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  1. I tried! Yesterday I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to contact Dan Gould. Mass Association Voice Mail, He was listed a Webmaster, tried that e-mail address and 2 or 3 other E-mail addresses connected with Mass Association. It's Saturday June 24th and still nothing. This a copy of the e-mail I sent to several addresses I found. George Higgins <> 3:44 PM (18 hours ago) to sledmass, webmaster Dan, I have tried several ways to contact you this afternoon. I have not gotten any response so far. I feel obligated to make you aware of things that are happening with NHSA that you may not have been told about. George Higgins Membership Chairman Moultonboro Snowmobile Club. Please forward this link on SLedNH to Dan Gould. Does he know what he is getting into with NHSA? Feel free to pass this on to any member or Officer. What next? Is it to late for Dan?
  2. Post moved: Coup d'état at last night's NHSA Monthly Board Meeting and another Officer Quits???? I got off topic while in my original post. This thought just POPED into my head and I did not want to loose it. Sometimes other things bring out other things! WINNOCTURN 3 hours ago, RK-SXViper said: Going to a board meeting reminds me of one of those Gallager shows (sledge o-matic), I need to wear a poncho and bring a tarp so I don't get splattered by the pu pu. On a serious note if things don't get rectified Rockingham county might have NO representation as I won't put up with the crap. Certain people need to just go away and stay away! Rob, Let's get ride of the GAS BAGS, oops I meant the GRASS DRAGS. Why doesn't NHSA get ride of "HANDS ON" connection and "LICENCE" the EVENT? All they need to do is "Sell" the Licensing for a "SET FEE" and a percentage of the GATE? The only cost to NHSA would be having their Auditors on site watching the Money. After it is tallied just ask for the "Gate Percentage $$$ Check" and leave. Get back into STUFF that MATTERS! 1 hour ago, WINNOCTURN said: Rob, Let's get ride oF the GAS BAGS, oops I meant the GAS DRAGS. Why doesn't NHSA get ride of "HANDS ON" connection and "LICENCE" the EVENT? All they need to do is "Sell" the Licensing for a "SET FEE" and a percentage of the GATE? The only cost to NHSA would be having their Auditors on site watching the Money. After it is tallied just ask for the "Gate Percentage $$$ Check" and leave. Get back into STUFF that MATTERS! The Grass drags needs to turn back into a true fundraiser for the clubs and not a fundraiser for NHSA. Currently the clubs are secondary and they need to be primary again. One issue at a time please. 1 hour ago, RK-SXViper said: The Grass drags needs to turn back into a true fundraiser for the clubs and not a fundraiser for NHSA. Currently the clubs are secondary and they need to be primary again. One issue at a time please. Rob, Yes on getting the Funding back to the Clubs. There is no reason why that should not happen enen with this Idea and it could eliminate one of the "PLAYERS"? OK, THAT'S IT! Back to the original Theme of this Thread of WHAT THE HELL IS GOINIG AT NHSA BOARD MEETINGS! EARTH TO BETH
  3. Something went wrong when I saved it ???? I will ask CFK to remove one of the versions. Thanks!
  4. June 20th 2017 Was there an attempted Coup d'état at last night NHSA Board Meeting. Is Captain Queeg taking command of the "SHIP"? Beth what is going on? Another Officer QUITS! Beth you are "PRESIDENT not the other Guy? PAST MEANS PAST!!!! YOU HAVE TO QUELL THIS INCERECTION BEFORE TOTAL CAOUSE TAKES OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With what went on last night and I were the NEW Executive Director I would not put one foot over the Boarder till this is fixed. These words are based on some information that was related to me by a "Trusted Source". If any of this did not happened please correct me! WINNOCTURN
  5. Anybody know how the NHSA's appeal of their lawsuit is going vs. The State of New Hampshire Attorney General ? The AG has survived the NHSA's "APPEAL" and is moving forward at this time.
  6. Larry, Correct me if I am wrong. The ability of Snowmobile "RIDERS" getting a discount states you have only have to be a member of a Snowmobile Club that is a Member of NHSA, SIMPLE. Where things have gotten "muddied" is with NHSA offering "ONLINE" Membership to Clubs that "Choose" to use their site and "MANDATING" the individual MEMBER MUST join NHSA to get a "Voucher" to qualify for a discounted Registration FEE. I questioned Major Wimsatt on the ability of NHSA of offer a Certificate/Voucher or Membership Card as the RSA clearly states that is a "CLUB" that is the qualifying factor to allow for a discounted snowmobile registration. Nowhere is it stated that any other organization or Association has this ability. Major Wimsatt declined to answer my question because of the 2 pending Consumer Complaints. This question may have already made its way to the AG's office. WINNOCTURN Attached is the letter I sent Major Wimsatt Who can sell Disconted Registrations.doc
  7. Found this on the SAM WEBSITE, Quite Refreshing to hope the SAM message follows to NHSA The Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts was formed in 1969. “Committed To Enhancing Safe Snowmobiling in Massachusetts” The Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts (SAM) strives to develop and maintain an expanding interconnected snowmobile trail system, allowing snowmobile enthusiasts to travel from Worcester County to the Berkshires, in a safe, efficient manner. There are approximately 9,000 members of SAM, of which 70% are married and over the age of 36 years--a mature responsible group of citizens. According to a 2003 study conducted by the University of Massachusetts, snowmobiling has an economic impact of $54.7 million per year in our state alone! That’s taxable dollars. Simply put, the forty clubs, which are the backbone of SAM, pool their resources to better the sport of snowmobiling. Each club selects a delegate to represent their interests as a Board of Director of SAM. The club delegates attend monthly meetings and make all final decisions regarding the association; from selection of officers to policy, budgets, bylaws and strategic goals of the organization. The officers (president, vice president, treasurer and secretary) are elected by the delegates at an annual meeting held in April. In addition to our state association, several SAM members sit on the boards of regional, national and international snowmobile associations. These organizations hold yearly and quarterly meetings to develop plans to better the sport of snowmobiling all over the world. Currently we have two active committees. A trails & safety committee and a legislative committee. The trails & safety committee researches and makes recommendations to the body about trail standards, possible links, grooming, and safety-related issues. SAM has several Vermont certified safety course instructors who train hundreds of snowmobilers every year. SAM is very pro-active in all matters of safety. The legislative committee works hand in hand with the membership to file bills and promote snowmobiling on a state level. At this time there is a bill pending that will close a loophole in the DUI law that does not cover trails on private property. Representative Anne Gobi is the primary sponsor of this bill. There are a few snowmobilers who do not understand the need to join a club and obtain SAM membership. First, let’s talk about the trespass law. Before the law was enacted there were a considerable number of non-member snowmobilers riding on private property without permission of any kind. These individuals were indeed trespassing and frequently were unregistered as well. Although the local club had secured landowner permission for its members, they were powerless to control non-members from trespassing. Since the law has been enacted, one must either obtain written permission from each individual landowner, or join a SAM affiliated club that has obtained permission. This law mirrors that of Vermont and the VAST trail system. Second, let’s discuss the subject of joining both a club and SAM. If one chooses to become a member of an affiliated club, they must also join SAM, as stated in the SAM bylaws. You cannot become a SAM member without first joining a club. This unity of snowmobilers is necessary to fund, promote, enhance and maintain the sport in our state and on a nationwide basis. The cost of a SAM membership, which is set by the delegates, is $25. A trail pass is proof of SAM membership. Club memberships, on the other hand, are decided by individual clubs, and the rates vary between $15-$30. Some clubs have a flat fee, say $50 per sled, which includes both the club and SAM membership fees. Others have separated the club fees from the SAM membership fee. In this case, club fees can vary from individual rates of $15, to family rates of $40. The club then charges an additional $25 for each SAM membership trail pass. There are other variations to club membership fees, but most fall under the above structures. Again, this is like Vermont and other state associations. The clubs use the majority of collected funds to maintain and groom trails. The annual cost can be in the tens of thousands of dollars for a large club, not including capital costs such as groomer purchases. Club volunteers donated over 11,500 hours of trail work on public and private property in 2003-2004. Snowmobiling on groomed trails is a pay-asyou-play system, membership dues are used by associations throughout the U.S. and Canada to raise the necessary funds to maintain quality trails. The dues collected by SAM are used for many budgeted items including the major purchase of a liability insurance policy that protects the landowners and the clubs, as well as contracting for the services of an executive director, legislative advisor, and newspaper editor. In addition, over twenty thousand dollars are contracted annually from SAM back to clubs to help cover the overhead cost of grooming, which is performed by volunteers. This system of fund distribution assists the clubs who maintain a trail system and groomer fleet, a very costly endeavor. Members of clubs that do not have a trail system to maintain are paying, via a trail pass, to help groom the trails where they actually ride. Many states in the snow belt enjoy the benefit of state supported funds for snowmobiling through gas tax and registration fees. We, on the other hand, do not receive state funds and are completely dependent on the membership for income. Maintaining trails is expensive and those who play should support the costs. Funds are also used for the new SAM “Trails Safety Grant,” announced this season to hire additional patrols of SAM snowmobile trails by the Massachusetts Environmental Police Officers. This $5,000 grant is being used by clubs to provide additional trail enforcement and safety checks throughout the 2005 snowmobile season. SAM publishes a monthly newspaper seven times during the season that is used to communicate with the membership at large. We do accept outside submissions and commentary. We also host a website, Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts 2004/2005 Officers President, Dan Gould; Vice President, Paul Trova; Treasurer, Jeff Allan; Secretary Charlene Whitaker Contact: Rena M. Sumner, Executive Director, P.O. Box 386 Conway MA 01341 (413) 369-8092; (413) 369-0203 Fax
  8. I have 39 Fields in my "DATABASE" with basic Member information How many field does NHSA. I have to run some errands that I was supposed to do around 10:00am. If my wife comes home and finds me still on this thread I am a dead man. I will return an show you how fanatical I am about a "REAL DATABASE not a SPREADSHEET .
  9. John, Nobody has shone you the SECRET HAND SHAKE? Who has the video of the Secret Hand Shake? Will you please post it again so John will know how to introduce himself at the "TABLE" next years Annual Meeting. I hear something about a "Train Ride" for next year????
  10. From, SNOWMOBILE ASSOCIATION OF MASSACHUSETTS Dan Gould Named Executive Director of New Hampshire Snowmobile Association Now for the good stuff: Simply stated, I landed my dream job and get to move within a pinecone toss of the White Mountains. The crew at the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association are exceptional, and just as excited as I am. We speak the same language and aim at the same target. They have big plans for the future and so do I. Dan, good luck and be very aware of the "Cabal"
  11. Skip, Past President CABAL Don't you just get that "ICKY" feeling when you go to the ANNUAL Meeting and see the one table with them all sitting together!
  12. It sounds almost to GOOD to be TRUE! Has he been introduced to the Attorneys General yet? Have the Officers and Directors finally had a COME TO JESUS MOMENT?
  13. John, This year the $10 times "X" was way under the $300,000 figure. It was just under 19,000 Members witch would have only generated $190,000. What happens if the clubs no longer deliver them? It is already happening. This Season, 2016-2017, More Clubs were offering the "OPTION" to join or NOT join NHSA. I know of several Club that had good Membership numbers this Season but with the "CHOICE" of not joining NHSA, there seems to be a significant number of Members that did not joined NHSA. Is this the start of a "TREND"? I am going to petition my Club to Offer the "CHOICE" of Joining or Not Joining NHSA on our Club Application this upcoming Season. Part of my reason for doing this is for the Membership Person having to maintain 2 Membership Database, the Club and NHSA with the advent of the ONLINE Memberships Database. Before it was just the NHSA Database and we had the ability of simply sending an Excel Spreadsheet to NHSA and they would upload it to their Database. Now we have to MANUALY enter it in to the "ONLINE MEMBERSHIP" Database. Can you imagine the "HOURS" in additional WORK this puts on your Membership Person. What if you had say between 800 to 3,000 Membership to process twice? Here is an example, say it the first week in February. We just have gotten 2 feet of Snow, It's a Holiday Weekend and start of School Vacation Week and you just got hit with 300 Membership Applications to process. Which Database comes first? Yes, The CLUB COMES FIRST and the "HELL" with NHSA!