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  1. Wanted snowmobiler/Hit & Run

    any link, any more info? What area, what trail? what kind of sled? Tall short small fat?
  2. Weather Net Thread

    Rte. 95/128 side of Lynnfield. off main last night -4 -19wind chill
  3. Weather Net Thread

    Lynnfield, MA. Back yard, relatively fat 7/8's acre 4 1/2' Laconia. off Parade rd. athletic field, flat, 5 1/2' + Snowblower can't throw the snow higher than snow banks anymore. 1-800-Bobcat next snow storm I think.
  4. Laconia to Conway

  5. Laconia to Conway

    Thanks, but Im thinking that Wolfeboro isn't the way this year. I tried last year and the trails weren't to favorable. Id be heading North out of Laconia on 15, my back yard. Then cross the northern part of Winnie over into Moultonborough I think it goes past DaSilva Pick up 19 at junction 19-15 in Tamworth and head north to Conway. Appreciate your input.
  6. Laconia to Conway

    Thanks so much. That gives me at least a starting point.
  7. Laconia to Conway

    I was wondering how many miles and what the length of time would be one way to Conway leaving from Laconia? 15 to 19 or 19a Starting out just south of Meredith Thanks in advance
  8. Sled Wrap Application

    Looks great
  9. OVSC/ 7 Lakes/ Wolfeboro

  10. OVSC/ 7 Lakes/ Wolfeboro

    A lot of people don't understand social media. It's like the "real" newspaper but, faster.
  11. Steak Feed Flu!

    Flu shots are the flu at a lower dose so your immune system can acclimate. Yes, the flu is different every year, strains. Drug companies love this crap. Never got a flu shot in 12 years and have had the once. Just playing the odds I guess. Hope everyone that has the flu or will get the flu makes it through. Get better soon
  12. 10'x102" 2 place trailer

  13. Lake Winnipesaukee sled conditions?

    me either
  14. It might be a little early ?

    Not to sure about cold temps. Unfortunately, I heard 40-45 degrees next week. Man I hope the weather man is wrong again!!!