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  1. If I win Powerball alone,,,,,,

    First thing I would do is give the Doctors who helped my daughter about $25 Million. Then... Build my club a new garage and stock with the best groomers and all kinds of great stuff! You name they got it! Then build a restaurant and charge sledders Half price for everything! The work towards Whirrled Peas!
  2. Ski Doo SDI starting problems

    Well... Changed the plugs, Battery is fully charged, 3 gallons of 93 Octane fuel and.... Nothing It still beeps once a second even when not pulling and the brake light flashes. Pulled the fuse near the battery, primed it re-set the DESS. again nothing. I thinks it is starving for fuel and that tank looks like a real headache to remove. Are there any filters that you can get at to check?
  3. Ski Doo SDI starting problems

    Tried to prime, heard the pump, still nothing. Hmmm......
  4. Ski Doo SDI starting problems

    Do you pull once to "charge" everything and then push the RER, or just push the RER to prime the pump.
  5. Ski Doo SDI starting problems

    OOPS!! Did not know that! Will give it a try.
  6. Newbie

    Hello Ann! Welcome Just be careful about feeding the animals around here you never know what might happen
  7. GPS Recommendations For Snowmobile

    So let me ask a question. How much would you be willing to pay for a highly accurate state wide trail map on a smart phone? If it routed with turn by turn directions? If it just displayed the trails (no routing)? These are two great questions and hopefully I can help out If it is just a display with no routing, That is worth about $10.00 But...If it GPS tracking, then it would be worth a lot more, say $25-$45, depending upon how much detail One of the issues that I see on some of the GPS based maps is too much detail. What I mean is everything including the kitchen sink. I just don't want to get lost, that all, but then again, I am not that bright
  8. GPS Recommendations For Snowmobile

    Metaluc, Have you ever considered setting this up as a App for Droid? These look great!
  9. GPS Recommendations For Snowmobile

    I have a Magellan, but this year I am going to try my Droid phone. There are lots of maps, trails Etc in the Play Store. Polaris actually has a free app, that is supposed to cover all trails. Not sure how it will work, but I am going to give it a try. Also My Tracks on Google, works well for mountain biking gonna give it a try for snowmobiling.
  10. Check out our new look !

    Great Job Neil Jim, How ya feelin'?
  11. nh grass drags

    I will be there looking for anything to eat!
  12. Spare Tire

    Mine sits around my waist... OH... not that one I mounted mine to the tongue with a couple "U" bolts
  13. Winter Wedding

    is everyone on the board being invited to the after party?
  14. Off Subject, anyone play the market?

    They all know that their company is not worth what it is trading at. They are taking their profits now, at the top. This is not uncommon for executives to do this. They of all people know what is going on.
  15. Off Subject, anyone play the market?

    Great idea putting in an IRA I would liquidate some of it and put it somewhere safe. Consider something guaranteed. If you want some private ideas PM me and I will give you some ideas. Great idea putting in an IRA I would liquidate some of it and put it somewhere safe. Consider something guaranteed. If you want some private ideas PM me and I will give you some ideas.
  16. Off Subject, anyone play the market?

    How about this for an idea: Sell 50% of what you own. Buy a new sled, or other toy or something for you wife or family. And always remember that Apple bought it for you. Or you could say You bought with free money. That way you still own Apple but have some fun with some of the profits.
  17. Off Subject, anyone play the market?

    This is what I do for a living. You need to ask yourself: Why did I buy the stock Have I made anything at all even though I have not sold it yet (that answer is no) You buy to sell when you purchase stocks. You do not make anything until you sell. You do not lose anything until you sell. Just remember: no one ever lost money if they took a profit. Don't be greedy, take the profit. You have no idea, how many people I have this conversation with who really do not get it. They want 1,000,000,000% gain, but no loss. So back to my original question, Why did you buy the stock?
  18. 446,760 Hours old Or 357 Dog years or is 7.28? I can't remember?
  19. Talk about great fuel economy!

    And the Exhaust is bio degradable! the dogs that is!

    Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.
  21. Funny Video

    Ah, So True. I left early enuff in my life that I was not corrupted to badly, except for: WICKED PISSA!!
  22. I just cancelled, Not worth waiting for. Season has just not been that good.
  23. 2008 POLARIS 550 LX

    did not get it Iggy
  24. Ski-Doo

    Wow, Sorry to hear that. Did a little checking, and don't see anything off the top on the internet. You might want to check out dootalk, there might be something there. Keep us posted
  25. wow.... that storm was a bust.

    I am in Gorham, ME today, and right now it is raining and 26 degrees, OH-Oh