
  13. So lets keep this forum positive...

    I cant figure out Facebook, so I dont use it
  14. So lets keep this forum positive...

    Agree, Positive, you can disagree, be civil. no bashing at all.
  15. I know what I am looking for to improve my sled, now I need someone who knows how to do this. 2016 Ski Doo Enduro 600 etec Clutch kit, nothing to crazy, just want to come out of the hole a little better Secondary springs upgrade the clutch you need to do the secondary also, otherwise does not work New 137 1.6" Ice cobra track. I do not want to void the warranty. I want jut a bit more, yeah know what I mean!!! LOL Who can do the best work for a good price, and is reliable.
  16. Balsams News - Can't be good

    That does not sound very good, hope they bring the place back on line, love that place, great people, great sledding
  17. Things are quiet here

    Cut Grass, that's why I have a goat
  18. Sold 2014 Ski doo MXZX 800

    how much
  19. Skip has lost his mate!

    Skip, our prayers are for you and family.
  20. I did 325 miles this year. Kinda tough when your tow vehicle is getting a new frame. But met some guy on the internet at the end of the season, and finished with a great ride
  21. Rode Twin to Gorham Saturday

    I will say that all the views we saw were fantastic. Whether at Jericho Park, or riding Jefferson Highway and looking at Mt Washington. This is a beautiful part of the world. So many great people having fun. Oh... Yea... My wife said the same thing when I got home: " So you mean you met a strange person on the internet and you rode with him all day?" Well Yea, why not, he was on Sled NH so he has to be ok!
  22. Rode Twin to Gorham Saturday

    Thank you for the company, it was a pleasure riding with you. Thaw as THE best end of the year ride. Temps were just right, conditions were incredible for this late in the season. I look forward to riding with you next year and exploring new areas. And I will bring the duct tape!
  23. Sunday ?

    Depending on PolarisCobra on Saturday, I might be able to go. Was there last year went up Jefferson Hwy, all the way to Gorham, great ride about 80 miles.
  24. RIP

    I hope it brought fun, sad way to go.