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  1. Vintage Ski Doo Safari

    Nice old sled. There were a lot of those in the club I rode with 30 years ago.
  2. Major OVSC Trail Closure Detailed

    That really stinks. The new owner not just against power sports she is against fun in general.
  3. Freezing rain here near the coast, about 4 inches before the turn.
  4. 2018 School Vactions NH-MA

    Looks pretty typical. My kids usually have the week that straddles Feb and March
  5. Snowmobile & Super Bowl

    Looks like a Skidoo Formula Plus. Late 80s vintage. That's when skidoo really started making a fast sled that could handle.
  6. Trail side - camping

    That's really cool. I did some winter camping as a scout leader but I really like the snowmobile aspect of it. Great memories made with your boy.
  7. Can Am snomobile club?

    They were a small club with some business savi members. Did very well raising funds. I remember they brought there groomer to the 1986 Ride In in Gorham. They rolled it over on a very steep slope with a narrow bridge behind the Town and Country. Nobody got hurt,groomer was pulled out and continued to groom that weekend. Good guys, I know a few of them.
  8. Can Am snomobile club?

    That club was around in the 80s. They we're based in Exeter. They actually had the first grass drags at the Peterson Farm location. They raised at ton of $ for Easter Seals.
  9. It's something how we not only have people riding off trail where they don't belong. The manufacturers have been perfecting sleds that cater to these morons. Twelve feet of paddle track and 150+ hp. Not to mention F&G having to spend resources rescuing these folks when they created there own maze.There is really nothing good that comes of this nonsense.
  10. Trail Report

    Rode in Aroostook county this past weekend with my son and some friends.Trails were fast and flat. Only downside is the 7 hr drive .
  11. So, why aren't people happy?

    Spent a few hours with my daughter on the trails today. Great time, good conditions.☺️
  12. Soo decent day turns really bad

    Sorry to hear your day went to crap.
  13. I saw a few conversions like that in Yellowstone 25 years ago, not pulling a drag though.
  14. On a snowmobile....

    Great stuff ☺️