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  1. Do you mean Lake Tahoe! I see a road trip!!!
  2. I was thinking of that or Jefferson Highway thru the white mountains
  3. I know, I know, not a lot of snow, but there is some. I am very impatient - Right PolarisCobra! I bought a nice fan cooled sled, so looking to just a shot ride. Any suggestions. I have weds- Sun off, first time in years!! This is Hush Hush
  4. The LIST

  5. NHSA trail app

    Try BRP Go, and Genius Maps no cost.
  6. Got out once more

    If anyone knows, where you can trailer and park at the top of a mountain please let us know!!!
  7. Got out once more

    Great day as always Dave. Great conditions higher up, And Boy, that was a long ride to the Skiway wasn't It!!! Still doing my snow dance
  8. I'm back

    Welcome back
  9. I understand Capitalism, but...

    prefer Above, but open to anything
  10. If you make a mistake when confirming my reservation, it is your error, not mine. You do not come tome 4 days before my arrival and tell me Ineed to pay more, when the reservation was booked in Oct of 2020. So, I am looking for a hotel that has access to the trail system in the White Mountain area. Any suggestions? And I will not throw them under the bus, but they have lost my business.
  11. Chris Egan injured in sled chase in Pittsburg

    Thoughts and Prayers to Chris Egan
  12. Along with that who among us are not registering all their sleds this year.
  13. What do you think?

    I have always registered my sleds early. Never again, if ever in the State of New Hampshire. People are focusing only on the cost of the Registration, not the over all impact of the increase. 1 - The revenue from the increase will either be a little higher or the same no great increase. 2 - The effects on the economy. There will be fewer sleds registered in NH, which means less people. Less people, means less money spent thru the local economies, which will have an adverse effect. 3 - it is what I call "The Harley Davidson Effect" More cost to service fewer people. Sleds are expensive, gear is expensive, Registrations are expensive, lets go elsewhere. 4 - I live in the Southern part of the state, where clubs are struggling. I can travel to the White Mountains, 2.5 hours, and pay $125 to register my sled. or,go to Maine, better and more trails for $100, same travel time. Which would you do? And dont forget,the same goes for MA people Also.