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  1. Voices

    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Voices

    I love old sleds, I just don't have time to rebuild them. I found my old Arctic Cat El Tigre 5000 at the grass drags this year... almost bought it
  3. Voices

  4. Voices

    I am overpowered by the "Voices" When it comes to Expensive Bourbon and snowmobiles
  5. Voices

    I am in the middle of finalization of the purchase. I just gotta figure out how to explain to my wife, how, why, and can , buy a new sled
  6. Voices

    I sometimes listen to the Voices
  7. 2011 Polaris Shift 550 Fan

    Thank you it has been well taken care of track is great, skis are great just looking for a good home.
  8. 2011 Polaris Shift 550 Fan

    Guess I will wait until next season, and maybe ask more, LOL
  9. 2011 Polaris Shift 550 Fan

    I will attach photos later. 2011 Polaris Shift 550 fan approx 1078 miles, carbs recently rebuilt at HK Powersports, electric start, outlet for heated shield has been installed $3000.00 obo Clarke 603.489.9141
  10. No new posts since 3/21/19

    I prefer Grown Ups Also
  11. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Safety Class