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  1. Paugus Bay IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE 2-14-2013

    Thanks for the update, we were there sunday and were suprised at the open water as that has been the bay entrance we have always used. We didn't know of another way to access the lake there so we decided to go ride the trails and we happy we did, with all of the very light snow, the clubs did a great job in making them usable. Any idea on how they held up this week? Also, do you know if there is a route on the lake that anyone has used to get from Gilford to Alton, I didn't know about the reported Welch island ice being open for so long? Thanks again for keeping us informed.
  2. gorham,berlin,jeferson,randolph

    We did much of the same ride this past Sat / Sun, we came up from Ct with low expectations based on snowfall reports and we were impressed with what the clubs can do with the limited snowfall. Thanks to all of the clubs from Fabyan's to Gorham, we have never ridden in that area but will again soon. We had a great lunch at J's in Gorham, so thanks to then for posting a sign at every junction like bread crumbs, we figured with all of that effort we should eat there and it was good. We stayed in Franconia and with the help of yelp found "The little Grille at the depot" in Littleton, that was a great find or a good dinner, just call ahead. We had the Sat night Brazilian BBQ and we would highly recommended that. Thanks again to the clubs and businesses for making it a great weekend!
  3. Coming from CT

    If it was just me and we had more that night I'd agree. The group I am going with can't leave until 7am and needs to be home by 5pm Sunday, so I was trying not drive 6 hours if I could avoid it. Denny, What cabin is open?
  4. Coming from CT

    Given the warm up, how far up do we need to go to get to ridable trails this weekend? We were thinking White mountains but saw mixed reviews and reports and I thought I'd post to see if anyone has any guidance. Thanks! I was in Rochester NY last Friday and should have towed the sleds, the riding their looked great. But that is still 5 hours to tow and I would rather go to NH.
  5. Granite Power Equip

    Does anyone know if Granite AC is open on Sunday and if so what time they open? Need a belt for an AC TZ1. Thanks!
  6. 15th Annual Snowmobile NH Winter EXPO

    Headed up Saturday morning.
  7. Looking for a helmet camera

    We have had the Go pro HD for a few years and love it, we use it on the sleds, waverunners, etc. The kids love the auto capture pic setting, they try to let it run and catch odd pics and then run through and see what they caught. It takes rough conditions and makes a good vid, we were surprised.