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  1. Hi George,

    My understanding is that for F&G the primary goal of the NHSA Online Membership program was to have a single 12-digit membership number for all club members. That 12-digit number was considered as proof that the registration applicant was a club member.Not so much to have  access to the NHSA database, but to simplify a financial audit of the membership rolls. It would appear that isn't happening. 

    On May 19, 2016 John Wimsatt wrote: "The key feature to the system would be to provide one verifiable, auditable and unique numbering system to ensure proper control measures and ensure accurate reconciliation.  Currently, the NHFG registration system accepts more than one numbering system to include a club number, proof of a paid club membership receipt, and an NHSA electronic voucher number. The reason we currently accept all of these formats is derived from the existing statutes and associated administrative rules. "

    I believe that those laws and rules are still in place, so if a club doesn't want to participate in the Club Portal, they can, and the applicant can still get the discount without that 12-digit number. Until the law is changed nothing else will change. F&G will continue to rely on incomplete data.

  2. Letter from respected Past County Director

    NHSA and Fish and Game Sharing Data? It was said at one time that NHSA needed to create the new online Membership Database was a needed to link the NHSA Data with the Fish and Game Database. I have said in this and several other Threads that there was no compelling need to link Data and no link exist with Fish and Game. This morning I had a phone conversation with a "high ranking" member of fish and asked this question of them. They replied there is absolutely no link either to their Database nor NHSA's Database. Not before or even now. As I have stated before Security protocols would never allow this to happen.
  3. Letter from respected Past County Director

    John, Yes that is what I mean. There is no mandatory Membership in NHSA unless you use the NHSA Membership website to join a Club! MSC dues are $35.00, $25 to JOIN THE CLUB and $10 to join NHSA. No option provided. I am work to have NHSA optional. YOU ONLY have to be a Member of CLUB that is affiliated with NHSA to qualify for the $30.00 Registration Discount.
  4. Letter from respected Past County Director

    rneal55555 The online Membership Portal that feeds the auditable database is still up and running all that has been shutdown is ability of an individual to join a club through NHSA's system. The NHSA Website is open till August 13th. As of 10 minutes ago (7:11 PM - 8/7/17) someone can go in and Join. John Mercier But for Fish and Game to have a centralized database that meets the LBA standards, they are going to have to work that one out. Please point the right direction on what an AUDITABLE DATABASE? Do you mean that FISH and GAME, Bureau of Trails anyone else in the State that would like to have access to this information could use the NHSA database to see who is legitimately qualified for a Registration Discount. Are we talking a cross check to the Registration processed by Certified Registration Agents through NHSA? If I am correct that there are a NUMBER of CLUBS that are AFILIATED with NHSA that now offer an option to be a MEMBER OF A CLUB and not NHSA. These "Club Members" are still entitled to a discounted Snowmobile REGISTRATION(S). This could mean the NHSA could be substantially off in it's count to verify the Registration? I can site a Club that has only 18% of their Members "Checking the NHSA Box. They do have a substantial number of Members. Got to GO, WATERS' WORLD IS ON IN 10 minutes! Anybody know where O'Riley is?
  5. Check out Early Fish and Game Video At first glance I thought it was Sargent Preston! Enjoy Something not of NHSA!
  6. Letter from respected Past County Director

    John, Yes we have to do both our Database and NHSA's Database. Who do you think puts the Data in? Fish and Game or any other State Agency has link to this NHSA Database. That was thrown out as one on the reason NHSA needed this on line Database. There is no Branch of the State of New Hampshire that would allow outside data to be swapped into their Data System. Talk about Computer SECURITY. I was told by someone involved with Data Computer Security this, in polite terms, would NEVER HAPPEN! Before the NHSA's Online Database, it was just Transferring data from one Excel spreadsheet to another. Phyllis gave us a preferred layout of what data she wanted and how the Columns were to be placed. Here it is KISS! The NHSA ID Number was from the NHSA Membership Cards we used to get before the Vulture Certificates, we have to print out and e-mail or send by snail mail. I have blanked out bitts of data to protect the identities of the Member used in this Spreadsheet. This was sent to Phyllis. F/S Family/Single.
  7. Letter from respected Past County Director

    John, Could you give me a count of the number of Members that have actually joined through NHSA Membership Website. Here is a staring point, there were, for a rounding point, 19,000 Members. Our Club, MSC, had 11 out of 724 Members. There are other club I that have similar numbers. We launched our own Online Membership Webpage last season with a good initial result. I have already contacted those 11 Members and suggested they us the Club website to join our Club this SESAON. "except that they have digitized the action on an internet portal" DIGITIZED? IT'S MY 10 DIGITS and THE TEN DIGITS OF ANOTHER 108 PEOPLE! Do you know WHO maintains this Database? NOT NHSA! It is ENTERED and MAINTAINED by the 109 PEOPLE responsible for Club Memberships. "They" now have 2 Databases to Maintain, Their Club's and NHSA's. Before the "ONLINE" Database was created, NHSA Maintain the Membership Database in basically an Excel Spread Sheet. The Clubs would simply e-mail a copy of NEW Members each week and they would be added to the NHSA DATBASE. Now the responsibility has been placed on the Clubs if a Member wants a copy of the SnoTraveler. Sorry if I am repeating myself again, but I had to enter 1,448 Membership and I only got paid for the first 724. You get a batch of Membership, 250, you need to process ASAP, do you enter them in the NHSA Database first or your Clubs?
  8. Letter from respected Past County Director

    Between THE LETTER and Rob's clarification, some of the underlying issues that have necessitated the 2 Complaint being filed with the Attorneys Generals Office have been made clear If any one knows of where a copy of the backdoor agreement is hidden the gave the NHSA the ability to OFFER a Discount Registration, in this case, A "MEMBERSHIP VOUCHER" I would like to see it as I have yet to see the Passage in the RAS that gives them that ability. I my "humble opinion" it is only the "CLUBS" that have that ability. I sent a letter to Major John Wimsatt over a year ago on this subject, He would not comment on my letter because of the Pending 2 Consumer Complaints. We need to get this issue out of the hands of NHSA. .
  9. NHSA Online Membership plug has been pulled

    Freedom Rider, GOOD NEWS TRAVELS FAST! How long can you stick your head in the sand! Online sales will not be available until concerns from a few clubs and individuals relating to anti-trust laws regarding a prior approved “unified dues structure” and “100% NHSA membership requirement” are resolved. And what about the $15,000 the appropriated to take the Attorneys General to Court in order to get the Court to "STOP" the Attorneys General from any further investigation of NHSA in this "Matter". How much of the $15,000 do you think is left? I just reread the "Notice" and being the picky bastard I am, I read the last 2 lines of the notice and questioned how it was worded. I would have thought a profound announcement like this should have ended' We will keep you updated as we move forward. Dan Gould, Executive Director, New Hampshire Snowmobile Association Not "The NHSA office" Should office have been capitalized? Office ALSO It may be the most meaningful statement that the "OFFICE" has ever posted. But then again I may not want my name attached to it knowing where this could end up with the AG ruling in favor of the plaintiffs on either or both Complaints.
  10. Another club bites the dust

    Freedom Rider and all, I went into my MSC Account and everything is working fine. Can not say it is Shut Down? I have been in and out of the NHSA website multiple times over the past several days, between 6:00 AM to 2:00 AM the next day with no problem. I think there may a problem with the link that the are using? Typing error in the logon Name or Password. From MSC Database 9:07 PM 8/3/17 18-01000122 Higgins George I would say it's working. My (Deepstate) source sent this, It looks accessible on the NHSA Website Primary Club: Alexandria Ledge Climbers Any other Club Membership Person want to try the Sites and report back? Steps to Join a Club using the NHSA Membership Site Document provided by Deepstate Sources Inc. It's Working!
  11. Forum sofware update

    I think you both should talk to "DAN". Maybe "THE" did not tell about the number of duplicate copies the go out each season?
  12. the new season

    We have had our Online Membership Web Page up and Running since the 1st of July. Moultonboro Snowmobile Club 2017-2018 Online Memberships Last season you may joined through the NHSA Membership Website. This season you can join MSC directly through our 0nline Membership Page on the Club Website. You can also order a Club Trail Map and or a Club Logo Decal at the same time. There is no $2.00 Service charge as there is with NHSA. You can print out your MSC Proof of Membership Certificate which you can use for your Registration Discount. You use PayPal or a Credit Card to purchase your Membership. Your electronic Membership goes directly to the Membership Chairman. We have to hunt for it on the NHSA Website. MSC Membership Webpage: Click here if link does not open directly Access a cached copy of Please let me know if you find the MSC Membership page works the way you think it should in creating a Club Membership.
  13. the new season

    pathfinder Here is where my mind is till at least after Columbus Day! My #1 Sled is on the Lift ready to roll out with the first 4" of SNOW here in Moultonboro! I took advantage of the Moultonboro Snowmobile Club online Membership Page and joined on July 1st. But I have not sent myself my Membership Card yet.
  14. the new season

    John, I and my Wife had been doing the Moultonboro Membership Program for the past 10 years. We normally start with a MEMBERSHIP PACKET that we try to get out to all of this past Seasons Members plus those that did not rejoin from the prior Season. Their application is headed with WELCOME BACK. You would be surprise how many rejoin. We try to get the Packet in the mail by the third week of September. By this time the Summer has ended and the Kids are back in School. We normally start to see Applications coming back to us around the 3rd week of October. We get a good percentage of our Membership by the middle of December. From there the driving factor is the weather (SNOW). The end of January and the start of February can be a time for a high volume of Membership, School Vacations are the big factor. We were hit with over 250 Memberships leading in to the first week of February most likely do to the fact we all had SNOW! This presented a question of where do you spend your time, Keeping the Club Membership up to date, getting out our MSC MEMBERSHIP CARDS or our Official MSC Voucher and at the same time keep the NHSA Database Current. Well I guess where my time was concentrated. I ended up putting a new column in my database and marking a "Z" in the column to indicate I needed to Enter them into the NHSA Database a few at a time over the next month or so. Our normal flow of "Mailed" in Applications can be any where from 15 to 100+ per week. This past Season we added an online Membership Page to our Website. We had over 140 Membership processed through OUR Website. We have multiple ways of generating Memberships 1st Our Mail out Application 2nd Our Online Application web page 140+ Membership. We hope to see the Website used more frequently this season! I encourage all Clubs that have a Website to incorporate an electronic Membership Page in to it. It saves a lot of time transferring Data in to the Club Database. 3rd 3 local Sales Agents, DaSilva Motor Sports, Skelly's Market and EM Heath Hardware. And LAST, NHSA, 6 members 15-16 and 11 16-17 Seasons. Through all these avenues of Memberships we had 724 Members making MSC the 3rd largest Club in New Hampshire. Posted to a Thread on Winnipesaukee Snowmobile Forum. The NHSA Online Membership program is basically there to shift the burden of maintaining a Member Database from the NHSA Office to EACH NHSA Member Club. It is now up to each Club to input and Maintain the Database. I have been told by my DEEPSTATE sources that NHSA has logged in a little over 400 Members so far for 2017-2018? The way I look at the position of Membership Chairman is you are a Salesman. Your objective is to SELL your Club. It maybe the Great Conditions of your Trials, The interaction of members, Meetings, Saturday Trial rides, Work Parties and other things that bring people of like interest together to enjoy all the aspects of Snowmobiling. Oh and be ready for the Friday Night call from the Member that Joined early, put his cards in a safe place and now can not find them. If the member has e-mail we simply send him an Official MSC Membership Voucher. If no E-mail we simply tell him we will meet you at 8:00am at Chuck DaSilva's with 2 Replacement Membership Cards. As Cheryl and I step down we hope to see MSC continue using this process? I could go on for another 10 pages with my thoughts on how Clubs should get and KEEP Members.
  15. Link to Winnipesaukee Forums. Normally I link topics from SLedNH to there but seeing its' been a little quiet over her I thought it may be interesting to see what other Snowmobilers are talking about. Don't limit yourself to just the Snowmobile Forum. "SKIP" post to several of the forums from time to time. WINNOCTURN