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  1. Trailer Tie-down Bars-GONE!

    If they're not already claimed, Im i need of two tie downs
  2. What a sigh of relief, thats great news.
  3. Ovsc does such a good job, Skip is on key with the website and the updates too
  4. Pittsburg Trip

    I just got back from Pittsburg too. I arrived Sunday. Let me just say what beautiful trails. I stayed up there with my girlfriend. I let her ride my 09 skidoo and I was riding on the 88 jag. Not a complaint to be had. Not to bad for a first experience in the "burg"
  5. How is Bear Notch Road?

    Score, I forgot about bear notch road. You just made my Sunday, Thanks for the trail update
  6. Twin Mt - Sunday ?

    I hear ya probably time to start the bike and fillover the the kayaks, Funny to be wearing shorts on Thursday / Friday and snowboard and sled Saturday and Sunday. We'll remeber the Epic Winter and think positive for next season.
  7. Twin Mt - Sunday ?

    Thats a tough one, doesn't sound very promising. From what the post said, its amazing the difference a day can make . Sounds hit or miss.
  8. Twin Mt - Sunday ?

    ill ride with you tomorrow. Let me know what time. The weather calls for 6 degrees lows tonite and 35 high tomorrow
  9. SLEDNH Littleton ride

    Wow what a great ride. real nice to be able to ride even better to see some intel and watch videos days later. Nigel the movie trailer was grade A. That little camera is definitely a great investment. Looking forward to riding with everyone in the future. Thanks guys
  10. Track studs

    Correct, Ski doo 500ss. 120 in. worst case just buy double backers and 42 more studs.
  11. Track studs

    Wasn't sure if i should stud my track. Have a stock 1 in. ripsaw track grabbed nice but bought the new sled late in the season. Lot of soft snow and warm temps. So i ended up putting 84 studs Mack Mega studs in the premarked holes. Just want to know the setup people are using on there machine and how it works.
  12. The Boneheads are out Early this year

    Found this the other day. Thought it was interesting. Ice Safety
  13. Temp gauge

    Year is 09. The gas gauge is digital and supposedly you can toggle from temp to fuel. Wondering if the light will still come on high temp is high.
  14. Temp gauge

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Engine Temperature Module. I was thinking of buying one for the gsx. The temp light isn't enough. btw last day for ski doos free shipping for purchase over 100 dollars(even on oils)
  15. Mount Washington snow

    Some crazy weather up there. I stumbled upon this one yesterday. Tuckermans Ravine july 4th . Some people are hardcore