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  1. SDR Warming hut

    Before our trip when I read this I was wondering what "Pole Cats" were. All I could think of was those small sizzor lifts used in construction. Then during our trip, were going down 120 and out the corner of my eye there was an Articat flying threw the air! We turned around to see the "Pole Cats"
  2. Ya, we used them on our trip to Rangeley from NH for fuel and a quick bite. Reading the original posts about the confusion of going into ME with NH Reg, I just could not understand why there was such an attraction to Bosebuck for fuel or food when you have so many different options in NH. Unless your on a 2-stroke then you need to hit every gas source you can get
  3. Wow, the tears are ridiculous...
  4. Camp Driftwood

    Ya, scroll to the beginning of the thread for info. Driftwood- (603)538-6684 http://www.angwinscampdriftwood.com/
  5. What's so hot about Bosebuck anyway?
  6. Camp Driftwood

    Really, just curious, what's the $?
  7. Camp Driftwood

    Seeing that no one has replied I thought I'd say acouple things about the place. We just got back about an hour ago and already miss the area. Camp Driftwood is owned by an older couple and they do a real nice job keeping the places up. The unit we stayed in was small, but very clean and for $90 you cannot beat the price. 2 bedrooms, dining, kitchen, bath/shower, cable stations including above the basic ones (espn, etc). Located right on Back Lake with your own trail was very convenient. All in all I would recommend the place too anyone that's looking for the best bang for their buck!
  8. Does anyone know of spots to pickup cell service (att&t) in Pittsburg area, either by sled or car? Also, internet service?
  9. Has anyone ever stayed here or have any thoughts about the place?
  10. SDR Warming hut

    Great thanks for the thurough feedback....one more day!!!!
  11. SDR Warming hut

    Always have ridden the PRR trails but never had thought to venture south. Can anyone tell me what I can expect riding down to the SDR warming hut from Back Lake. Also, if it's worth it, what trails do you recommend to take from PRR system? Thanks a million -Scott
  12. I posted this on sledmaine website and people seemed to like it so here, check this out: http://www.snodeo2go.com/quebec2010/default.htm
  13. Business Review

    How far down the access trail is the coffee cabin from the sign on the main trail?