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  1. If conditions are good... Gorham. My New Watering hole!!!
  2. If conditions are good...

    So... Started at Fabyan's Friday morning at 8AM, was really windy, so it felt really cold. Went over Jefferson Notch Rd (Corridor 11), breaking trail the whole way. saw a few downed trees, Beautiful groomed trail, with a bit of ice. This was going to repeat itself, the ice, and grooming throughout the day. Rode over to Jerico Mountain, same conditions it was an absolutely wonderful ride. Continued over to Gorham on Corridor 19, saw lots and lots of rentals. On the way back so a bunch stuck because if the Ice on Corridor 19 hill by the underground gas lines. Stopped at Big Day Brewery, THAT, is my new spot, Loved it!!! Headed back to Bretton woods, took a little bit of speed off, but loved the day. 86.3 miles, back on the trailer by 3:30 and headed home. Great Day, need more of days like that. Hey David, we need to take a day off and do that ride.
  3. Looking to go up to the White Mountains on Friday. thinking of parking at the Zealand Lot, or, can you still park at Faybians. If anyone knows a better spot, I am all Ears
  4. Got out on Saturday

    Yeah... that's correct... "Someone" Hooked a ski. Wonder who... Just a Bruised ego
  5. Is there ANY Riding in NH whatsoever?
  6. 2018 Polaris Indy 550 Price Drop

    Lowered the price I have a 2018 Polaris Indy 550 Fan. Electric start and reverse New Carbides, picked track, New Hy-Fax this year. Was serviced by HK Powersports in Hooksett. Very Nice Sled. Approx 718 miles $5850.00 or bo For that price I will deliver within 50 miles of my location ( Rockingham County, near Salem, NH) 603-489-9141
  7. And so it begins...

    Nice... I had one,great sled. The adjustable skis are Da Bomb!
  8. Riding reports…

    Great ride PC. Yeah, kinda chilly is an understatement, LOL! As always had a great time, and BRV club house was a great stop. We need to do this more often this year.
  9. Do you mean Lake Tahoe! I see a road trip!!!
  10. I was thinking of that or Jefferson Highway thru the white mountains
  11. I know, I know, not a lot of snow, but there is some. I am very impatient - Right PolarisCobra! I bought a nice fan cooled sled, so looking to just a shot ride. Any suggestions. I have weds- Sun off, first time in years!! This is Hush Hush
  12. The LIST

  13. NHSA trail app

    Try BRP Go, and Genius Maps no cost.