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    Bilbo reacted to pathfinder in Some good news   
    I don't know about the future of snow, but currently, Pittsburg has had 51 inches already (John's NH Weather) and it's still snowing hard. Too bad it's not even winter yet!
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    Bilbo reacted to rossi46 in An early   
    Amen. Don't think we've  ever done a 60 mile ride in November...until today. 
    Happy Thanksgiving to all. 

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    Bilbo reacted to Old Thumper in United Snowmobile Alliance   
    "dedicated to serving our members"
    That doesn't sound like anything that NHSA would be interested in …

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    Bilbo reacted to Nor'easter in Youth rider   
    If the sled has heated grips, you don't want thick gloves or mittens. I would also stay away from gauntlets at that age.  
    Dexterity is very important, gloves with insulation on the back of the hand are the best, use chemical hand warmers as a supplemental heating source also
    I put them in my pockets activated before I ride, if your hands get cold you can stop and put your hands in your pockets and warm them up quickly .
    I also use them for my cell phone and camera in my pockets. 
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    Bilbo reacted to Freedom Rider in 1 sled down, 2 to go   
    I hear this may be new model for next season especially with all of the global warming it may come in handy.Gotta love Old Iron buddy!

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    Bilbo reacted to snorander in * official old pic thread*   
    I love that sled!!! BTW it's an 85 not a 79
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    Bilbo reacted to triplepleasure in * official old pic thread*   
    January 5, 2007 slednh group ride, (fast group)

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    Bilbo reacted to pathfinder in * official old pic thread*   
    Here's a couple of pics of an old guy reliving his youth on a couple of 72 and 73 Rupp Nitros. Still have the 73, should have it bronzed. One rare pic of me on a Starfire powered TX.

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    Bilbo reacted to CATRESERVE in * official old pic thread*   
    Great Newfound pictures...Need something to happen like that again if the weather will cooperate.
    I also have a 79 Yamaha SS.  Fun sled to ride...gave it to my oldest son a year or so ago.  I stay on his ass to take care of it.

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    Bilbo reacted to rossi46 in * official old pic thread*   
    Hated the noise of dad's Fox Trac, but I loved to sit on it and vroom, vroom!

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    Bilbo reacted to MTNBYKR in * official old pic thread*   
    Love the old pics everyone!  Here is one of me sitting on my Elan taking the safety course in 1982. (yes, I think my grandmother made my hat. lol)

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    Bilbo reacted to smallengineguy in * official old pic thread*   
    Good pics!! From the olden days: 2009 Rochester Xmas parade

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    Bilbo reacted to rossi46 in * official old pic thread*   
    Shifty...hard to believe it's been 2 years since our sons took the safety class together. 
    The mini z had many hours between my son and daughter...that sled was going nonstop. Dad had quite a workout shoveling piles of snow for their jumps!

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    Bilbo reacted to Shifty in * official old pic thread*   
    My oldest on my snorander special ‘12. And my youngest on his first sled  ‘11 or 12.  He’s 15 and  6’4 now. 

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    Bilbo reacted to PolarisCobra in Sled would not start   
    Pulled the trailer up from the back of the yard last week, charged the batteries. and tried to start them up. The newer sled started and ran like a charm. The older one, my 2003 Polaris Trail Touring 550 would not start. Ran fine when I cleaned it and put it on the trailer in the spring. Has started fine in past years. 
    I remembered a problem that I had with my other Polaris sled a few years ago, also in the fall. Shined a flashlight into the fuel tank, and sure enough, the fuel line had rotted and fallen off where it connects to the fitting that goes through the front of the tank. Same thing happened to the other one a few years back. 
    Went to the local small engine repair shop, got a few feet of Tygon tubing, which is what they use to replace bad fuel lines these days, Pulled the airbox, disconnected the hose from the fitting on the tank, unscrewed the fitting Fished the old hose out of the tank with a bent coat hanger. Connected a new hose to the tank side of the fitting and put it back, fished the new hose end out of the tank, and put the filter back on (filter would not fit through hole in tank). Was going to replace the rest of the fuel lines, but they really looked fine, so I let sleeping dogs lie. Pulled the drain tubes off the bottom of the carbs, they were clean and dry. Put the air box back, and buttoned everything up. Turned the key, and once the carbs primed it started right up and ran like a charm. 
    Moral of the story - if your sled won't start in the fall, and it doesn't seem to be flooding, check the hose inside the tank. 
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    Bilbo got a reaction from RK-SXViper in How high could sled registration go?   
    The high end expensive machines are big block Ford powered . First rate operator goes with it.
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    Bilbo reacted to dirt dummy in How high could sled registration go?   
    My $300,000.00 dollar groomer!

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    Bilbo reacted to Freedom Rider in How high could sled registration go?   
    Too bad there are not more open minded people that could see where this is going. The majority of clubs still come down to the everyday average Joe and his family. They are the ones that support their local clubs. They donate their time. They help raise money for fundraisers etc. The people with "all" the big money materialistic things usually have the thought process is their time is too important. Or they pay their registration and the trail work is the responsibility of people who are less important.One of the sayings that I always used to hear when asking for volunteers is "I live too far away", "I work too many hours", or "I always throw $20.00 in the groomer jar" Notice a consistency here? I , I , I it is always about I not us as a club, volunteer, or a user group. But if there is a snowstorm coming everything else ceases. They find the time to ride. They make the time to take off from work to ride. Too many I's are calling the shots. If you get rid of the some of the  larger clubs in Lakes Region, Grafton County, Rockingham, and the western part of the state you will ruin the sport. The percentage of people who own 2nd homes up in Coos are relatively low. There are even less places that offer reasonable lodging. That leaves the average Joe consumer and his family no place to go. The registration numbers are more reflective on the average Joe that the person who buys new sled every year and goes to Pittsburg for a week.For a family it is easier to join club and register their older sleds. They are not losing much if bad year of snow. Now take person who spends $15,000.00 on new sled every year or two. If two bad years they are moving on to another state or out of sport all together. The balance of available resources is based on miles, weeks of season, and availability of clubs to do the work. Taking money from one part to throw to another part of state makes no sense. The majority of residents live in area below bottom of Winni. Do you see many of those who have the chance to ride from their houses if good snow saying lets close all the trails so I can go to Coos once a year? The clubs in COOS have not been adding miles of trails much in last 10 years. The system up there on weekends barely can offer decent riding with so many sleds. Where do you send everyone when you effectively force clubs out of business and along with them the trails that they get permission for and maintain?
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    Bilbo reacted to Freedom Rider in How high could sled registration go?   
    Quite obvious that you don't ride in the south or even realize what goes on there with the clubs who bust their asses to keep trails open for people who wish to ride their sleds instead of trucks.
    There are no $300,000.00 groomers down here. I do not think there are any in the whole state. The newest groomers that I know of are the Mid 2000 vintage groomers that SNHSS have for full size and 2009 ASV Scout the NCP has. Kingston runs a nice older model Pistonbully. Derry runs an older BR, and Newfields runs a mid 90's Tucker. Nothing new just well cared for. NCP runs a 1973 Thiokol. The last GIA funding for a groomer purchase in Rockingham County was in 2009. I bet if you totaled all of the groomers values it would not equal buying a 5 year old machine. Out of these listed they take nothing away from the North Country as you may think. The whole County combined receives less than 1 club above the notches as far as grooming money.Yet the SNHSS is consistently in the top 3 when it comes to membership size.
    What does closing trails in the south have to do with increasing funding in the north? It will help the demise of the sport we all love. Many families like to ride out of their homes when conditions allow. Many count on that to share the experience with the youngsters. That is how many have come to be involved with snowmobiling.Not many with young kids would risk their safety by bringing them to Pittsburg for a first ride.The local clubs in the south along with clubs to our west do a standup job promoting the family sport of snowmobiling, not just the rich, young mans sport.There are many State Parks and Rail Trails in the south and western parts of the state. They are maintained by the volunteers of the clubs that you would like to be shuttered. Those volunteers give many the benefit of well maintained trails year round. They do so on the clubs dime not the states. Maybe you would rather see higher taxes to pay for it instead.
    Try getting involved in a club closer to where you live to see why closing them is not a very smart option. You will probably find you will make many more friends than you will going north.These clubs are part of the community. It is not businesses that thrive from them but many local residents.who appreciate what they give back.
    If all trails south of notch's were closed how well do you think the trails in Coos County would be? You wouldn't be able to make anything better with the amount of money that was spent south of there.Money doesn't replace snow nor does putting 40,000 snowmobiles in 5 clubs trail systems. After 10:00 am trails would be destroyed. People would be pissed and then ride at night following the groomers as that would be only time trails would be flat. Trails wouldn't even have time to set up properly. Now that would improve the snowmobile experience how? How would you personally enjoy riding your $20,000.00 worth of sleds after sitting in your $50,000 dollar truck for 4 hours? Then after another 50 mile day of riding moguls dodging a sled every 100 yards and a mogul every 50 feet have to get back in your truck and ride 4 hours home. Wicked pissa huh? Sport will be thriving. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Bilbo got a reaction from snorander in I know I said my next sled would be a rev, but.....   
    Nice sled snorander.
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    Bilbo got a reaction from rneal55555 in How high could sled registration go?   
    Although Southern NH is a unlikely snowmobiling destination, it is amazing to see how many sleds are on the few trails we have. Unfortunately Mother Nature dictates this sport for all of us. When we are fortunate enough to have good snow cover, a lot of folks spend time on the sleds and not in the truck. The restaurants and gas stations do quite well anywhere near the trail systems.
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    Bilbo reacted to snorander in I know I said my next sled would be a rev, but.....   
    So here is why the ss has to go...

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    Bilbo reacted to WideOpenOrNothin in New rider   
    Putting the 9 yr old on the trails this season!! It’s a battle over who’s more excited, him or me.
    *the chicken uses a riding harness*

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    Bilbo reacted to noxorc in Post your favorite pics from '17-'18 season   
    Coldbrew, Snorander, Noxorc

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    Bilbo reacted to PolarisCobra in Post your favorite pics from '17-'18 season   
    Spent a day riding with BigGuyNH late in the season. Had a great day. Hard to pass that Jefferson Notch sign with out stopping for a picture.