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  1. Posted on By: Lakegeezer The State Bureau of Trails was working on the trail to the Carriage House Restaurant a few weeks ago. You can get there by car, or take the new Carriage Trail off snowmobile corridor 15. The Carriage trail is open 11-4 when the restaurant is open. Closed otherwise. Here's a map of the new trail.
  2. This could be any Club Posted on We are reaching out to all members and fellow riders to help participate in some trail work days if they can. Our first one will be this Saturday. You hear how Athletes BURNOUT, well this term applies to those that give THIER Time and Energy to "VOULUTEER". Step up and Help!!! Does this reflect your Clubs problem with Work Parties? Follow full Post:
  3. Our 2 Cats have started making there "Beds" on the back of the living room couch. We have a very warm Fleece/"Snugy" blanket over the top of the backrest that they like to sleep on in the winter. And with this Weather Map my neighbor sent me, maybe they know something we don't? Hope their right.

    Subject: NHSA GAS DRAGS VIDIO AUDIO PLEASE TURN OFF THE VOLUMN !!!!!!!!!!!! ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fwd: NHSA GAS DRAGS VIDIO Priority: Normal Date: Monday, October 2, 2017 4:40 PM Size: 4 KB ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: George Higgins <> Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2017 16:38:53 -0400 Subject: Re: NHSA GAS DRAGS VIDIO To: Dan Gould <>, "Stephanie Davis, NHSA Office" <> On 10/2/17, George Higgins <> wrote: > NHSA GAS DRAGS VIDIO! > > PLEASE TURN OFF THE AUDIO!!!!!!!!!!!! > > PLEASE TURN OFF THE AUDIO!!!!!!!!!!!! > > PLEASE TURN OFF THE AUDIO!!!!!!!!!!!! > > PLEASE TURN OFF THE AUDIO!!!!!!!!!!!! > > If my wife hears it one more time she is pulling the plug on my PC > > George
  5. I neglected to add this link so you could see what others were saying. WINNOCTURN ********************** Use this is the Post to to see what other Snowmobilers are thinking on this matter
  6. Posted on: OVSC ANNOUNCES MAJOR TRAIL SYSTEM CLOSURE! Here is a link to SLedNH that most of "US" do not want to read. Thanks to all you inconsiderate "BUMS" that refuse to "STAY ON THE TRAILS! Keep it up and we'll all be riding in Pittsburg! ********************** Use this is the Post to to see what other Snowmobilers are thinking on this matter
  7. NHSA membership portal

    Rob, My issue is there is nothing to login on to as far as entering "New Club Members" from our Club not the NHSA side. I have gotten several Membership for "OUR" Website Membership Page. Several weeks age I sent an e-mail to the 11 Members that joined through NHSA letting them know the can easily join through our online site and save the $2.00 Processing FEE. I also explained that I get their Membership immediately as they make their payment. "I" have to go looking for them if they join through NHSA. I wait to hear back from my Club as to when they are going to send the payment to NHSA?
  8. NHSA membership portal

    Brian, This is the reply I got back form Dan Gould when I asked why half of the Menus were missing from the Portal. NHSA <> Aug 20 (12 days ago) to me George, The Moultonboro Snowmobile Club portal has been restricted to read only because we have not received the annual club dues or club information sheets. We have sent numerous email notices and reminders that clubs would have restricted access if they did not send this information and payment by August 15th. As soon as we receive club dues of $30 and information sheet all functions will be activated. Dan Todays Problem (917/18) I am not using "MY" email address to log into the Portal. When we first started NHSA gave everyone a default password that would allow accesses to their location within the portal. As soon as I started using the Portal I created a series of Passwords that were not anyone's "Real" E-mail addresses, i.e., .com, .org. I made a series of E-mail addresses for those that needed accesses to Portal This is the Menu that is presently available, the section that would normally be used to make these changes is not available.
  9. NHSA membership portal

    There are a lot of Clubs "FROZEN" out of the NHSA Portal" And no it's not because of the Attorneys General. It is because "a lot of Clubs" are late paying their $30.00 Club Membership dues so far this Season. MSC is one of them. I sent Dan Gould an E-mail last Sunday and got a quick response that same afternoon. Anyone else with this problem contact your Club and ask them if they have the the Payment.
  10. Take a drive through Franconia Notch

    John, How about A "Ride through Tilton"? Maybe on a certain Tuesday Night?
  11. NHSA Board Meeting Minutes!

    If the Agenda was posted a day or 2 before the Meeting that would work. My real point here is PEOPLE knowing what is going to be discussed. It may bring more "MEMBERS" to the Meeting if it were a topic they were concerned about!
  12. NHSA Board Meeting Minutes!

    "NHSA Board Meeting Minutes are now available" They can be found under the listing of 2016-2017 Officers & Board of Director Members. I would rather have the "AGENDA" in advance of each Meeting! Email to a friend that told me about the Minutes now being available. I found the Minuets. Took a little "Hunting". I sent Dan and Stephaney an E-mail last week ask if there were an AGENDA available for the Board Meeting? The reply was no but one would be handed out at the Meeting. I was thinking that if you knew ahead of time one may want to attend a particular Meeting if it were something they were concerned about. The Room may not hold enough People? But then again how many would take the time to drive to TILTIN? It may make me go to a few more Meetings? George
  13. Hi George,

    My understanding is that for F&G the primary goal of the NHSA Online Membership program was to have a single 12-digit membership number for all club members. That 12-digit number was considered as proof that the registration applicant was a club member.Not so much to have  access to the NHSA database, but to simplify a financial audit of the membership rolls. It would appear that isn't happening. 

    On May 19, 2016 John Wimsatt wrote: "The key feature to the system would be to provide one verifiable, auditable and unique numbering system to ensure proper control measures and ensure accurate reconciliation.  Currently, the NHFG registration system accepts more than one numbering system to include a club number, proof of a paid club membership receipt, and an NHSA electronic voucher number. The reason we currently accept all of these formats is derived from the existing statutes and associated administrative rules. "

    I believe that those laws and rules are still in place, so if a club doesn't want to participate in the Club Portal, they can, and the applicant can still get the discount without that 12-digit number. Until the law is changed nothing else will change. F&G will continue to rely on incomplete data.

  14. Letter from respected Past County Director

    NHSA and Fish and Game Sharing Data? It was said at one time that NHSA needed to create the new online Membership Database was a needed to link the NHSA Data with the Fish and Game Database. I have said in this and several other Threads that there was no compelling need to link Data and no link exist with Fish and Game. This morning I had a phone conversation with a "high ranking" member of fish and asked this question of them. They replied there is absolutely no link either to their Database nor NHSA's Database. Not before or even now. As I have stated before Security protocols would never allow this to happen.
  15. Letter from respected Past County Director

    John, Yes that is what I mean. There is no mandatory Membership in NHSA unless you use the NHSA Membership website to join a Club! MSC dues are $35.00, $25 to JOIN THE CLUB and $10 to join NHSA. No option provided. I am work to have NHSA optional. YOU ONLY have to be a Member of CLUB that is affiliated with NHSA to qualify for the $30.00 Registration Discount.