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  1. The time has come....

    John Thanks so much for keeping this site going for so long. It was a great place to get all sledding information long before Facebook came along (and sort of ruined it!). Will have to check out the other sites. Hope all is well, and maybe we will get to the NEK next year to ride! Jean
  2. Wasting our time?

    I too think the lack of snow may be the reason for the low traffic. This site is like 'home' to us! Happy New Year!!
  3. 2006 Artic Cat Crossfire $3500/BO

    2006 Arctic Cat Crossfire 600 with 4710 miles. Excellent condition, orange accessories added, mountain seat, handle bar/rear bags, 2 covers. Located in Tamworth
  4. who got a new sled for the season?!!

    I got a new Arctic Cat 2012 F5; so excited! Can't wait for snow!
  5. Have You registered Yet?

    I was thinking the same thing; early registration with some sort of a discount might encourage people to register their sleds earlier.
  6. Winter fun

    Give it a minute or two, its a couple of YouTube videos, they might take some time to load.
  7. Prayers for John (ckf)

    John Steven and I are so sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Jean
  8. Happy Birthday Tim!

    Happy Birthday Tim. Hope you have a great day! Jean & Steve
  9. Wednesday Nor'easter.

    Yes we are!