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  1. Insurance Quote/Cost

    If you garage the sled in NH then call Allstate I live in MA but keep the sleds in NH the insurance for 15 Skidoo Renegade 800 XRS is $170 full coverage $250 deductible. All my sled (4) 2 600 and 2 800 total full coverage $472.00 For 12 months
  2. HK Power Sports Laconia saved my weekend family snowmobile ride. I have my sled in for service for a tunnel replacement ( not warranty) but insurance claim. The tunnel was not in yet from Ski Doo HK loaned me a new demo sled for the weekend, and we had a great ride in Bridgewater, Rummey, Ashland and Plymouth on Saturday and the Fishing derby on Sunday. A big thankyou to HK Power Sports for this great weekend. They are great poepe to do business with they care about the sport.
  3. Snowmobile club needing some help!

    Donated... I hope the snowmobile community comes together as a large family and help this club, even if you don't ride Maine it's good for the sport. Best of luck to recover your funds and I hope you come our stronger.
  4. Hand Signals

    I use the CSS lights, I feel that it add some safety for my family and it help to let me know if someone in the group wants to stop with the flashing orange light option. If someone wants to stop They flip the switch to flashing orange and when I look back and see the flashing light I know to stop. Keep the hands on the bars ride safe and have fun...
  5. I read the whole story and it's hard to believe that the customer pick up this trailer with a bent axle and if he did pick it up with a bent axle I would think that it is very rare that a new trailer is shipped with a bent axle and that is why he was questioned that maybe he hit something that's not unreasonable, bottom line is they did fix it at no charge. It's a shame it took 3 weeks but they don't build the part and to get one at N/C they need to go though SnoPro and SnoPro should have sent the part out faster. HK put the part in as soon as they got it.
  6. X2 I have been dealing with HK for over 10 years and they have always been very fair, I would work with them they are your connection to the manufacturer The One That Built It... get the owner involved he can work with there manufacturer trailer sales rep. to take care of. the problem. Bashing HK will not help. They need to take the proper steps to make the manufacturer pay them for the repair
  7. Grampy's Drive-In (Pittsburg)

    I'll Be up there the last week of Dec. and will check this out, wifi and cell service fried dough that's great... gmfst
  8. I have a Pro Line 722 in-line excellent trailer and a good company to deal with tows great spring assist front and rear door. worth the money
  9. I hope I inherited some of those genetics and still riding in my 80s , she is something special. It was nice to have three generation on the trail my brother had his son and I had my 12yr old son and they got to ride with there 82yr old grandmother. After having and raising 13 children riding in her 80's might seem easy.
  10. I rode with my 82 year old mother this past weekend soon to be 83, we did 93 miles in Twin.She has put on her new Ski Doo ACE 600 just over 1000 miles this year (Xmass gift)She has been riding over 40 years and she still love it she doesn't hold anyone back trail rides 30 to 65 mph and she said the the 600 ACE is the best sled that she has ever had. the last one was 2009 Doo 1200 and that was a bit heavy for a 100 lbs 82 year old. gmfst